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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by flashdance, Mar 29, 2009.

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    I also tried to raise the issue of Dance Day on the 29th April and this thread has now disappeared down to page two or three... on the ballroom thread. Not one person posted a comment. I was quite surprised, I thought it would be a great discussion as to how we could encourage our groups/schools to promote dancing to the outer community.. I think it is a great Idea and currently working on a fund even to do at my workplace.
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    Dance Day ideas

    I'd like to create a lesson plan / syllabus that is available online for free that schools could use.

    Tango, Waltz, West Coast Swing.

    Just download and teach.
  4. re: Dance Day

    I love the idea of a worldwide Dance Day and the fact that it also falls on my birthday. :)
  5. Happy Dance Day

    Happy Dance Day Everyone!
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    Ditto, HDD to all! :cheers:
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    Happy Birthday GalacticDancer 44M!
  8. Thank you Reb
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    Hope everyone had a happy dance day yesterday

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