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Who gets your vote?

  1. John OHurley and Charlotte Jorgensen

  2. Joey McIntyre and Ashly DelGrosso

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  3. Kelly Monaco and Alec Mezo

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  4. Rachel Hunter and Jonathan Roberts

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  1. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    Alec is not gay. Edyta is his girlfriend as far as I know. Of course that in and of itself does not mean he's not gay but at least it's an indication:) And he's very yummy!
  2. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Yes. Her hair would look better if it were a little more off her face.

    I was wondering about Charlotte's hair, too. I liked her hair better last week when it was all pulled back in a bun. I'm not so sure I like her hair loose.
  3. jxntwinkletoes

    jxntwinkletoes New Member

    Where is the show broadcast from and where are the dancers practicing?I have really enjoyed this show and reading all the comments on it.
  4. Big10

    Big10 Member

    That reminds me -- I was very disappointed to hear one of the judges tell Evander, "You're not a dancer" (or some strong words to that effect). Sure, he's not a professional dancer....but can't everyone dance, at least enjoying the music at his/her own level? After those types of harsh comments, I wasn't surprised that Evander was noncommittal when the host asked him whether he would continue with ballroom.

    I agree with the poster who noted what a shame it is that the public has no ability to impact the standings based on the current week's performance. I thought Evander was horrible at quickstep, but I would have given him my vote this week, based on an extremely entertaining performance obviously coming from a lot of hard work over the past week to improve himself.

    Finally, by the way, am I the only one who thinks it's a little cruel to make the losing couple do a "last dance" in the middle of the floor? They've just been voted off, and now they're supposed to do something entertaining for us? :roll:
  5. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    Yea, he said something like: "You are just not an dancer and you're going to have to go." I didn't like that either. Evander should have said: You're not a boxer, but you're going to have to get in the ring with me. :lol:
  6. peachexploration

    peachexploration New Member

    Big10, I thought is was quite heartbreaking to watch. :( A lady in my office and I were just speaking about that. I mean, good grief! The band play the awfully sad song "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late" :shock: It was almost demeaning. I think they/we should have a chance vote "the band" off the show. :?
  7. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Yeah, the choice of the song made it even worse! :evil: However, on a positive note, it was nice to see that when the other couples were supposed to join in the dancing, some of them walked straight up to Evander & Edyta. Nice show of sportsmanship on their part, and I'm sure there's a bit of bonding that happens between the contestants anyway.
  8. peachexploration

    peachexploration New Member

    Yeah, that part was very nice to see. :)
  9. tsb

    tsb Well-Known Member

    i was wondering more why the camera deliberately zoomed away from her chest at... moments of potential interest.
  10. Laura

    Laura New Member

    The show is broadcast from the CBS (yes, CBS) studios in Hollywood. The dancers practice in different practices spaces in the area.
  11. Lightspan

    Lightspan New Member

    I didn't enjoy John & Charlotte as much this week, either... I thought his body kept twisting in very strange ways, and wasn't so sure about the promenade snaps... it looked like Charlotte was definitely backleading those! They were still amazing for Charlotte teaching him this dance in a week, though... way better than I could hope to be with a week's time to practice a new dance!

    I have liked Joey & Ashly's performances (although the posture makes me cringe), but was I the only one that it just didn't do it for this week? I was looking forward to seeing Ashly's jive because I couldn't wait to see her sharp, clean footwork, I was especially anticipating some awesome kicks! But, I think maybe she shouldn't let Joey have so much control over technique vs. performance next time, because the whole thing just looked so sloppy to me! Kind of like they were flinging their bodies at random into space (and not in a flattering way!)... I think I enjoyed their performance the least out of all of them!

    I think Evander & Edyta got cheated this week, I really liked watching him do the jive, he's gotten much lighter on his feet! Hopefully he's not discouraged from taking dance further, since the judges were so harsh with him :(
  12. LennJS

    LennJS New Member

    Rachel and Jonathan were great! I think they were better then John and Charlotte this week. Even though I voted for Rachel on this thread, I'm gonna vote for Joey on I really didn't like his performance this week though. His legs looked sloppy and the pants he was wearing only accentuated it. I'm still voting for him because I think he could do really great out there and I'm afraid Kelly fans will cause Joey to be voted off.
  13. Laura

    Laura New Member

  14. Stiletto One

    Stiletto One New Member

    After some thought...

    On Kelly:

    Would you say that she was too "up in the air" (as opposed to connected to the ground, like you need to be for Jive), or just "off the beat"? I felt like it was more of the former.
  15. Another Elizabeth

    Another Elizabeth Active Member

    According to posts on the ABC message board, the dances next week will be Viennese Waltz and Samba. :shock: The Viennese Waltz will be danced as a group (on that little tiny floor!) :shock:

    ABC's characterization of the Samba leaves something to be desired:
    • The Basic step is a Volta (a crossing action in front of the body, where you step across with the bounce). You will see a bouncing action predominantly through the knees.
    • Look out for the Samba roll – a rolling movement from the waist up. The upper body circles as you create a six-step turning group.
    • Many Sambas have a move called a Botafogo, which is a traveling walk with a change of direction from left to right or right to left.
    • There should be lots of outstretched arms.
    • The samba has a distinctive climax, it ends with throwing of heads back and arms splayed out to side.
    • There should be a good balance of moving steps and stationary steps.
  16. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    :doh: :doh: :doh:
  17. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Holy cow! Why didn't they get a dancer to do the write-up? :?
  18. discovery

    discovery New Member

    Re: First 2 Cents

    I noticed that too, and I don't get it.

    Also, it would be nice to see the public vote rank of the couples, but I guess that would compromise the integrity of the voting system.
  19. DancingMommy

    DancingMommy Active Member

    Before reading the replies, I think Trista was robbed last week... She actually danced a recognizable step.

    This week:

    Kelly DOES need ballet lessons. She is stiff an totally non-fluid. In the words of the little girl in Strictly Ballroom (while watching the auditions from hell) "A little musicality PLEASE".

    Joey needs LESS fluidity. He was a herky-jerky wonder. But cute. Had a little bit of Bing Crosby (on crack) in him.

    Rachel's Tango made me quiver. Did the best they could with an ICK song. But the props of the evening go to......

    John & Charlotte. Hands down. I've seen worse dancing in a "regular" comp Pro/Am. And he totally rocked with the facial expressions.

    My whole family (non-dancers) watch the show and mom says that Kelly is going down next week. Here's hoping....

    She also thinks that John/Charlotte are going to sweep it. I think so too. Now off to read the SIX pages of thread....
  20. DancingMommy

    DancingMommy Active Member

    AMEN! I just couldn't keep my eyes off the BLACK SOCKS???? OY! He could've worn OD Green....
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