1. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    tsb - Do you know the name of the episode? Movie Madness here in Portland has seasons 1 - 7.

    "Ride em Cowboy"
    Dean Collins and Jewel McGowen

    Ella Fitzgerald, in her first screen role, plays Ruby, who fills several roles as one of the employees of the ranch. At the opening rodeo, she is dressed as a rodeo clown, and comes to Anne's side when she is hurt. Later in the film, she can be seen removing an apron before singing. Ella sings A-Tisket, A-Tasket in the bus, as the ranch crew drives from the railway station to the ranch. Ruby and the other employees interact playfully during the song.
    In the one dance scene in the film, a square dance is being held in a barn. The Merry Macs interrupt the square dance caller with the musical question, "What kind of old fashion jive is that you've got?" And end up telling him "Don't be a chump. Do a square dance, but make it jump." They then launch into an upbeat swing tune. The Macs sing "Ruby, Ruby. We want Ruby", and ask her to come out and sing jive. She takes off her apron and sings a few verses. Still singing, she introduces dancers who will "show you how they drop the square. You know. Back in Harlem up on Sugar Hill." Several couples come out and put on quite a display of Lindy Hop. Ruby and the Macs each take a turn with additional verses, and over a dozen couples take the floor doing swing. Well known swing dancers Dean Collins and Jewel McGowan dance alongside the other couples in this scene. Although Dean is known for a smooth style of Lindy, he and Jewel perform two "around the block" moves, as well as some energetic kicks during their short time on camera.
    Most of the songs in the film are cowboy songs, which were very popular at the time. The presence of Ella Fizgerald and swing dancers demonstrates another popular music and dance of the early 1940s.
    Don Raye and Gene de Paul are credited with writing the original songs: "Give me a Saddle", "Wake Up Jacob", "Beside the Rio Tonto Shore", "I'll Remember April", and "Ride em Cowboy".
    Musical numbers were staged by Nick Castle. [1]

    Hmmm. Didn't note how the Lindy Hoppers from "up on Sugar Hill" were billed.
  2. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Steve, impressive as always! :)
  3. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    As Hollywood continues to remake everything, they have chosen a relatively unknown actor for the new version of Footloose: Kenny Wormald. He last starred in the straight-to-DVD, unremarkable sequel to Center Stage (Turn It Up) from a few years ago. He actually was not too bad in that; and I liked dancer Rachele Brooke Smith. Ethan Stiefel from the original, though, did not show much life; and Peter Gallagher was just OK...

  4. RickRS

    RickRS Member

    Ah, man!!! Do they have to mess with everything?

    If it ain't Kevin Bacon, it ain't Footloose!
  5. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    It seems like most everything will have at least two versions...
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    More's the pity. *sigh*
  7. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    pygmalion, yes, no one anymore should be surprised when something from the past is remade. John Wayne and True Grit are iconic. But guess what! The Coen Brothers (of No Country for Old Men and Fargo fame) are finishing their remake of True Grit!

    Jeff Bridges has the eye patch now, and plays the John Wayne part.
    Matt Damon plays the Glenn Campbell part.
    And Barry Pepper plays the bad guy originally done by Robert Duvall.
  8. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    There is a humorous Tango scene in the 2008 remake of Get Smart, which stars Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway... :)
  9. Laurie

    Laurie New Member

    Yes! That's the scene where Steve Carell dances with the heavier girl. They use a lot of Tango music in spy movies. :notworth:
  10. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Laurie, you have a good point! There's Tango music in Knight and Day, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and (going back some time) True Lies. And in other spy flicks, especially the playful ones...

  11. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    #1 at the box office this weekend was Despicable Me (featuring the voices of Steve Carrell, Jason Segal, Julie Andrews, Russell Brand, and Kristen Wiig). It has a dance scene that goes from ballet to disco... :cool:

  12. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    Was thinking this morning how great it'd be if we did our own Dance Forums movie in the style of 'Copacabana'.... :cool:
  13. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    My Sassy Girl, starring Elisha Cuthbeart and Jesse Bradford, has a nice little dance montage to a Foxtrot song. The two make a nice couple, too... :)
  14. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    42nd Street
    Gold Diggers of 1933
    Gold Diggers of 1935
    Footlight Parade

    What have they all got in common? Busby Berkeley :cool: (genius)
  15. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo dance to "Thriller" in 13 Going on 30. Fun scene...
  16. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Had Elisha Cuthbeart's The Girl Next Door running in the background. (She's lovely.) And I just noticed it has a sweet dance scene in it, too. I love it...

    I recall that this movie was in the theaters exactly at the same time as 13 Going on 30 back in 2004...
  17. ash_sk8s

    ash_sk8s Member

    There's a movie all about WCS although I am blanking on the name right now...
  18. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    I won't see Step Up 3D tomorrow when it comes out, as it's going to be The Other Guys (also debuting tomorrow). But I will probably catch Step Up 3D before too long... :)
  19. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Re: Step Up 3D. Great dancing... :)
  20. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Love'N'Dancing. Several people in our local dance community served as extras in the filming. It's now showing on ShowTime and on Encore Love Stories.

    One inside joke. Amy Smart is engaged to Bill Zane and she's trying to get him to take dance lessons with her for the wedding, but he's not interested. In one scene, she's watching a dance competition on TV and he comes in, grabs the remote, and switches it to Robot Chicken. Turns out that Amy Smart has done a lot of voice work on Robot Chicken.

    Draws from a lot of issues that dancers have with non-dancing partners, beginning couples, etc.

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