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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by yippee1999, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    For me... jeans and a very sexy top... or a sexy dress/skirt... it's just fine...
  2. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Miukat: I just had to chuckle where you'd said "Most of my dresses/outfits are bought in thrift shops or discount junior-type stores in questionable Brooklyn neighborhoods for about $15"! I especially loved the "questionable" reference! :--)

    I know exactly the type of stores of which you speak. It so happens I moved to Glendale/Ridgewood, Queens six months ago. I take a bus home that goes along Myrtle Ave from the L at Myrtle/ you know that area? Anyway, Myrtle Ave has a number of er...."boutiques" that sell lots of inexpensive clothing and I keep telling myself that some Saturday I just need to browse the neighborhood shops to see if I can find me some salsa-appropriate clothes.

    Another thing that occurred to me that's sorta funny... I'd said in my first post that while my salsa outfits feel perfect for me on the dance floor, that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing these same outfits out on the streets of NY in the summer... Anyway, often I go out dancing during the week straight from the office. That requires that I bring a change of clothes with me to work. And as mentioned, that outfit usually consists of tight (dress) jeans and a sleeveless top, maybe some small dangling earrings, and a bit more makeup than I usually wear. Perhaps I am a little too "paranoid" and self-conscious but.... when it is time for me to change into my salsa outfit at the office,
    I always feel I have to "hide". So I go into the ladies room with my stuff, and when I emerge, I try to have (at least in the Winter) a sweater or my jacket at the ready, to immediately throw on over my little top. Otherwise a colleague might see me in my tight jeans and sleeveless top and that would just be too much! I think they might be a little shocked and think I look a little "provocative" and wonder why I am dressed that way and where on earth am I going dressed like that.... :--) See thing is, I work for the CEO of a very large company (150,000 employees), so I have a certain image I feel I must maintain in the office! So on such days, once I've switched into my salsa gear, I try to make a quick exit from the office so that no one sees me. :--)
  3. jennikins

    jennikins Member

    I try to wear nice jeans, dance shoes, and a sexy top. I've tried halters but the strings hit my partner so i don't wear those anymore. Hate the towel in the back pocket. I love wearing skirts to clubs, but theres the bag issue.
  4. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Hmm, never noticed that problem. I suppose the strings are usually hidden under my long hair, and it's the hair rather than strings that hit my partner... :roll: Personally I don't like halters because the strings give me a sore neck/headache, but almost all the sexy tops I see in shops seem to have a halter neck :(

    Really? What's the problem?

    I've been thinking about getting nice coloured towels to match the tops I've got and sporting the look myself although I've never seen women do it.
  5. I understand that some people need a towel in European clubs since there is often no airconditioning. However, I never need a towel (nor a hankerchief) in US clubs, I rather need a warm long jacket that possibly also covers my legs so I don't freeze to death when I do not dance. And during my first two dances usually my feet and body are so cold that it takes me some time to "defrost".

    Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a little airconditioning when it is really warm but most clubs way overdo it. The air is on even when it is freezing outside.
  6. tj

    tj New Member

    Lol, I don't think I've ever been cold in a salsa club. US or non-US, air conditioning, no AC, even outside. All it would take is a single dance, and I'll be toasty and beginning to sweat.

    I find it a nice touch when a salsera brings a "fashionable" fan as part of her outfit. Plus I get to benefit when I sit next to her while chatting. The towel thing tends to be a "guy thing" although I'd never fault a salsera who brought one along.
  7. nowhiteshoes

    nowhiteshoes New Member

    jeans and t-shirt for me - judge me by my dancing not my clothes (oh...wait a minute). have tried tucking t-shirts in but they come out. also tried a shirt but was too hot and had to take more breaks than my salsa addiction allows for :twisted:. with jazz shoes (black)
  8. My husband is always hot, too. He has a "fiesta kit" (for outdoor fiestas when it is hot outside, like most of the time here in FL): a water bottle with a pump and a mist sprayer, it is a Misty Mate 24oz Cool Blast, you find it at mistymate dot com/cb24.html. Plus he has a small battery operated fan that he uses after spraying :)
  9. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    I agree. The strings put a strain on my neck muscles which gives me headache. But I love the look of a halterneck. Makes my back looking great.

    I have another sexy top. Very much fabrics on the front. Almost nothing at the back. But the back is "hold together" with strings in zic-zac. The back string of the bra is hidden among the strings.

    This top exposes a lot of naked skin on the back but I still feel dressed.

  10. jennikins

    jennikins Member

    I've never been to a non US salsa club, but the only one I've been to here wasn't that cold when I wasn't dancing (but it was really cold near the doors which they kept open all night!)
  11. tj

    tj New Member

    I need to get one of those! :cool:
  12. noobster

    noobster Member

    I've done the hanky-in-the-back-pocket look! - partly because I thought it was a great functional idea, and partly to thumb my nose at the gender roles. :)

    Only problem is my partners tend to keep stealing it as a tease during dances. I wonder if they realize I actually mean to use it! I would never steal someone's sweaty hanky, yuk.
  13. Schatz

    Schatz New Member

    I don't mind ladies in jeans or slacks, as long as they fit well - but I prefer dresses for salsa, especially if they don't mind showing off their legs (I live to dip!)

    I never tuck in - unless it's a Lycra Tee, although I wear them for class or in order to save a long-sleeved dance shirt worn over it from the drycleaner's.

    Usually, I wear a short-sleeved loose-cut "hawaiian" shirt (button-down w/collar) when it's warm or a long-sleeved textured white or black button-down collared dance shirt... always untucked, of course.

    Always fitted slacks, either black or grey - sometimes creme in the summer.

    Always socks, always black leather/leather dance shoes - no suede for me and ditto for heels (6'3" is enough!); fashion police notwithstanding - I don't do long pointy toes that interfere with taps or boxy flat-ends that inhibit rolling the balls of my feet.

    Hmm, what did I leave out?..... ah yes - the one thing my partners like me to wear more than anything else is a BIG SMILE! :D
  14. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    black silk boxers
  15. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Personally, think I'd have to go other way than Schatz. I prefer a woman in jeans over a skirt for salsa(or bachata, or cumbia, etc). At least, for watching. I like way you can see her hips while she dances.

    Skirts are fun if you're doing lots of spins, but otherwise, can be annoying, and most women seem to dislike excessive spins (with understanding, I know I wouldn't want to get dizzy).
  16. noobster

    noobster Member

    Gee, I always feel like a swishy skirt enhances the hip motion (as long as it's not too long). Lets you see the leg/footwork better too. I would wear them more often if it weren't for the no-pockets issue.

    Aren't there always lots of spins though?! :D
  17. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Yeah, pants are also more utilitarian, particularly at things like Chicago Summer Dance.

    And yeah, kind of hard to avoid the spins, least in salsa. :) Jus tseen too many people complain about eexcessive spinning on here, so as a lead, I try to be careful about it. or alternate turns so woman and I are both turning, I figure it's only fair that I should be just as dizzy as she is. :)
  18. sweavo

    sweavo New Member

    (Happy New Year!)

    Ladies persist in borrowing my towel to mop their brows. I think they think that because my towel is larger than most salsa towels it must be mostly dry, rather than suspecting the truth, which is that I'm a sweaty bastard. The odd thing is they repeat the offense!

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