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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Another Elizabeth, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    I wasn't crazy about it either. Was really surprised that Mark chose to copy Y&R!
  2. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Go Hines !
  3. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I would think he figured 99% of the audience wouldn't know and .5 of the remaining 1% would think he's copying Danny and Lacey from SYTYCD.

    But both her routines were rather lackluster, IMO. Kirstie has some solid technique going, while Hines I think at least listened to Len on the footwork and had an okay freestyle (if not all that exciting.) I like Kirstie, and I think Hines is going to win--I hope they're the top two.
  4. kckc

    kckc Active Member

    I realize we are a bunch of dance geeks here but I found it hard to get Y/M (not R) out of my head while watching it. Alas, I suppose the general public has no idea of the sanctity of that dance and that mere mortals should not even attempt it.
  5. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

  6. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    I can't believe Mark took the song, the clothes AND quite a few moves all at once. Way to make it not noticeable, Mark! My non-dancing friends all know now because I pointed it out to them. :evil: Funny thing is, I had posted M&Y's routine a couple weeks ago, when they had been on DWTS to perform, so that my non-dancing friends could see one of their most well known routines (or Yulia's anyway, not Riccardo's). So I conveniently pointed it out to them today and reposted the video. Now I know that my probably 50 or so friends, 40 of which probably actually watch the show, that are now educated as to the awesomeness of M&Y and the sad attempt made by Mark and Chelsea to look the same that came out rather lackluster compared to the original, will not change the percentage of those who will never know because they are so few. but at least now *I* feel better about it!

    Having been in dance/band in high school, I have to say that I loved Kym and Hines' freestyle the best. That was very cool AND very original. And by original I mean original, not borrowed. Hmpf!

    Forgot to also mention that maybe it was just me, but I didnt think Mark and Chelsea's freestyle was all that great. Only because she seemed rushed and hurried as if it was almost impossible to keep up with Mark or took a great deal of effort. She just really looked all over the place. So not sure why the judges gave them 10s other than they are really into her. But whatever.
  7. katherinejh

    katherinejh Member

    Copying that much of someone else's routine is low. I don't care that the viewing public doesn't know, it is still wrong.
  8. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Derek and Julianne used to be just as blatant with copying choreography, Derek especially. Is it really THAT shocking that Mark is doing it now?
  9. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Yeah, pretty sad...
  10. ajiboyet

    ajiboyet Well-Known Member

    I'm disappointed in Mark...
  11. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    Its shocking whenever a DWTS pro has the gall to do it. But even moreso when its a very well known and signature routine and he takes so much of it. I mean, really. Does he think he is that good that he could even do it justice? It even made HIM look ridiculous the way he tried...maybe he was trying to do what they did, but only in a "hipper" "cooler" way (in his mind). Well, it didn't work. I like Chelsea but I really, really hope they dont win because Mark's ego would just go thru the roof (moreso than it is already this season!).

    It burns me that people will be talking today about how original a choreographer he is when I know quite a few of those moves were not even his! oh well, what can ya do....sigh....
  12. DerekWeb

    DerekWeb Well-Known Member

    Can someone post a link to the M&Y routine?
  13. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

  14. TinyDancer109

    TinyDancer109 Well-Known Member

    Actually I almost signed on again last night to comment on it too but decided my sleep was more valuable. lol... The first thing i said to my mom when i saw chelsea's freestyle was, "she looks like she is trying to keep up with him." there was nothing natural looking about that dance on her at all. and sadly i know people were wowed by the stupid lights on their gloves and sneakers... as if that a good dancer makes? i was hugely surprised the judges gave her 10s. i think it is pretty clear who the producers want to win.

    I like Kirstie personality wise but I know she has no shot so i'm rooting for Hines since he has better technique than Chelsea to me.
  15. anp73ga31

    anp73ga31 Active Member

    here's the version where she wears her other outfit....the one that Mark copied color and style-wise. he changed up the top a little, but still. you get the point.
  16. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    My DH was very set, previous to the episode last night, on voting for M&C. DH asked me, who will you vote for? To which,,,,my reply was,,,,"if you listened to Hines last week where he mentioned he's never seen a half/time football show and he wanted to be THAT half/time show should be great!" hmmm, having based my statement on being a performer in high school/college half time productions with bands. AND true to my thinking - it was! of course that's my opinion. DH changed his mind - and voted K&H at the end of the hour...I asked why? to which his reply was...."I've seen enough ballroom competitions to know who had the better freestyle" a man who never changes his mind. giggle.
  17. Me

    Me New Member

    The judges needed to give Mark and Chelsea's scores to Kirstie and Max, but they dished out the 9s to Kirstie, despite her amazing accomplishments in her freestyle and her superior samba. Kirstie has undergone an amazing transformation in her body and in her dancing, and she has been a very good sport this entire show. I would love to see her win, but tonight the judges will swan in and appoint the winner, and I'm pretty sure it won't be Kirstie.

    Hines actually did very well last night. That is probably the best I've ever seen him do anything. I can't complain about how he was scored. Kim is out there KILLING HERSELF. I would be happy for her if they take home the trophy.

    Tonight will be interesting... I guess...
  18. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    It has been a fun season...
  19. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    The judges are clearly under orders to hold Mark and Chelsea up. (I have no idea why, she's just another second-stringer Disney girl who's toast once she ages past cute--not exactly Hannah Montana-caliber moneymaker there.)
  20. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    Doesn't Disney own ABC, or is it the other way around? I'm just saying.:twisted:

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