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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by africana, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Yup, got to agree with you here. I'm confident in my ability (since it's my responsibility) to manage our money. I'm confident that it's being managed to the best of our financial ability (within reason--we don't have to eat out) to provide for health care, retirement, life insurance, etc. I feel confident that if I lost my job, or something happened to DH's company, that we'd be...OK-ish. Not great, but not poorhouse, either. (Thank goodness I've already paid for a pack of lessons!!!)

    But at the same time, if things happened with DH's business just right, then sh!t would hit the fan and we'd be screwed. If I lost my job, and DH's business wasn't in a position to help pick up the slack, and certain other things happened, we'd be screwed. Sure, we've got fallback positions. But I've seen unemployment last for longer than the planned 6-month savings cusion, and what then? The housing market isn't exactly going like gangbusters anymore, so we could be saddled with a house we couldn't afford at the time.

    They don't seem too irreconcileable (sp?). Also, you've got to think that people are not particularly rational in their fears. Sure, I can do the math and read the stats on airplane and flying safety, and compare that to the risk of driving my car on the highways around here. (Particularly poignant since I got run off the road on the way to a lesson/dance last week, and just about got killed in a 4-way car sandwich with Yours Truly stuck in the middle.) But that doesn't mean I don't feel some twinges of fear and anxiety when I hear the engines of a plane start. Just because I manage our money well (DH handles the long-term investments--just so's you know we do split our responsibilities and he's not getting off scott-free), doesn't mean I don't fear the "what if" that could wreck us.

    I've seen things come to a screeching halt for my parents, and saw what they went through. I fear the same thing happening to us, no matter how irrational.
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    Ha! The Forbes piece is the subject for discussion (and derision) on the Washington Post web site. It's the focus of their "On Balance" column.

    Love it.
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    hi would you mind posting the link? can't find it
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    love this response - I guess that's why I wasn't that upset at article. it just shows that career women have more choice, to stay married or get out :cool:

  7. The bright side of marrying/divorcing a career woman is that she has the ability to earn a living, whereas a stay at home mom may not have the job skills to fend for herself, then the poor S.O.B. can be stuck with alimony and child support. Depending upon how long they were married, the alimony can last a lifetime!
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    as it should if he ended it and they had agreed that she would sacrifice and stay at home;)
  9. I agree with that 100% if he leaves her and the family.
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    I knew you would...but I also see your point...happy evening

  11. A wonderful evening to you too Ms. Fascination
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    :cool: by golly it was
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    Well at least the author differentiated between the words "correlation" and "causation". ;)
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    Besides, it still comes down to the relationship between the two partners. :cool:
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    Not too long after Forbes took down the article at the top, it was reposted, along with a counter-article from one of their female editors.

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    thanks for posting that! :D

  17. very true.

    excellent article about not marrying the lazy guy :)

    I'm sure there'll be new articles spawned from the original.
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    Seems like she was just a bit angry with the comment about learning to tie his shoes. There isn't a guy likely willing to admit that was the last time he learned something, and it wouldn't likely be true anyhow.

    See? Forbes prints an article like that, and this is what we get as followup. The goes to show they're looking for readers and advertising dollars. ;)

    This is not what was being said. Can anyone say, twist, twist, twist?

    It still comes down to the relationship, rather than blaming the man or the woman. ;)

    Oh? Really? I'd say more likely it is about time management and priorities. The day I'm going to hire somebody else to clean my house ... oh, never mind. Neither one of these articles gets it. It's about the relationship.

    (DP, are you repeating yourself? :roll:)


    Oooh ... I smell dependency here. Whatever happened being able to maintain one's own individuality while sharing life?

    This back portion of her article seems to be ok.

    Oh, and I'm game. :D
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    I think any article that generalises is trash. And do not understand why you made it so important by commenting on it so much.

    It is just a piece of trash and belongs in the trash can. And not to be made so important. The more you discuss it (and others on other sites) the more it gets read and commented on. And the more importance is placed on the writer... does he really deserve it?
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    :applause: Agree.


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