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  1. Unfortunately I'm one of those "perpetual beginners" (leader) and after more than 10 years have realized that tango simply isn't my dance (several reasons), but I still would like to go occasionally to support my spouse and dance some with her and perhaps a couple other people. We also dance swing, and many swing dances have a large number of novices (up half the dances or even more) who tend to dance mostly (but not always exclusively) with each other, and are content to do so. This would suit me a lot better, but there's certainly no place like that in our area (Washington DC), and from what I can tell probably not anywhere else. Just curious if anyone has come across something like this. Even our practicas tend to be on the "serious" side.
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    There are always beginners at the practica I've been going to since the early 2000s here in Portland. They are best identified by attending the lesson given before general dancing begins. They often leave early (as I did) because they don't know how to dance AT very well, or not at all; which is why they are at the lesson which is usually geared towards whoever is present.
    There are also people who have been around for a long time, and dance with a number of people who have also been around for a long time.
    There are also couples who show up and only dance with each other, or a very select group of others.

    I also like to drop in on the Western Swing bands at another local venue to listen to the music and dance some swing. That's on Friday, but Thursday the have swing night with more mainstream swing groups. Friday looks like people who know how to do swing and Balboa, but Thursday has a lesson. Last time I went (several years ago?) it was like the practica with beginners leaving early, etc.
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    Of course beginners friendly milongas do exist. There are milongas organized by instructors for their students but open to everyone else. There are also regular milongas with a bit of organizational effort that make newcomers feel comfortable. There are also practicas, of course.
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    They only exist in small communities. Since there are lots of people in DC and one can only dance so many tandas in a ~3 hour period, people prefer to dance with those whom they already enjoy dancing with. This is pretty much how it is everywhere in the world...
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    at the risk of unnecessarily bumping a thread, I have to say that I coach at PJs Dancticque in Dallas (so I have had opportunity to witness this on several occasions). I am MOST impressed by the AT dancers who attend the milongas there. They are dancers from several different studios from Dallas nad surrounding areas, and seem to come to the milonga with the soul purpose of dancing with each other. Of course, many come as couples, but even they are known to dance with persons from other studios. And, here's the BIG thing. I have witnessed time after time after time, a rank beginner will ask a very accomplished follow to dance, and she/they never refuse and never not finish a tanda.

    As I live in HI, I have witnessed this same thing at 2 of the studios there. So, i must kind of frown at the quote above as being, "...pretty much how it is...." It certainly doesn't have to be. And, IMHO, the Dallas dancers (having nothing to do with my coaching) are some of the most experienced dancers whom I have encountered in the US. I say this to say that perhaps their willingness to dance with all levels all the time has contributed to their growth and expertise. Just a thought.

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