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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by CwdTexas, May 9, 2007.

  1. CwdTexas

    CwdTexas New Member

    I am new to dancing and have enjoyed and learned alot from this forum. I am taking CW lessons but would like to also take ECS lessons. The only ECS lessons in my area are ballroom. Is CW ECS different from BR ECS and if so how?
  2. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    OK, from what I've seen, yes . . . basically!

    There are several types of ECS - single, triple, etc., maybe even a double??? I've had a few BR ECS lessons, but I personally like the C&W ECS much better - my 2(ents!

    Though, I think the resemblance ends there. I believe that the ballroom version is more upright, similar to jive; whereas, C&W ECS can be more loose, bent over, getting into more, etc. If you can do the ballroom version, you should be able to do the C&W version . . . just loosen your belt if you are a male, or unhook your bra if you are a woman! Let it all hang out!

    I would hope that others, more knowledgeable than I, like Dancelf, Steve Pastor, kayak, or Spitfire, etc., will chime in here!

    BTW . . . Welcome to the Dance-Forums!
  3. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    I took a ballroom dance class a year or two ago, thinking that I might want to get free passage on cruise ships as a Gentleman Host dancer. (I had this "same" class years ago, twice, when I was first starting to do partner dances.)

    The only real difference that I can remember was that we were encouraged to have a V shape frame rather than being parallel to each other. In fact, after doing ECS at country places for years, and having learned most of what I know there, that is the only thing I wrote down in my class notes.

    I would expect ballroom style to encourge a more upright posture, too.

    PS I decided that, after experiencing the freedom of West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango, that I would not be able to tolerate the confines of dancing only simple patterns night after night. This should, however, in no way be taken as a comment on ballroom itself.
    Hey, you can always have a few drinks when you go to a country place. Chances are good that your style will begin to look more and more like the other dancers as you have more drinks.
  4. kayak

    kayak Active Member

    From a social dance perspective, I think the two are very similar. I like going to the CW clubs and also the USA Ballroom dances and I never feel like I need to change styles between the two. I think Vince is right that the main difference is the CW dances tend to have more energy. Still, if you learned in one venue, I bet it work fine in the other.

    The biggest thing I notice is that there are not many EC swing dances played at the CW clubs. They might only play one or two a night. Not that you couldn't EC swing to many of the 2-step and triple step songs, but most people do the progressive dances in my area. What they do play a lot of are good WC swing songs and it is quite popular in Colorado area. There was one song played at the Rocky Mountain Swing Club a couple weeks ago that was fun because there were people dancing four types of swing to the same music.

    Hope that helps.
  5. SlowDancer

    SlowDancer New Member

    I agree with Vince that the ballroom posture is more upright and jive-like. But as a person who does both CW and ballroom ECS, the biggest difference I've observed is that most CW ECS songs have a faster, i.e., more "jive-like" tempo. I've also observed that there are certain steps and patterns that seem peculiar to one or the other, in terms of social dancing, but for the most part, I dance ballroom and CW ECS pretty much the same.

    And I do LOVE to dance ECS...wish my WCS were half as good...oh, yeah, that's a topic for another thread.
  6. DennisBeach

    DennisBeach New Member

    I have purchased numerous Robert Royston tapes on swing. He and Loreen Baldovi ( his partner ) on the tapes were 2 times country swing champions and 5 times regular EC swing champions. Basic dance is the same. CW swing dancers use some moves from other country type dances, that you would probably not see swing dancers doing, but they are following the same rules. Things like shag and schuffle moves.

    Same is true of other dances shared by Ballroom dancing and CW. Dances have same rules and techniques. CW just develops some moves with more off a country feel, that you would probably not see ballroom dancers doing.
  7. CwdTexas

    CwdTexas New Member

    Thanks all for your responses. Best bet is to take the lessons and then observe and mimic the dancers on the floor.

    Hmmm, loosen my belt. I think I would look a little funny with my pants down to my boottops and my spiderman boxers showing.....thank you for the welcome Vince.
  8. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    LMAO . . . great comeback!

    I now can assume 'what' you are . . .
  9. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    I used to do CW a long time ago just socially(never took a lesson), but the past 2 years I have been taking ballroom lessons and I absolutely adore it. However, I still go back to the country bars for some good line dancing, etc. Last sat night I danced ECS with a guy at a country bar (he's actually a newbie ballroom guy but has done CW for a long time), and one big difference that I noticed were the turns/spins. Now I've been turned every way to Sunday by the ballroom folks, but this CW guy was doing turns I'd never done before. I could keep up with him most, but not all, of the time. Some of them were similar to ballroom turns but with different endings, and others were completely off the wall to me and took some getting used to. It was fun, but I did apologize to him afterwards for not being able to follow him better. And I'm hoping that now that he's into ballroom, he will learn some ballroom turns and mix them all in together so that either a CW person OR a ballroom person could follow him perfectly. :)
  10. SlowDancer

    SlowDancer New Member

    I know exactly what you mean...last lesson with my country pro, we decided to start working on ECS for an upcoming competition. I've always felt that ECS was one of my better dances, but I had trouble following a lot of what he was leading me through. I realized it was because I've been mostly dancing "ballroom" ECS the past few years and the CW turns and spins are very different.
  11. tangotime

    tangotime Well-Known Member

    Both dances borne from the same source . Its all about style and the music we prefer to use for that event.

    To the double time q-- yes ,there is a double time rhythm used in various movements ( for e.g. a tuck in )

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