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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Kindra, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. MacMoto

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    You make a good point though -- jealousy can be an issue whether you date inside or outside the salsa scene.
  2. Kindra,

    Yes, my husband and I! We have been sharing our salsa passion for almost 12 years now and I am grateful every day to have him and to be able to share this passion with him. We met in the salsa scene (Todo comenzó bailando). We dance our way half around the world (we have not been to Asia, Australia and Africa together). Wherever we go, we check the Internet for salsa clubs and then we check the clubs out: Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, NY, Puerto Rico, Miami, Orlando, TX, KS, LA; MO, Paris and even Bukarest. Wherever I go, I have my dancer with me and am not depending on anybody to ask me or not to ask me to dance.

    Believe me, I went through the same struggle about dating or not dating within the salsa scene. Even if you try to resist because you do not want to run the risk to get hurt, eventually you will give in to someone who really attracts you. And that is only natural because dancing (any partner dancing and especially salsa) is such a communicative hobby where you are physically close und you aim to dance and move in harmony with the other sex. So how long will you be able to resist emotionally? That is what makes it dangerous for relationships where one partner is crazy about salsa and the other one is indifferent and does not have any interest in it.

    I agree with Macmoto and Raluca, you run the risk to get hurt everywhere, inside and outside the salsa scene. And gossip is everywhere, too, where people see you frequently or know you.
    So my advice is: be careful about whom you date and keep up your good reputation! A good reputation is very important in my opinion. Then a breakup will not hurt you dancingwise, the other people in the scene will keep respecting you and dancing with you.

    You are so right!!! My first time in Miami at the “Festival de la Calle Ocho” in 1993 I saw those old Cuban couples dancing among all the other people in the street and it really moved my heart. For me that was the most wonderful thing. My husband and I hope we will still be (dancing) together when we are in our 70's or even 80’s (maybe again en la Calle Ocho, who knows:)).
    My parents are in their 70’s now and still go out dancing regularly (once a month) and they love it (they do social ballroom dancing).

    However, it takes more for a lasting relationship than just sharing your dance passion: maturity, commitment, tolerance, understanding and common goals, as in any other relationship!
    I have seen many break-ups and divorces in the salsa scene but there are couples who make it last. Here in Germany we are close friends with two other married German-Puertorican couples (we are a German-Puertorican couple also) who share the same passion for salsa and with whom we go out dancing frequently. It is not impossible!
  3. azzey

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    Then when *she* dumps *you* for a job-less no hoper and tells you that you are boring, an uninspired lover and she was just killing time until someone better came along..

    well, you'll feel really good, yes? :lol: :lol:
  4. aragonh

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    You know whats the best (or worst??) telenovela salsa drama??

    When two people date, then spit up and she (or he) starts dating a different guy (gal) from the same crowd.

    Oh man, the horrors of it!!

    Or worse: When one guy (or gal) is playing two from the same crowd!!

  5. Kindra

    Kindra New Member

    :shock: Yikes!
  6. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    Kindra, your profile says your from the DC area, have you heard of Salsumba?
  7. Kindra

    Kindra New Member

    No I haven't, or atleast I don't think I have. ;) I just moved to the area in December. Are they a performing group? Band?

    Tj, Beto, Vin or Leah might know....
  8. tj

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    I'm pretty sure you've seen them perform, Kindra. And I'm pretty sure you've danced with (at least) one of them at the Barking Dog.

    Might as well post the link to their site.

    Aragonh, do you know them well?
  9. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    Not really.
    I just know of some people when I go traveling around. Some of the people I met from the DC area were on Salsumba, so I was just askin
  10. Beto

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    Salsumba had a massive change over in members after the LA Congress last year. Depending on where you ran into members and when, that person might be on the team still or may have left. Their members (past and present) are pretty nice people.
  11. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    I met one in New York, another during the Chicago Salsa Congress, another in the San Diego (or was it Phoenix?) area.

    They were all cool people
  12. Vin

    Vin New Member

    I think the girls in salsaumba are pretty much all new members to the group. I know 3 of them have joined in the last few months if I am not mistaken.

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