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    Hello dancers! We have so much news to report that we’ll start with a preview so that you can fast forward to your favorite parts:

    Guest party—This Thursday, September 26th—Spectacular Show!
    Showcase—Hollywood Meets Broadway
    New teachers and staff
    Vogue magazine article—September 2002 issue (p. 206&212)
    New website launched
    Billboard in Times Square!
    Congratulations to Dale Chan and Marla Cotton!

    Guest Party—This Thursday, September 26th—Spectacular Show!

    Join us this Thursday, from 9pm to 10:30pm for a fabulous free party including refreshments, general dancing, discounts on group classes, a student showcase, and a professional show (starring our very own Carolina Orlovsky, Ernest Barthelemy, and Willy Villegas)! This special, once-a-month party grows every month—mark your calendar now for October’s too, which will be on October 31st! Bring your friends for a fun evening of dancing and entertainment.

    Showcase—Hollywood Meets Broadway

    As with most hobbies, the best way to make substantial progress and maximize enjoyment is to set a goal. To help our students set a performance goal and thereby take their dancing to a higher level, we will be hosting a student showcase with a “Hollywood Meets Broadway” theme, which means that all participants will: choose a favorite movie soundtrack (and receive a complimentary music and image consultation from Melanie), receive coachings from Tony Meredith to set choreography, learn and rehearse the routine regularly, and perform on Friday, January 17th at an off-Broadway theater! The deadline for enrollment is Friday, October 4th—please contact Carolina to register (212-994-9500).

    New teachers and staff

    Dance Times Square is very proud to welcome two new guest teachers, Vibeke Toft (World Amateur Latin Champion) and Louis Van Amstel (Professional Latin World Finalist), as well as new staff members: Carolina Orlovsky, Ernest Barthelemy, and Willy Villegas. We are fortunate to have such talented professionals joining our esteemed team!

    Vogue magazine article—September 2002 issue (p206&212)
    Mambo/Salsa is hotter than ever, and when Vogue magazine reported on the Mambo/Salsa kings this month, they featured Dance Times Square owners, United States Latin Champions Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin, who danced with Oscar De La Renta and Karl Lagerfeld at private parties recently and were dubbed the dance experts for New York City’s “beautiful people”. Dance Times Square is definitely where the rhythm is!

    New website launched

    As the previous news item suggest, Dance Times Square provides the highest quality of instruction.

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