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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by LucyDiamond, May 10, 2010.

  1. jerseydancer

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    do they have better standard pros in UK or better stars, i love this foxtrot, and i took a look at many others in strictly come dancing, all standard danced in close contact, and all international style, versus in US - standard is all american style or more like jazz
  2. gingerbread

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    On Tuesday, when it was announced that Niecy was going and Chad staying, it looked as though he almost broke down from emotion. Did others see what was going on?
  3. I guess too many formations can get a bit cheesy but isn't the point of formation teams to dance while switching around in shapes, hence the name? I didn't think Purdue lacked the formation, just thought they should have switched it earlier as CAI said.

    Does anyone know how many teams there will be?
  4. Yes! I've always thought so!!! I don't think it has to do with the pros, it's more related to what the audience craves imo. I feel ballroom is a more prestigious sport in the UK (just my own generalization) and the quality of dancing is more important. However in the US, it's all about the show.

    As a Pro-Am dancer, after doing that in the US and now having relocated, I feel the same about that category of dance as well.
  5. Purr

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  6. TinyDancer109

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    Agreed. It's even made obvious by the title of the show, "strictly come dancing". AKA please no gimmicks, tricks, etc.
  7. nimmity

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    There is a definate difference in the audience requirements on SCD. The british are less interested in flashy choreography and far more keen on seeing simple routines done well.
    The pros get pulled apart by the judges if they hide behind props/theatre numbers too much and the same is clear from the audience votes.
  8. TAK

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    If you think about the fact that Len judges both shows, it's no surprise that he hates the gimmicks on DWTS...
  9. TinyDancer109

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    did not know this
  10. Ray Sison

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    Me neither. That's interesting...
  11. danceronice

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    So does Bruno. They commute when both shows are filming at the same time.

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