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    Down Home Blues
    The San Francisco Blues Dance Festival
    June 24th-26th

    Over 20 amazing classes offered by the following talented instructors: Amanda Gruhl (Boston), Charlie Fuller (St.Louis), Damon Stone, (Sacramento) Heidi Fite (San Francisco), Jerry Warwick (Dallas), Kathy Warwick (Dallas), Ria DeBiase (Sacramento), and Ogden Sawyer (Boston).

    DJ'ed music will be provided by the blues dynamos Steven "Dr. Feelgood" Watkins (NYC), Tina (Sweet T) Davis (Austin), and Devona Cartier (NYC).

    More details will be given here in the next few days, or you can check out www.DownHomeBluesFestival.com
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    and here are the class descriptions for the weekend...

    Foundation Class – (Beginning) Jerry and Kathy
    This class will get you moving across the floor, both by yourself and with your partner. It will give you the foundation for connecting with the floor, the music, and your partner using simple steps.

    Blues Walk – (All Levels) Ogden & Amanda
    Much of early blues dancing consisted of one-step and two-step movements that were danced both in place and traveling around the floor. Take inspiration from these early dances, Savoy Swing Walk, and 20’s dances like the Yale Blues, then add a modern Blues twist and you have Blues Walk. Not so much a dance unto itself, as it is a way to expand the possibilities of your Blues Dancing. We will cover the basics of one-step and two-step movement, and then move on to the direction changes and techniques necessary to take the moves you already know and make them travel with style in line of dance. Finally we’ll take this traveling movement and mix it up with in-place blues to maximize your options on the dance floor. This class will also increase your Blues Dancing options for when the music picks up tempo.

    Doing the New Low Down – (Beginning) Damon & Ria
    We will cover the Jook Joint and Rent Party blues dance styles from the rural South to the urban center of Harlem These are identified by the close body positions and Congo hip movements. The grit and passion used in these styles is at least as important as proper technique. We will work on dancing from the heart not head.

    Advanced Blues Musicality – (Experienced) Heidi & Charlie
    An experienced level class that teaches you to hear the differences within a song and between different songs that should influence the way you dance. You’ll learn how to apply this idea of minimum and maximum movement to your dancing by making movements more subtle or more noticeable.

    Vintage Blues: Savoy Ballrooming– (All) Heidi & Charlie
    Learn another style of Blues! Blues dancing combines a strong sense of African aesthetic with the concept of Western European partner dancing. Learn one of the original partnered Blues dances created by Lindy hoppers at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, which was their groovier, bluesier impression of ballroom dance characterized by large relaxed and flashy movements, in typical Savoy fashion.

    Emotion in Blues Dancing – (Exp) Jerry & Kathy
    Blues music is a genre which includes not only stories of love and affection, but also joy, sadness and humor. This class will take musicality and apply it to the feel and attitude of the song. A good sense of humor is as important as sensuality in this class.

    Simple Music, Simple Moves, Simple Rhythms – (Beg) Jerry & Kathy
    Blues music is, for the most part, simple and very predictable. Using these simple music structures we can develop simple moves to match the music.

    Cool New Moves and What Leverage Can Do For You! – (Exp) Ogden & Amanda
    Does every dip have to drag a follower’s hair on the floor or hit a dramatic pause in the song? Expand your move and movement vocabulary and get some new ideas for blending leverage moves more fluidly into your dancing. Get beyond dips and leans and learn what leverage can really do for both leaders and followers.

    It’s All About the Connection – (Beg) Ogden & Amanda
    Students will expand their knowledge of connection in this class. We’ll cover concepts of leading and following from your center, sending the clearest possible messages to your partner, and begin to explore partnered improvisation. Prepare to be challenged and to step outside your regular dancing! We realize that connection skills take time to sink in and build, so while dancers will come away from this class with a greater sense of what is possible with good connection they will also come away with some exercises to take home and practice on their own.

    Advanced Jookin’ – (Exp) Damon & Ria
    We will explore the close in dance styles of the Juke Joints emphasizing hip movement as well as dancing with attitude. This class will use a variety of music styles all designed to get you to free yourself of fears, heavy emphasis will be placed on improvisation and expression.

    Flash & Class – (Beg) Damon & Ria
    This is the class to learn the dips, drags, and angles that make blues dancing so dramatic. Time will be spent on learning body control and posture to flow in and out of these moves easily and SAFELY.

    Blues Breakaways– (Exp) Heidi & Charlie
    There’s more to Blues dancing than just closed position with your partner. As long as there has been blues music, there have been people dancing to it even when they didn't have a partner. You’ll learn to incorporate elements of Fishtail, Shimmy, Shake n Bake, Mooch, and other solo blues dances into your partnered dance. This class will help you learn to move your own body to Blues, rather than just moving (or being moved by) someone else's.

    Blues 101 – (Beg) Ogden & Amanda
    In this class, fundamentals such as the use of tension and compression are presented in the context of learning slow-drag, traveling, and other moves and movements. The movements and concepts taught in this class will give dancers a solid vocabulary and framework for Blues Dancing as well as creating moves and movements of their own.

    MicroBlues – (Exp) Jerry and Kathy
    In this class you will get comfortable with miniscule movement while blues dancing. This class will be done almost entirely in closed position and most often with your eyes closed. Microblues was born out of the sweet music that whispers in your ear and has a certain gentleness about it. When you have completed this course, you will be connecting with your partner in a way that will leave you breathless at the end of a dance. To be successful in this class, a very good understanding of connection and a developed sense of musicality is required.

    The Chi of Blues – (All) Heidi & Charlie
    This class teaches musicality, communication, and energy exchange between partners, as well as leading, following, and just plain losing yourself in the music.

    Negative Space – (Exp) Damon & Ria
    Count Basie once said ‘My silences are just as important as the notes I play‘, the same holds true in Blues dancing. Learn how to use the pulse of blues to give movement to stillness and speak with silence.

    Black Bottom– (Beg) Heidi & Charlie
    Get ready to drag your feet and smack your knat. A 1920s era solo blues routine based on the dance that replaced the Charleston when the flappers and sheiks wanted something new. Some kids got it from a cow stuck in the mud!

    Solo Blues – (Exp) Damon & Ria
    Shake, Shimmy, Shuffle and Roll, this class will teach blues dancing as a solo art form. Whether you want to dance alone, gain body control, or gain inspiration for styling in partnered dance, this class will have it all. Note: this will be a fast pace class with emphasis on personal styling and interpretation.
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    Thanks d. :)
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    No problem, I'm really excited about this event. Here is one more reasono why...

    It's official, Rusty Zinn's band, featuring Angila Witherspoon will be playing the dance Saturday night.

    Rusty is a guitar protege with deep roots in the blues, having been taken under the wing by more than one blues master. Angila Witherspoon, is the daughter of Jimmy Witherspoon, one of the great blues singers of the post-World War II period. She has grown up with the blues and has inherited "Spoon's" phrasing, soulful vocals and impassioned delivery.

    That isn't all though, Rusty and Angila will be teaching a special class on the history of Blues Music. They will discuss various styles and developments that created major trends in blues music, and share personal stories of blues legends. This is their first time playing exclusively for dancers and sharing their stories with people in this format, it is not to be missed

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