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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by LucyDiamond, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. LucyDiamond

    LucyDiamond Active Member

    The dances for this week are:

    Buzz Aldrin & Ashley Costa - Waltz
    Pamela Anderson & Damian Whitewood - Paso Doble
    Erin Andrews & Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Waltz
    Kate Gosselin & Tony Dovolani - Paso Doble
    Evan Lysacek & Anna Trebunskaya - Quickstep
    Niecy Nash & Louis Van Amstel - Waltz
    Chad Ochocinco & Cheryl Burke - Paso Doble
    Jake Pavelka & Chelsie Hightower - Quickstep
    Nicole Scherzinger & Derek Hough - Quickstep
    Aiden Turner & Edyta Sliwinska - Quickstep

    I'm hearing this is story week where they have to tell a story with their dance. Should be interesting. Is there a way to incorporate the moon walk in a waltz for Buzz? :lol:
  2. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Go, Pam!!!

    I'm rooting for Pamela!!!
  3. Another Elizabeth

    Another Elizabeth Active Member

    I'm very curious to see how this "story" thing goes. Len was pretty clear that he wants the dance to tell the story, not the faffing around and props. I'm very curious to see the choreography that results. I think a few of these pros will have no idea how to make a dance tell a story without grafting on props, and others will really rise to the challenge. Louis' tweets have been intriguing - apparently he and Niecy are dedicating their dance to Richard and Mildred Loving.
  4. Another Elizabeth

    Another Elizabeth Active Member

  5. DanceJoy

    DanceJoy Member

    OK here is what I was thinking:

    Evan Lysacek - I was impressed... he pulled it together from what I saw in his rehearsal footage. Len was right, he still needs to work on the feet... Len also didn't mention that there was about a mile between them... but seriously, I was super duper impressed with what he did with broken toes. I loved the story too; they really sold the program. I wonder how the rest of the dances match up. I also appreciate the obvious respect Evan shows Anna.

    Buzz - poor Buzz!! So frustrated.... heck, for 80, he's doing darn well!!! I have to admit, his dancing was not that good, but he is very endearing. Can I just say, his wife has got some serious plastic surgery. I don't know why Len is upset that the routine was simple... at least they were doing real waltz steps and I don't think that Buzz could fudge his way through open steps without being seriously injured.

    Jake - I understand his frustration with the quickstep... it is a hard dance to learn!!! Yikes.. more drama!!! I liked their dance, however... He is not very coordinated, but he sure looks happy to be on the floor!! He definitely sold that performance.. I really enjoyed it!!!

    Niecey - awwwwwwww... tear jerker!!! she and Louis seem to have such a wonderful relationship... there were a lot of profound moments in their rehearsal footage. Len was right, her technique was dismal but the performance was incredible!! Niecey is not the best dancer... I am not sure that Louis will be able to pull a Kelly this year. However, I will keep voting for them because I want to see more Niecey Nash!! It was nice to see her be so serious and thoughful and not funny. Wow, Louis was really pushing the gay marriage issue... good for him for not backing down on public television and trying to inspire people not to be closeminded.

    Chad was soooooo much better this week!!! Someone should glue Bruno's rear end to that chair... boy, sit your bottom down!!!!

    OMG I have become such a fan of Pamela... she seems like she is genuinely enjoying this whole process. Her dancing tonight was so-so (maybe CAI was right that she went in with too much aggression and threw herself off), but still, much better than I expected coming into this competition!! She does a great job portraying characters. I will send a few votes her way and hope she stays on!!!

    Why is Edyta always nekkid??? LOL!! Also, Aiden Turner cannot dance... poor boy. OMG the singer was having some problems... it was like he started going through puberty in the middle of the performance *squeaky* I haven't really been paying attention to the judges' scores all night, but he seemed to be a little overscored... I cannot really compare to what scores other people received though.

    It is really hard to dance blindfolded and Erin did a great job. She was a little backweighted but her dress was gorgey!! I didn't really watch that much of her performance because my thesis is more important.

    Kate was not as painful as last week... I mean she tried to get the emotion and she was not as epically horrible as last week. The dancing was not good... and the baring of the teeth was a little odd. She looked like she was going to punch one of the judges in the face during their critique!!! And stop whining about paparazzi, woman, you brought that upon yourself. OMG can you imagine if she makes it through to the group dances??? LOL there will be some fights!

    Nicole.... Okay the performance was incredible, and the fun stuff they did side by side was so great. That being said, I remember when Shawn and Mark got slammed for doing a quickstep that broke hold (quickstep is not a smooth dance). Derek and Nicole did the same thing and were rightfully criticized for it. I am not sure why Derek and Mark even make the decision to break that rule when they KNOW they are gonna get in trouble for it. 8 and 9 were TOO high for a dance that broke that many rules... I mean, Bruno scored her the same as Evan and he actually did a legit quickstep. 6 might have been a little brutal, but they broke rules and should be rightfully punished for it. However, I still have to say, their dance was pretty awesome... it just was not a quickstep. She also really didn't try to get the frame that much... they just took too many liberties and it is too bad because it could have been stellar. It just seemed like they added these flashy elements to hide her lack of technique rather than using her clear dancing talent to build up technique. That being said, I just know that people are going to flip their little selves out on all those random blogs and what not.

    Finally, Brooke was MUCH better this week. I wasn't as embarrassed for her. I am not even going to COMMENT on some of the music choices tonight... sometimes I was just like, "why pick that song?????? WHY WHY WHY" Also, not going to comment on the quality of some of these renditions... needless to say, all of the ear bleach in the world will not help me erase some of that butchering that went on.
  6. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Kate needs to grow up and realize that there are consequences to your actions.
    Evan was cute. Nieci was a bit ackward, but not bad. Nicole needs to quit whining. If it's too hard for you, I'm sure the world would go on without you on this show.
  7. DancinDrea19

    DancinDrea19 New Member

    yahh the music choices?!?!

    A paso to meet me halfway...did not work for me. The first time I've heard fergie for a paso ;)
  8. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    DancinDrea19: It's a DWTS tradition!
  9. Mary See

    Mary See New Member

    I'm definitely rooting for Nicole! I know, I know...she's already a professional dancer...but so what!? She's great:)
  10. hereKittyKitty

    hereKittyKitty Administrator Staff Member

    Me Too..though I have to agree with Len. That wasn't exactly a quickstep tonight. But, I'm a huge musical fan and besides, it was a Cole Porter song. Still, not a quickstep though:(
  11. soshedances

    soshedances Active Member

    Agree. I so wanted them to do a great *actual* quickstep. Though I loved the routine, I was disappointed that Derek decided to ignore the rules, again.
  12. Merrylegs

    Merrylegs Well-Known Member

    I missed all of the dancing last night, I'm so bummed! Everytime I switched to ABC it was a commercial or someone had just finished dancing. Can I find the videos on Youtube?
  13. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    You should be able to by now. Sometimes they get yanked for TOS violations but someone else will usually upload it again.
  14. ireniecat

    ireniecat New Member

    The full episodes are on ABC's website. That's really been the main reason I'm watching this season... slow at the office :)
  15. nimmity

    nimmity New Member

    It'll all be on hulu in a day or so too
  16. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    I have one question. Last night, Sheryll taught the paso as bull and matador. She said the dance is about conquering the bull. In Europe, we qwere always taught that it is the matador and his cape. The male being the matador, and woman being the cape that he works with. Which is it?
  17. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Paso Doble

    I was taught (in Texas) and have read that the man is the matador and the woman is the cape. But this does not rule out, in the figurative sense, that a bull is getting conquered, sambanada! (By the man and woman as matador and cape!) :)
  18. danceronice

    danceronice Well-Known Member

    I was taught that the woman can be the cape, the bull, or a shadow matador, depending on the steps being danced.
  19. Ray Sison

    Ray Sison New Member

    Interesting! Thanks for that, danceronice!
  20. Kits

    Kits New Member

    o dear god I Hope kate leaves soon.

    I really liked Nicole's quick step. That looked fun.

    So with me being new to ballroom and all I had no idea that lifts are a big no no. I wonder why?

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