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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by Joy In Motion, Nov 6, 2015.

  1. Joy In Motion

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    For anyone who may be interested, I have just published a new article on my website. I would give a little summary, but the title pretty much does that on its own :). Here is the link:

    I welcome discussion and feedback. Happy dancing! :)
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  2. twnkltoz

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    Definitely...I use this sometimes when I teach.
  3. RiseNFall

    RiseNFall Well-Known Member

    Some of my fellow dance students are worried about practicing at home because they are afraid they will do something wrong and it will become a habit (or that's what they say--they might just not want to do it or have the time). My experience is that it is all fine as long as I am very aware of what I doing. If something really isn't working, I follow the advise that I got on here which is to only do so many repetitions per practice session and seek professional assistance at next lesson.:) (When I remembered the exact recommendation, I thought it was excellent; what I do now is limit myself to 5-10 more attempts after I recognize something isn't working). More often, it's that I'm not sure about something--I sometimes even practice something more than one way. By doing that, I've gained awareness and body control, and my teacher can correct it on the next lesson, or the next time it comes up in a lesson. It usually make the corrections clearer to me and I gain understanding as to why one choice works better than another.
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  4. Joy In Motion

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    YES! This is an excellent idea!
  5. armaniperez112

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    I find your article very valuable and useful for everyone whether you are a new dancer of been dancing for quite some time now. Oftentimes, though we really avoid mistakes it is actually inevitable but those mistakes will surely help us grow.
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  6. Roney

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    But I am not considering the mistakes because dance is just the movement of body according to the music.

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