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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Light Sleeper, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Light Sleeper

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    This is cute! The wonderful ballerina, Deborah Bull doing a tango. I like what she says - obviously has a lot of respect for the form, (Vincent/Flavia 'world champions' take note! :oops:), even if there's no escaping the fact she's first and foremost a ballerina. Wish I'd've caught the programme the first time around.... don't know how old the prog is - but Clive's still at it I presume :D
  2. spot

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    I remeber the programme. It was from round about 2000 and was part of a short series called "Travels with my Tutu". Deborah Bull tried her hand at Jive, Belly Dancing, Break Dancing and Tango and, as you say, was very respectful of all the dances she was learning as well as being very enthusiastic and an engaging presenter.

    I believe the location of that video is the Latvian Embassy in London. Bianca of Rojo y Negro currently teaches classes there.
  3. Light Sleeper

    Light Sleeper New Member

    Would've loved to see her break dance!

    Hope they repeat them sometime!

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