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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by lynn, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. lynn

    lynn New Member

    Hi, everyone,

    I got this idea from another thread. We all know athletes are very specific about their diet, what about dancers? Does anyone follow a rigorous nutrition guideline when packing lunch?? Shy away from fatty foods on purpose?? Eat extra healthy because there's a competition coming up?

    O.K., I'll start with myself. I'm on a low protein high carb diet (I would love to have mcdonald's everyday, except my body just doesn't take high protein foods very kindly). The biggest problem is that I think the lack of protein is really affecting my stamina. Still finding ways around it, but until then, I'll stick to my dance break every 30 min.
  2. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    There was another thread on this. From what I have seen in my community(and this is only my observation), the dancers eat what they want, mostly a lot of junk, and a fair number of them smoke. Very few of them have time(or make the time) to cook as they are always on the go. A healthy meal is something I will always take the time for. To me, it is more important than sleep.
  3. alemana

    alemana New Member

    depends on what kind of dancing. when i'm in salsa mode, we are looking for quick, energy-giving, cheap and unfussy - because we'd rather be dancing!

    at the salsa socials here in NYC, the free food on the side always includes cut-up muffins. yes, MUFFINS. quick to medium-release carbohydrate explosion, easy to eat, no mess, minimum bad breath. good for you in the long term? not so much.

    when i'm in ballroom mode, i notice people are MUCH more deliberate. first of all competitive dancers are way more body-conscious, and tend to think of themselves more as athlete/dancers (which is not something i found in the salsa community here in nyc.) they've got expensive costumes to fit into and there's not a lot of room for error there. they're also being judged on their appearance.

    all that said, i'm dieting also, somewhat less successfully at the moment. i use FitDay to track my intake - it's fascinating what you discover when you really look at what you eat!
  4. lynn

    lynn New Member

    I've noticed that too, ballroom dancers seem to be more peculiar when it comes to dieting. Hmm, muffins?? Well, at least they're not offering chips & pop:lol: !! Besides, I can't imagine what people will think if they see plates full of green leafy veggies :shock: !!
  5. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    I should've stated I was referrring to a salsa group. I have no idea what ballroom dancers eat, but I sure hope it's better than the crap those salseros are ingesting...
  6. lynn

    lynn New Member

    Cocodrilo, are you in Japan? As far as I'm aware, Japanese are extremely health conscious, it's hard to imagine them swallowing down bunch of junk food!
  7. macha

    macha New Member

    I've cut back on a LOT of things, but one of the things I didn't realize was so "toxic" was plain old coca cola. This should be a big "Well DUH, you MORON", but It just didn't hit me. I thought "meh, liquid sugar, what's so bad about that?"

    It didn't hit me until the other day I saw a man pouring a can of coke over his car battery. Why? IT EATS CORROSION OFF... :shock:

    Think about that- Diet Coke or regular Coke, it doesn't matter, same stuff, with Diet you have one added carcinogen, but.... if it eats off car parts...

    What does it do to US??

    Iced tea, no sugar for me, henceforth. I KNEW that all these toothless rednecks around here couldn't ALL be crankheads- some can't afford meth- Now I KNOW... cokeheads.... of a different kind!
  8. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Yes, I've lived here 20 years. The diet is turning amazingly western, with the introduction of fast-food style chains, prepared foods in wide varieties at every supermarket and convenience stores on nearly every corner. There are a lot of healthy Japanese foods(tofu for one) yet the traditional diet is lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables and calcium. One thing good is that they don't gorge on obscenely super-sized portions like we serve up in western countries(probably because that would be too expensive here!). Girls in their teens are having serious problems with constipation these days as they don't consume enough dietary fiber. It's amazing some of the stories I hear(I work with a lot of doctors).
  9. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    There are about 100 varieties of tea available in Japan- green tea, oolong tea, black tea, blends, etc. (only beer comes in a can - everything else comes in a plastic bottle nowadays) so the Japanese consume fewer liquid calories. I haven't had a soda in about 18 years. I know it's crap, so I gave it up. I'd rather drink water.
  10. lynn

    lynn New Member

    I've always been a water fan, no artificial drinks for me. I've often find pop to be too sweet (lucky me, i guess!). I don't like it when tea comes in a bottle because that usually means it's got added sugar which totally defeats the benefits of drinking tea. Surprisingly, my mom has always commented on my diet is very "japanese" - with lots of tofu (that's my only source of protein lately) and seaweed. I find it healthy, but I'm sure I'm deficient in something, just couldn't quite figure out what it is yet....
  11. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Since the Japanese customarily drink tea straight, there is usually no added sugar in the bottled teas here. There are numerous "cafe au lait" drinks which contain cream & sugar and most of the coffee drinks(ever drink canned coffee? YUCK!) contain sugar &/or cream. I stick to water...
  12. lynn

    lynn New Member

    Hmm, i read this interesting article talking about the canned coffee.... Guess what? Some of the brands don't even have coffee!!! Better check the ingredient list first if you need a quick fix of caffeine!
  13. lujan

    lujan New Member

    I try to eat healthy, I often fail though. I do drink diet coke, not regular, and have cut out at least 70% of the beer I used to drink. If I have the time, I eat healthy, I try and avoid junk food, but with often less than 90mins to travel accross sydney from work to dancing, there is not much in the way of options on the way for healthy food. I also tend to miss meals, which I know is unhealthy, but *shrugs*.

    As long as I don't eat everything in sight the next day...
  14. elegance

    elegance New Member

    I don't tend to follow anything that could be considered a "diet" (eg. low carbs, no carbs, no dairy, only fruit, meal replacements...) since I had an eating disorder when I was younger and I'm still careful. Moderation in everything has worked for me for over ten years, so I suppose that's all good!

    A change may be required around comp time though. I normally make no conscious changes for a competition, but the last couple I've lacked stamina and was thinking that maybe more protein or something would help to make up for the extra training and nerves. Will have to see for next time...
  15. standardgirl

    standardgirl New Member

    I eat pretty much everything with the exception of simple sugars when I am on my regular dancing and excercising schedule. My body just can't take too much simple sugar. They make me feel really sick. One muffin is fine, but anything more than that will just kill me.

    I pay attention to my hunger, and only eat until I am 90% full. I used to just eat and eat, and I would start to feel sick and want to puke afterwards. Now, I just eat what I need, and I can eat everything minus bad sugar, and still feel good.

    When I am out of town, or not on my regular dancing/excercising schedule, I try to eat slightly less than my normal to avoid gaining weight.
  16. jon

    jon Member

    Soft drinks are acidic, yes. So are many fruits and fruit juices. Put a tooth in orange juice and it will dissolve eventually, just like it will in coke - maybe a bit slower since the pH is slightly higher, but there isn't a dramatic difference.

    So are you now shocked into not drinking citrus juices, too? :)
  17. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Uh...No. I'll drink whatever-the-heck I like. :lol: :lol: After a lifetime in the semiconductor world, where water (Yep, just plain water) can be a dangerous solvent, I don't care anymore. :lol: :lol:

    Gimme what you got. Water? Coca Cola? OJ? Whatever. Works for me. :lol: :lol:
  18. chandra

    chandra New Member

    Im doing the five, high protein, low everything else, meals a day now...
    At my first two week weigh in, id lost 7 lbs, and 3 inches off my waist.
    I cant wait for the second two week weigh in. I just have to rememeber to keep excercising so i dont loose all my muscle mass, as i have been focusing on dance more than circus arts, and i dont use as many muscles. I want to stay buff!
  19. macha

    macha New Member

    Yeah, I guess that was pretty dumb of me to say.

    "Motion to retract brainfart"
  20. lujan

    lujan New Member

    damn this thread, I went over the road for lunch, and ended up just having a 6' sub with salad and a iced tea.

    now I'm still hungry :/

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