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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by Wolfgang, May 29, 2012.

  1. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    Ellen DeGeneres!
  2. Griffico

    Griffico Member

    Some names I'd like to see for various reasons:

    Paul Reubens (Pee Wee Herman)
    Amanda Bynes
    Steve Williams ("Stone Cold Steve Austin")
    Peyton Manning
    Michelle Trachtenberg
    Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Julia Stiles
    Joshua Jackson
    Chris Colfer
    Ryan Stiles or Colin Mochrie
    Nick Carter
    Jeff Townes (Jazzy Jeff)
    Lindsay Lohan
    Sarah Silverman
    Kevin Clash (Voice of Elmo)
    Adam Savage or Jamie Hyneman (Mythbusters)
    Colleen Fitzpatrick (Vitamin C)
    Mandy Moore
    Jenna Mourey (Jenna Marbles)
  3. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    You know, they have shown Paul Reubens in the audience a number of times. That often indicates a future contestant.;)
  4. leee

    leee Well-Known Member

    Granted, one's a movie star, and the other is an under-employed tv actress, but doesn't Summer fall under the "absolute fantasy-land" category too?

    In the nerd / ringer vein, how about Bill Nye?
  5. Leon Theou

    Leon Theou Active Member

    They might not allow Bill Nye on, as he is apparently pretty active in the Lindy/Swing scene. The producers have said that they will not allow a celebrity with ballroom experience participate, and they may extend the definition of "ballroom" for that purpose to all partner dance, especially considering that the show has in the past featured Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, and WCS (though they are unlikely to be included again anytime soon).
  6. New in NY

    New in NY New Member

    Tom Bergeron!
  7. babyphoenixs13

    babyphoenixs13 New Member

    How about Justin Bieber or Martha Stewart?
  8. Griffico

    Griffico Member

  9. New in NY

    New in NY New Member

    Thanks - I had never seen those. Samantha was very good! She should have been a contestant instead of a host.
  10. Griffico

    Griffico Member

    I agree that she was very good, though I loved her as a host too. So amusingly awkward!
  11. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

  12. theAnnelis

    theAnnelis Active Member

    Is it weird that I think Will Friedle would be FABULOUS on this show?? Eric Matthews himself!!
  13. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    michael barishinikov
  14. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Oddly enough, he's the example the producers used (admittedly many seasons back) of a celebrity who'd be considered at an unfair advantage with their dance experience.
  15. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    agree but get a whole season of them

    Justin timberlake
    J Lo
    all dancers it would be great!!!
  16. Jananananana

    Jananananana Active Member

    I would give anything to see Pierce Brosnan. Or Matt Bomer.... Or Hugh Jackman.... swoon.
  17. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    lol the mrs wants alex skaarsgardt and joe mangianello

    ill pick roselyn sanchez and sophia vergara
  18. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Yes, please !
  19. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

  20. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Adam West!!!

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