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    Down Home Blues is the San Francisco Bay Area's Blues Dance Festival, held this year June 30th to July 2nd.

    This year we have Ria DeBiase, Mike Faltesek, Kelly Porter, Jerry and Kathy Warwick and myself Damon Stone as instructors, Devona Cartier, Tina Davis, Linda Maxwell, Kelly Porter, Roy Rydbeck, and Steven Watkins as our headlining DJ's.

    We will have classes covering everything from lead/follow to musicality, improvisation to choreography and again solo as well as partnered blues dance.

    This year we are adding three new elements to the festival an Advanced level, musically themed late nights, and two contests, partnered and Jack and Jill.

    More information will be posted here and on our website, DownHomeBluesFestival.com.

    Last year was a smashing success and a large part of that, the KEY part of that was your attendance. Please join us, whether it be as returning friends or new friends, for an amazing blend of dancing, instruction and socializing.

    Welcome Home.
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    Here is the list of classes for this year. We will be having three levels -
    :D Beginning: No experience to few if any formal lessons and/or limited social dancing.
    8) Intermediate: weekly group classes, regular privates or having attended a couple of workshop weekends with regular social dance experience.
    :eek: Advanced: You have studied traditional blues dancing and are comfortable dancing with partners of various levels of experience at various tempos. You are serious about improving your skills and would be perfectly happy if the whole weekend was about tearing apart your dancing or working on the most fundamental basic aspects of Blues.

    Personal Styling
    Partnered Black Bottom
    Shake Blues
    Foundation Class
    Bluesin’ the Swing
    MicroBlues the next level
    Dips and Tricks
    Flying Solo
    Slow Drag
    Breaking Away
    Snake Hips
    Blues 101
    Blues Choreography
    Look Ma, No Hands
    Spirit of the Blues

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