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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by LucyDiamond, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    Based on the assumption that whoever did Cha Cha last week will do Foxtrot this week and those who did Viennese Waltz will do Jive, here are the dances for this week:

    Buzz Aldrin & Ashley Costa - Foxtrot
    Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood - Foxtrot
    Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Foxtrot
    Shannen Doherty & Mark Ballas - Jive
    Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani - Jive
    Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya - Jive
    Niecy Nash & Louis Van Amstel - Foxtrot
    Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke - Foxtrot
    Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower - Jive
    Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough - Jive
    Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska - Foxtrot
  2. TangoRad

    TangoRad New Member

    Thanks LucyD. All systems go!

    I just saw today's episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and some of the dancers, like Cheryl Burke, will be on all week asking celebrity questions. They are really pushing this!
  3. DanceJoy

    DanceJoy Member

    Brooke is still unbelievably awkward... sometimes I just cannot watch it, it is super painful. The awkwardness of her interview with Evan was just a massive fail.

    That is it for my thoughts now... until the end of the show!!!
  4. DanceJoy

    DanceJoy Member

    Ok, I have had this post running through the whole show (I am procrastinating my senior thesis... oopsies). Here are my thoughts:

    Brooke Burke: omg even more awkward with Buzz's interview.... that was painful... get it together, girl!!!

    sad that buzz got scored so low, but his dancing was not so good... i just love him so much!!

    Wow.... Bruno and Carrie Ann, Nicole's jive was good.... but it was not THAT good. I was a little stunned by their gushing over the dance but then they gave it 10s!!!! Len's 8 was far more appropriate... I mean they are assuming that the jive was perfect and could not be better... it could be much better. I fear that these high scores are going to turn this into another Derek/Joanna thing where they get a little arrogant about their scores and therefore make me think mean thoughts about them. Also, epic music choice failure from the producers... not as bad as picking "Poker Face" for paso, but still BAD.

    I liked Evan's jive as well... Jive is an awkward dance for lanky people but he was able to pull it off well. I am rooting so hard for him (hello, ex figure skater!!!) and some of the judges' over enthusiastic gushing about Nicole does get me a little annoyed. I thought they were way more fair in their criticism of Evan.

    Erin Andrews looks absolutely gorgeous... she is a little awkward (that is to be expected when she has never done this before), but dang that girl could spin and kick her legs high!!! Carrie Ann had a point with her tension in her frame... I hope she stays for a few weeks... I like looking at Maks :p

    Edita's dress was really pretty!!! The skirt especially.

    OMG I LOOOOOVE Niecey Nash!!! She is hysterical!! they should have her host instead of Brooke.. at least I wouldn't spend the interview section with my face in my hands... I am rooting for her to go far because I just love watching her rehearsal footage with Louis. Louis: "I want you to think of me as your reflection." Niecey: "Wait! When did I turn into a white man?!?!?!?!" LOLOLOLOL

    Glad Pamela is enjoying herself. And she was able to turn down the sex (a little) for the foxtrot!! I liked her dance.. Len and Carrie Ann were right, her frame needed help, but I was shocked... I never expected her to actually be able to dance.

    ouch... poor chad!!! At least he took it well!! I didn't vote for him but I hope he doesn't get booted off. I did not like Cheryl's dress... I did not understand that shelf thing over her left boob (what the heck?????).

    Yikes Stripes Kate seemed nasty during that rehearsal footage... not gonna lie, i felt bad for tony. OHH the drama!! I liked that the producers put that "to be continued...." after their dramz in practice. omg and her jive was painful!!! goodness gracious I think she must have forgot part of it. Carrie Ann is freaking about Kate's feet coming off the floor... I think Nicole's did too (or another girl.. I don't exactly remember). I think that Kate will be voted off soon. I hope so, I don't really want to watch another week of her fumbling around. ps she was overscored... that was a disaster.

    so, yeah... those were my thoughts.... back to thesis.. whee
  5. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I can appreciate Kate being frustrated with learning-style differences. But man that was BAD. If Buzz goes home and she stays that will just be wrong.

    Nicole: Overscore. Len is yet again the only sane man.
  6. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    I feel like I have to watch this show as an "ambassador of ballroom" since everyone in the world that knows me knows I ballroom and must LOVE this show. But it's reached the point where even only watching the clips and dances, with only actually paying attention to Erin Andrews and Evan Lysacek (the only two I actually like on the show, although my dislike of Maks is making it hard to cheer for Erin), well, even that is getting to be too much.
    I'm tired of latin dancers. Is it really so much to ask that they have ONE smooth or standard pro?
    I'm tired of the "stars" whining. Wahhhh!
    And I take back everytime I've ever been annoyed by CAI saying she can't tell the difference between a "star" and a pro. Because a certain pro, well, I really can't tell the difference.

    Please please please please tell me that Kate Gosselin's whining about people "quitting on her" seals the deal to get her kicked off the show. Of course, you know the producers will do everything they can to keep her on for the drama.
  7. Merrylegs

    Merrylegs Well-Known Member

    So I missed the first few dances but thought that Nicole and Pam were great as was Erin. I am bummed I didn't get to see Evan dance.

    Pam cleans up well, she looked beautiful!
  8. DanceJoy

    DanceJoy Member

    haha i just finally finished my ridiculously long post... glad to know that someone agrees with me... about kate and nicole.

    I honestly thought that Bruno and CAI must have watched a different performance than I did. I mean, Nicole is a good dancer yes... but jeepers creepers people, let's not lose control here.
  9. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    I actually wanted to go grab a kitchen knife and stab myself since I have that exact same argument with my instructor every other week. (Well basically anytime I don't have my husband there to translate what he's trying to tell me.) And Tony's whole, "I'm a champ, I teach champs, I teach how to teach," was almost verbatim what my instructor would say and has said.
    Learning style differences do happen. I almost did feel bad for her. But my irritation with reality "stars" in general, her specifically, and her "Lots of people quit on me" whining killed that really quick.
  10. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I can appreciate that Tony may not have been listening that she needed it explained a different way, but Kate's ability to speak to other adults like they ARE adults is severely lacking.

    Bruno and Carrie Anne need to chill about Nicole, seriously. It's not THAT good. (And for all the whining about getting this "contemporary song"'s "SOS"? Yeah, the band's rendition sucked, but it's a pretty decent swing/jive.)
  11. DancinDrea19

    DancinDrea19 New Member

    kate.kate.kate. OHHH NOO.....i have no words really...she was hopping around like the easter

    nicole=i was amazed for the 2nd week. wow!

    I thought that erin and jake were decent along with chad.

    anyone notice how many times brooke says support in her interviews? aghh
  12. New in NY

    New in NY New Member

    Brooke ... the poor woman needs some SUPPORT from the producers. The spot must have been a very coveted job given how high the ratings are for the show. I am still mystified as to why they hired her.
  13. New in NY

    New in NY New Member

    Dresses - Yes, Cheryl's was strange, Ashley's was bland, Edyta's was pretty as was Pamela's.
  14. RickRS

    RickRS Member

    Kate's & Tony's meltdown is getting the press, but Aiden's & Edyta's drama was a close second. Put my favorite for early exit in a three way tie: Kate or Aiden for all the drama they are causing, and Buzz because it's clear he'll always be dead last for dancing skills in this group.
  15. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I cannot imagine Kate staying. Unless it's a 'shocking' elimination of Aiden instead. Buzz has 700,000 followers on Twitter, I don't think he's going anywhere for a while. (Plus--for a G-C Pre Bronze, he wasn't bad, while Kate L-A2 Newcomer was :eek:.) We could easily lose Kate, Aiden, and whassisface from the Bachelor first. And Shannon. I keep forgetting she's even on the show and that is NEVER a good sign.

    I'm hoping for a shocking elimination of Nicole sooner rather than later.
  16. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    Haha this was priceless :D
  17. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    Hey, this is basically pro-am on a REALLY expensive scale...I calls 'em like I sees 'em.
  18. DanceJoy

    DanceJoy Member

    What does the G stand for in G-C? I have never done pro-am so am really unfamiliar with the classifications. I figured out that A-2 meant "Adult" and "class 2" (as in older than class 1) but whenever I try to imagine what G-C could mean I keep getting stuck thinking that G stands for "Geriatric"... which I know cannot be right... LOL
  19. debmc

    debmc Well-Known Member

    I thought Nicole was terrific, but on her websites and in past interviews she does say she has had extensive dance training. It kind of stacks the comp in her favor when she shows up having such a strong dance background, though she is the most enjoyable to watch because of that.

    I felt bad for Kate as she is the only one who is probably not used to being a performer in front of a crowd.
  20. Another Elizabeth

    Another Elizabeth Active Member

    G stands for "Gentleman", and C stands for "old". :)

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