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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by DancePoet, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. Me

    Me New Member

    Issues of race...

    I know, I know, never a good thing to go there, but...

    I was disgusted. Until this season of Dancing with the Stars, I feel celebrity African American women were grossly underrepresented. Now we have two extremely talented, classy, beautiful, black ladies, and they land in the bottom two. I felt they were the most talented women, hands down. Rock bottom? You've got to be kidding me!

    Has anybody commented on this? I mean, to me, it was very hard to not notice this. How could this happen? Why weren't these women receiving the votes they deserved? I know there is no way to know the real answer, but I'd like to discuss it in a rational manner with somebody. (No caps lock, please!) ;)

    In general, it made me sick to see Vivica go. I've always admired her work, and I felt she added such a wonderful element of poise and elegance to the competition.
  2. skwiggy

    skwiggy Well-Known Member

    I am personally a big fan of Vivica's work as an actress. But I'm not a fan of her work as a dancer.
  3. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry Me, but Vivica's dancing really wasn't very good and her diva attitude got quite old quite quickly. That said, I was shocked that Monique landed in the bottom two.
  4. delamusica

    delamusica Active Member

    I thought Vivica was arrogant, self-centered, and a bad dancer. I'd never really seen much of her before this show. But when she was on DWTS, I really just wanted her to shut up about how great she was going to be and go home. Her dancing was stiff and her posture was bad. She argued with her coach in the training clips about how she was doing it right and he was wrong. That's not the attitude of someone who is classy and poised - it is egotistical and stubborn. I was glad to see her go, and it had nothing to do with the fact that she was black.

    I like Monique a lot, and I would like to see her in the top 3-4. No idea why she was in the bottom other than that there were a lot of bad dancers between her and the other good dancers. I had kind of forgotten about her dance by the time they got to the end of the show, and I'm sure the people who vote for this show probably did, too.

    Vivica deserved to go, and Monique had a poor draw in terms of order for the night. As far as I'm concerned, that's all there was to it.
  5. alemana

    alemana New Member

    it was definitely time for vivica to go.

    monique, i feel, is in fact underappreciated, but i think it's largely to do with louis' teaching methods. she's come a long way; to me, she's shown more progress wekk-to-week than most, including mario, who started strong but isn't growing. he's just performing.
  6. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    Me: while I like Vivica's movies, I hated how she was on DWTS: arrogant self-centered know-it-all. I mean I don't know if that's how she is in real life or she was putting on a show but it turned me off, way off and I am guessing it turned some of the people who would otherwise have voted for her off too. And no, I don't think at all she was elegant, at least not when she was dancing...

    On the other hand, Monique's landing in the bottom 2 is bizarre considering how much better she is than Sara, Emmitt and Jerry...

    Why does there always have to be a race element? When Shanna and Willa kept ending up in the bottom two, should we assume there was also an anti white woman conspiracy?
  7. My Ox Is Broken

    My Ox Is Broken New Member

    Nope, just an anti-blond woman conspiracy.
  8. gingerbread

    gingerbread Member

    I agree. I really enjoy Monique: she is charming, talented, hard-working and seems to have a wonderful attitude, the total opposite of Vivica. She is modest, appreciative of Louis and, if anything, could use a little more self-esteem. She has a lot of feeling and lyricism in her dancing, for someone who has no ballroom training. She seems to give it her all. Vivica was obnoxious, it's as simple of that. Overbearing, and never the dancer she seemed to think she was. Where did all that bragging come from? Awful! There is zero racism involved here, there never has been. And Emmitt is beloved by all, and forgiven for whatever stiffness he has not been able to get rid of. His first performance cha cha was still his best. What you say about Mario is interesting and I hadn't thought about it. It's true. His first night cha cha was simply sensational and blew me away, but he really hasn't developed since. I think he is by far the best dancer on the show, but he could be another Stacy (a better dancer than Drew from day one) and lose to someone who improves. I would hate that to happen, but audiences seem to like to see someone grow (Kelly Monaco?)
    Please, Me, listen to us, Vivica was not voted off because of race, and Monique is not in the bottom because of race. She does not deserve to be there and I am sure next week will be better for her. I am just hoping this setback did not destroy her confidence.
  9. blueguitar322

    blueguitar322 New Member

    I think it's been said well by others, but I agree.

    I was hoping for Sarah and Vivica in the bottom two and was quite joyous when Vivica was eliminated.

    Not sure at all why Monique was in the bottom two. She deserves top 4 if not higher, in my opinion. If I recall correctly (hazy since I don't own a TV and can only watch clips online), it was both Vivica and Monique's first time in the bottom two.

    I'd love to see Sarah booted (no pun intended!) this coming week...followed by Jerry. While I enjoy watching Emmitt, he'd probably deserve to go next, which would leave the four best dancers (in my humble opinion). Between those four, Willa would be next...followed by Monique...and I like Joey's attitude but Mario's the better dancer at the moment. So there. It's all decided :raisebro:
  10. swan

    swan Member

    Monique was in the bottom 2 I think for few reasons:

    1) Order of her performance - 1st is at disadvantage
    2) Waltz is not the most 'popular' wowing #. Willa & Joey did do a much better job.
    3) Problem w/ the scoring system again. Judges couldn't give Monique very high to begin with as she's the first one out. But then they gave EQUAL marks (24) to other couples whom I'd score lower.
    4) The really bad dancers like Jerry got the sympathy vote this time & Sara got the fans' vote (her score needed to be way low).

    I do not believe it's the "race" issue. If it were, Willa wouldn't be in bottom two 2 weeks in a row & that Miss USA wouldn't have been kicked out.

    Last season, Jerry Rice went all the way to top 3.
  11. Another Elizabeth

    Another Elizabeth Active Member

    I thought Monique was the one "robbed at gunpoint" this week. She did a lovely waltz (and got essentially no useful feedback to improve for next week), and mediocre scores. I gave her almost all my phone and email votes because I was so worried that she would be out. I was seriously nail-biting during the last commercial break, when we knew she was in the bottom two.
  12. alemana

    alemana New Member

    louis has done a VERy good job with her, and it helps that she appears very receptive.
  13. Me

    Me New Member

    WOW several people here really did not like Vivica? WOW! No I am really FLOORED! But it was so many people...

    Okay well, perhaps my opinion of Vivica was in the minority. I'm just a bit shocked though.

    I still think she is da bomb though. :raisebro:
  14. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Like many others here I have liked her in her in her films but, both as a dancer and as she came across on DWTS, I was not a fan.
  15. My Ox Is Broken

    My Ox Is Broken New Member

    My mom agrees with you, Me. She was infuriated that Vivica went home before Sara. She was so upset that she twice called Sara a "poop head" when I talked to her about it.
  16. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    I'm sure your mom will feel better when Sara goes home next week. ;)

    FYI, remember we were discussing the live show not being live and all? Or same-day tape delayed? Turns out a lot of people took the original info out of context. I've bolded the important part at the bottom. Check this from Access Hollywood's site:

    A final "Dancing" note, last week, I mentioned that the performances on results night are usually pre-taped. I typically don't get there in time to see the pre-tapes, but last night I hustled over there so I could watch them. This is where I realized why its done this way. It's a logistical nightmare for the producers on many of these performances. Los Lonely Boys had so much huge equipment, there is no way that stuff could have been rolled in and out in time. I timed it. It took them about 7 minutes to get everything out. Plus, the audience didn't mind. They still get to see the performances. It's not like they are getting jipped. Though asking them to give a standing ovation after watching the playback during the live show still seems odd to me. I'm guessing Nick Lachey was on a tight schedule because he pre-taped his performance about 40 minutes before showtime.

    His brother Drew came in with his wife just to watch the performance. They didn't stick around. They sat down in the chairs that would become Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin's, who were so cute because they wanted to watch Nick, so they went and stood in the back with the masses since their seats were taken! And just to clarify, because some of my comments last week have been taken out of context, the only time the show has to do pre-tapes (because of logistical issues) is for the results show guest performances on Wednesday nights. The Tuesday night performances are always live and always a joy to watch!
  17. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    That is such cool information. Thank you! ;)
  18. victordancer

    victordancer New Member

    vote for monique

    After the first two shows, i could not see myself voting for anyone on this show as i had on SYTYCD but i will be making my calls for Monique this week as she certainly doesn't desesrve to be in the bottom 2
  19. delamusica

    delamusica Active Member

    What did everybody think of the Del Grosso sisters thing? I'm suprised that hasn't come up yet (or did I just miss it?).
  20. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Perhaps if I hadn't watched SYTYCD religiously this past season and am spoiled by really good dancing, I might have enjoyed the DelGrosso sisters, but they were pretty boring IMO.

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