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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Mathew Edison, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Mathew Edison

    Mathew Edison New Member

    I'm looking for Disney songs which can be used for ballroom dancing (any kind). I know for example that beauty and the beast is a wonderful English waltz though I'd love to know more. Which song would fit which dance?
  2. NonieS

    NonieS Well-Known Member

    you aint never had a friend like me (aladdin) is a quickstep

    i have a samba version of lion sleeps tonight

    once upon a december (anastasia) is a v waltz
  3. My favourite ... 'I want to be like you' QS

    I love Once Upon a December

    If you are being cheeky 'Everbody wants to be a cat' Foxtrot
  4. sambagirl

    sambagirl Member

    Bare Necessities for quickstep?
  5. dlgodud

    dlgodud Active Member

    Under the sea - little mermaid - for samba
  6. Glasswren

    Glasswren New Member

    There is actually a CD full of cartoon melodies fitted for Ballroom. I'm sorry, I don't have the time toBeast, look up the title now, must be out in 3 minutes. :) It is had the word 'cartoon' in the title though.

    It has a Tango from Beauty and the Beast. It may be called 'Belle', but could be something else. The song that talks about how different Belle is from other girls.
  7. suburbaknght

    suburbaknght Well-Known Member

    It's a Klaus Hallen CD. Don't know if anyone's released it in the US yet.
  8. Mengu

    Mengu Well-Known Member

    Here is a handful.

    Toy Story - You got a friend in me - Foxtrot
    Jungle Book - I wanna be like you - Quickstep
    Jungle Book - Bare Necessities - Quickstep
    Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon A Dream - V. Waltz
    Lady and the Tramp - He's a Tramp - Foxtrot
    Up - Married Life - V. Waltz
    Monster's Inc - Theme - Quickstep
    Monster's Inc - If I didn't have you - Foxtrot
    Ratatouille - Theme - Waltz
    Pocahantas - Colors of the Wind - Bolero
    Little Mermaid - Under the Sea - Mambo
    Mary Poppins - A Spoonful of Sugar - Quickstep
    Mary Poppins - Chim Chim Cheree - V. Waltz

    Does this count?
  9. Indiana_Jay

    Indiana_Jay Active Member

    The swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy plays a fun samba version of "I Want to be Like You" from Jungle Book.
  10. latingal

    latingal Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to DF Mathew Edison!
  11. Circle of Life, From the Lion King is the perfect Nightclub Two Step. In Fact, its what the creator of the dance style, Buddy Schwimmer, uses to teach Nightclub Two Step to his students.
  12. Glasswren

    Glasswren New Member

    Back from work. The CD I was talking about is by Dancelife and it was released in July 2008. The title is "Cartoon Songs for Dancing". The following tracks are on it:

    On The Road - Samba

    I Just Can't Wait To Be King - Samba

    Castle In Spain - Cha Cha

    Meet The Flintstones - Cha Cha

    Beauty & The Beast - Rumba

    A Whole New World - Rumba

    Belle - Paso Doble

    Wanna Be Like You - Jive

    Just Can't Wait To Be King - Jive

    Candle On The Water - Slow Waltz

    Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Slow Waltz

    Belle - Tango

    Chim-Chim-Cheree - Viennese Waltz

    Gaston - Viennese Waltz

    Best Of Friends - Slow Fox

    Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo - Slow Fox

    Betty Boop - Quickstep

    Friend Like Me - Quickstep

    The CD is available at least from danceshopper(dot)com. Probably other places too, but this came up googling. :)
  13. Mathew Edison

    Mathew Edison New Member

    Hey all,
    Sorry for the extremely late reply and thanks for all the great suggestions! I've finally gotten around to start collecting some dance music CD's and these are a great addition! Cheers guys!
  14. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    One teeny-tiny thing...."Once Upon A December" is a great waltz. But it's not Disney. ;)

    "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty is a VW.

    "So This Is Love" from Cinderella is a Waltz.

    "Everybody Wants to Be A Cat" from The Aristocats is Foxtrot.
  15. Lioness

    Lioness Well-Known Member

    That would be so fun.
  16. The most recent addition to the disney dance lineup is from The Princess and The Frog. The end credits song by Ne-Yo is a wonderful Rumba called "Never knew I needed"
  17. TangoRocks

    TangoRocks Member

    I've actually done that, it was awesome even though my Viennese still needs quite a bit of work. Great song that you can play with!

    BTW, love your signature, Lioness, in fact I have a t-shirt that has that on, too!
  18. GGinrhinestones

    GGinrhinestones Well-Known Member

    No one has mentioned Tarzan yet - "You'll Be in my Heart" (both the slower movie version and the radio full pop version, both Phil Collins), which is a pretty decent rumba, and "Son of Man", which is a great swing.
  19. GGinrhinestones

    GGinrhinestones Well-Known Member

    Forgot about "Hushabye Mountain", which is a great waltz, from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  20. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    "Once Upon a December"

    DOI, That's right. That song is from the 1997 Meg Ryan-John Cusack animated movie Anastasia--from 20th Century Fox. We considered doing a winter Viennese Waltz showcase to that song some time ago, but it never came to fruition. I preferred the version that appeared in the movie, versus one of the covers of it. The beginning part of the music, to me, suggests falling snow...

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