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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by dancinrina, Jul 10, 2008.

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    I have not dealt with them, was considering, and decided against it. What makes me skeptical, they use pictures of the shoes from other brands web sites. I recognize Artesanal, Tango Leike, Delie, Raquel.... makes me feel that buying the same model from the abovementioned businesses directly, or from a reputable reseller with an established return policy would be safer.
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    I think Lily already mentioned that the shoes they have listed seem to be that they are a broker for other brands. No return policy.

    After my last and final fiasco with a similar company, Tango-wear, who also sells brands by multiple manufacturers, I woudl suggest extreme caution unless you truly know your size with a particular company.

    The shoes I ordered from Tango-wear were from 2 separate manufacturers. One was a Neotango copy, ordered in the size I usually get with Neotango and they fit alright, the other was some unknown model I had not been able to find anywhere and it ended up a size too small because that was the standard size for that company and they refused to have anything to do with fixing the problem.

    So you may be spinning the roullette wheel there.

    I strongly recommend just going with reputable dealers with a reliable return policy. I just blew $200+ on 2 pairs of mediocre quality shoes, one of which is too small...so that is now $200 on ONE pair of mediocre shoes. I'd have rather spent the $170 on a reliable brand and been able to return them if the fit was bad.

    Diva-Boutique designs some of her own shoes and has some lower heel models (about 2 3/8" up the back).

    Felina carries some lower heel Neotango and Delie shoes that sometimes have lower heels.

    I'm not fond of Tara shoes but she does have some low heel options and it seems to be either a love or hate thing with Tara shoes.

    On the up side...if you are a size US 7 I have a pair of really nice Neotango's available right now that I can't return and they ended up being too big for me. Black and red, with a 6.5 cm heel ( 2.5"). Brand new.

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