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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by Sagitta, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Sorry Sagitta, don´t mean to criticize, but what she exposed simply should go without saying. And all over the world, of course, including England! Maybe she´s never really danced before?
  3. jfm

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    Well, I think I agree with Sagitta here. The point she makes about being present and engaging with your partner, rather than trotting out your collection of moves is definitely valid. Beginners in salsa and AT often have the mentality that knowing steps and stringing together moves is how you dance well. When the realization comes that they should stop worrying about all that, and start focusing on their partner, things change in a big way.

    In my experience there are many dancers who, in the early years (and sometimes, especially in AT, throughout their dancing lifetimes), put showing what they can do ahead of actual dancing. OD, you must see this at milongas? I've seen it in Berlin (and almost everywhere else)... the guys doing endless frenetic sacada/gancho/leg wrap/voleo moves, flinging the follower around like a puppet, and on the other side, ladies frantically adorning every step and being very aware that there are people watching. It's a stage that a lot of people go through as they "grow up" as dancers.

    In an ideal world people would come with the philosophy that it's the interaction with your partner that's important, but in reality not everybody is as touchy-feely and sensitive as you. People take up dance for all kinds of reasons. Some people don't automatically 'get it' and when a respected person explicitly explains it, and other more experienced dancers agree with them, it can lead to a 'road to Damascus' moment.
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    I'm not OD, but...
    I did not see this at the two milongas I attended in the central part of Buenos Aires last fall. I was in fact impressed with the high level of musicality.
  5. jfm

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    Almost every where else!!
    Certainly in Berlin.
  6. jfm

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    haha! Steve, you've joined our ranks!!!

    Oh how, a few years ago, my eyes would roll when someone brought up BA... I swore I'd never be one of those people... but to my horror I am-it just slips out!
    We should have a competition over on AT on who can drop it in to the most posts!
    I hope you know this is affectionate teasing...

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