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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by nycsalsero, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. bro003

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    Yeah! Corcky is teaching perfectly by the book. Very good. When you see Jose or Edgar social dance it looks like they eat salseros for breakfast.
  2. I think yes, maybe for the "nightclub" salsa folks, Corky is over dancing... and using more of the Ballroom technique that focuses on very precise movements... Where as the street/nightclub style is a bit more relaxed.

    Plus, he is not talking about technique at all... he's just showing the basic Salsa/Mambo step and showing it correctly!
  3. IndySpinner

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    Corky was a champion International Latin dancer. International Latin technique is not the technique I prefer in Mambo dancing. For example, Corky's leg action has such a knee straightening, especially on the front step. I prefer Mambo technique as taught by prominent American Rhythm champions such as Jose Decamps or Tony Dovolani. International Latin technique has purged much of the original afro-cuban movement and style. American Rhythm has retained much of it.
  4. barrefly

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    The perfect salsa basic/dancer is very subjective and is also to be held within context. I prefer (to watch) a certain type of salsa dancer at the clubs, but prefer a different type of salsa dancer in comps/exhibitions. When out club dancing, my daughter really enjoys the great club salseros (with no b/l training), but when it comes to comps and exhibition, she prefers partners that have at least some ballroom/latin training.
    Happy New Year, everyone.

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