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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Ralph, Feb 19, 2006.

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    I only have a minute and I don't want to be a tease! I also don't want to be a gossip, 'cause it ain't cool to gossip and then people stop telling you stuff. I'd rather be known as a good friend and confidant.

    We talked about costumes - last minute wardrobe changes which sent the designers into panic. Well it goes like this: each dancer needs two costumes each week (one for each routine). 3 days before the show airs, someone makes a color change because the original costume color won't show up well on tv. That's now FOUR NEW costumes for a couple. 2 of them have to be completed in 3 days. Start to finish, with stoning, etc. Yikes! So stressful.

    Drew had trouble with his shoulders (yeah, everyone knows that) but when Nick suggested a jacket without any padding in the shoulders, voila! No more problems! "Never fear, Nick is here!" I keep hearing it over and over in my head. Hee Hee!

    We talked about all of his cross-continental traveling. I definitely would not want to be doing that all the time. Yuck. Since Tatum was eliminated from the show early he wasn't always required. He did do a lot of choreography for the show so he was around for that but, ya know there was some down time.

    We also talked about Pro-Am dancing, Amateur couples (he prefers this to Pro-Am) I told him I liked to dance with my Pro and why and we discussed that for about 30 miles!

    I asked him if all the women hired personal trainers once they knew they were cast for the show. Seriously, those women had some rocking abs. He said everyone lost weight on the show. All the original measurements had to be tossed out. He said Tia lost the most weight of all. Good for her! It was really noticable on the show.

    Oh, he's also a good co-pilot. The directions to the venue were a little weird so we ended up a little bit out of the way and he got us there. I tell ya, I was bumming to have him in my car knowing he had to teach in an hour and a half and we weren't at the venue yet. We did fine, he got there in plenty of time to settle in, and get to the ballroom.

    I was so afraid I wouldn't wake up in time (at 4am, thank you very much) that I barely slept all night. Needless to say, at about 1pm that day I was toast.

    Alright, I'm out! See ya!!!
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    (caps are not mine; too tired to replace them)
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    Woohooo!!!!! :banana:
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    Wow, that really is *easily* :rocker:

    Yay ballroom!!! :D :D :D
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    We are the CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!
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    I had a friend mention DWTS to me today. Last night was the first time she watched, and now she wants me to come to her school and teach her primary school kids some dance. Kinda nice, actually. :cool:

  7. That sounds really cool! That could make a major impact on a few of their lives. I wish I was exposed to it as a kid. Keep us posted.
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    Old quote, but:

    If USABDA is willing to reinstate an undeniable professional in Katerina Muller with apparently no questions asked, I don't see how they would have a leg to stand on to refuse to "reinstate" any of the celebs.

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