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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by ash_sk8s, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    There never has been, really, except a very brief point in Hollywood where tappers and jazz dancers were in. Other solo styles are really niche markets. Abby doesn't turn out real "stars", anyway--what she HAS done is cranked out a LOT of dancers who are working on Broadway (to be a real Broadway star you need to be a singer/actor or a singer/actor/dancer, but the dancer is always the most optional part) consistently, who are working in videos, who are working as dance teachers in one venue or another. WAY more than your average studio--to have students who are making a living at it is very impressive. And I suspect that's more than Cathy Candy Apples can say (especially given her bizarre vanity project of adopting poor Vivi and making that poor child dance when she clearly has no interest, desire, or talent for it. Get that poor child a puppy already.)
  2. ktia85

    ktia85 Member

    I feel so sorry for Vivi, it is so obvious that she has no interest in dancing.
  3. jerseydancer

    jerseydancer Active Member

    This show is very addictive, and I am not fan of the reality shows at all. But i do not understand how these parents can let this dance teacher behave that bad, they pay to her to teach not to abuse, and where is the proof that she raises "employable dancers" as she said, does anyone know any dance stars coming out of her school? Is she really so unprofessional all the time, or this is all fake for the show?
  4. Griffico

    Griffico Member

    From the Abby Lee website. I'm kiiiiiind of at work so in the interest of time and my job, I'm gonna let other people do the googling for now :p
    A Teachers' success is judged solely by the
    success of their Students!
    Please Google our illustrious alumni:
    Jennifer Snyder
    Heather Snyder
    Mark Myars - Wicked, Dance Supervisor
    Michelle Pampena
    Asmeret Ghebremichael - Book of Mormon
    Katie Hackett
    Rachel Kreiling - Faculty NYCDA
    Erin Murphy
    Jessica Swesey - Nat'l Tour West Side Story
    Kristi Grachen - Disney Hollywood Studios, Beauty & The Beast
    Claire Taormina - Disney Animal Kingdom, Finding Nemo
    Semhar Ghebremichael
    Koree Kurkowski
    Allie Meixner
    Ashley Kacvinsky
    Gianna Martello - Cast / Choreographer Dance Moms
    Amanda Stelluto - Tokyo Disneyland 3rd Contract
    Miranda Maleski - SYTYCD? season 8, Disney Movie Elixir
  5. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I don't consider Abby unprofessional. I think some of the "shocking" routines are definitely staged for the TV show, but as far as yelling, I don't find that out of the ordinary. (Bearing in mind, my experience is with ice skating and horseback riding and as far as the latter goes I'll take Abby any day.)

    Now as far as the MOMS go...I'd have hit someone with a crowbar by now. The girls are ten times more mature than their mothers.
  6. Hank

    Hank Member

    I’ve never understood the popularity of modern, jazz, tap, ballet. They’re enormously popular as participatory activities for children (mostly girls). I’ve been to US towns of 5000 people in the middle of nowhere that have these dance studios for children.

    Yet, few adults want to watch modern, jazz, tap, ballet, and even fewer adults want to dance them. My metro area (millions of people) has one ballet company, which can’t support itself on ticket sales, alone. It barely scraps by on corporate donations and government grants.
  7. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I can understand ballet. The reality there, though, is you need to specialize and specialize early if you want to make a career of it. It's also an end of itself--you're not going to be famous outside the ballet world, and it's more an art form.

    I think the solo styles are popular to put children in because they're easier to teach in groups, work better when all you have are girls, and they do teach good balance, flexibility, discipline, etc.
  8. ChaChaMama

    ChaChaMama Well-Known Member

    I'm probably not understanding the question properly, but I'll give it a shot.

    #1--As a parent, I'm pretty much in favor of any children's activity that involves kids being active (physically and/or mentally) and not sitting in front of a screen, whether that be playing with the dog, dancing, doing a sport, playing an instrument.

    #2--The vast majority of things that children do for hobbies are not what they will eventually do as a career. A lot of kids play soccer, do martial arts, play the piano, swim on the swim team, etc. A very small number of kids are going to make the U.S. Olympic team in soccer, and I don't think there even is women's professional soccer, for example. There are professional violinists, but in many areas, symphony orchestras face some of the same struggles you mention for ballet companies.

    #3--There are career opportunities and audiences for many of these dance styles.
    There are dozens of modern dance companies in the U.S., like Pilobolus, Mark Morris, Paul Taylor, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey...just to name some of the most well-known.

    Jazz and tap are featured in many Broadway shows and national tours, are often the entertainment in big splashy musical numbers on cruise boats, and at resorts which offer entertainment like Disney World.

    Hip-hop and jazz are both featured in lots of music videos.

    The children's world has a built-in audience because all the parents, grandparents, and friends go to the recitals (and, for kids who take it to the next level, the dance team competitions). The recitals are huge profit centers for dance schools.

    #4--I think more adults do solo styles on a hobby level than you would think! I've been taking an adult hip-hop class. Maybe that's risible, since "popping" and "locking" are generally words I would use to describe things I do NOT want my body to do, but it is a good challenge to see if I can do a different movement style, and it is fantastic exercise. The teacher guy plays a good mix of music too, everything from 80s hip-hop to latin house!
  9. twnkltoz

    twnkltoz Well-Known Member

    Given unlimited time and money, I'd like to take ballet and jazz in order to improve my ballroom, tango, and wcs. Oh, and I'd like to take belly dancing, too.
  10. ezDance

    ezDance New Member

    Dance Moms isn't real...

    ...At least I hope! I am a Dance Teacher and a former competitive dancer. My studios (both teaching & dancing) were never like this. Is it bad parenting or bad business skills? Or Both?! It's disgusting the talent that is wasted in some of the routines. They are simply inappropriate which makes it hard to even look at the talent!

    These girls are oh so talented and it's going to waste due to parenting and directing by Abby Lee.
  11. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DF ezDance!
  12. ktia85

    ktia85 Member

    Has anyone watched Dance Moms Miami? I really think these moms are worse than the moms on the original Dance Moms!
  13. Silmarwen

    Silmarwen Member

    I think the mom's are crazier, but I like the teachers better. Teachers should be able to actually dance their steps. I can't imagine Abby being able to do much of anything...
  14. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I watched the first episode. I thought the first show's moms were bad--these teachers need one of those air canisters for cleaning keyboards and scaring cats and they can spray it at the mothers and yell "NO! BAD!"
  15. Silmarwen

    Silmarwen Member

    I literally had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud in class... :p

    The sad thing is that I've defn had to work with moms who were at risk for turning into momsters....
  16. ktia85

    ktia85 Member

    I agree! The mom's are worse the teachers seem to actually care about the kids and can actualy dance the steps. There was one episode on Dance Moms where Abby did dance a little of the steps but when I say little I mean maybe 5 (or less) steps.
  17. ktia85

    ktia85 Member

    LOL! To funny!
  18. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    I am a Dance Moms addict. I'm not particularly a fan of Abby Lee, but I love the girls in her company (especially Chloe - I adore that little girl and am in awe of her talent. I want her for my daughter :D ) and actually I think the moms are nice mothers, for the most part...but Dance Moms Miami is...I have no words. I love Victor (he's sooo cute and vicious) and Angel (though he kind of scares me, he's hilarious), but the moms on that show are all freaking crazy! The difference between them and the original Dance Moms, I think, is that the original Dance Moms aren't living through their kids, at least for the most part (*cough*Jill).
  19. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    See, I'd probably have beaten the Abby Lee moms to death with a crowbar by now. Melissa's passive-aggressive, Chloe's mother and what's her face Paige's mother are catty gossipy beyotchs, Holly clearly has moments of feeling super-superior because she's got a PhD, Jill was STARK RAVING INSANE and I hope she's happy with the equally-loony Cathy Candy Apples. But they are nowhere NEAR as awful as the Miami moms.

    I think I was lucky. My parents figured they were paying my riding instructors a lot of money because THEY were the experts, so they signed the checks and watched my lessons and didn't usually venture any sort of opinion! And even though they're making a show now, "Ice Moms", I've met many skating parents and I can count on one hand any who were as bats#!t as the Dance Moms.
  20. Generalist

    Generalist Active Member

    I like to watch the show. The drama and soap opera antics are addicting.

    I just hope that there are not many schools like Abbey's. All she is doing (besides winning) is teaching young girls that dancing is not fun. I can't see any of these girls growing up to be social dancers, although perhaps a few will find professional careers.

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