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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by pygmalion, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Everywhere I look, I find ballroom CD's claiming to cover the essentials of ballroom music -- usually some foxtrots and waltzes, with a couple other dances thrown in for good measure. If you put together your own "essential" ballroom collection, what would be in it?
  2. Adwiz

    Adwiz New Member

    I just love the music for all 10 ballroom dances so much, I'd have a hard time choosing. I suppose if I had 20 songs to choose from they would include 1 Paso and 2-3 of everything else.

    Since I use iTunes and have a pretty extensive collection of about 1,000 ballroom dance tunes already, I have many different playlists including some "DJ" lists that are organized into two-song groupings for each dance.

    For Standard music, I just love the authentic old sounds of Al Martino, Nat King Cole, Ella and Bobby Darrin. For Latin music, I prefer the more recent artists with authentic Latin flavoring whenever possible.
  3. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    For foxtrots, right now I really enjoy Bryan Ferry.
    He has a great album full of foxtrots that have a rather old, romantic, sentimental sound.
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    George Michael has a couple nice foxtrots. And cha chas, come to think of it. I'll watch the DVD and post song titles.

    Stay away from the Rod Stewart CD of standards, though. The tempi are all over the place -- hard to dance to, IMHO.
  5. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    my completely twisted dance music collection

    In addition to the ballroom-specific discs that are out there, I tend to try to mix in a lot of recognizable music. I can't really export my playlist on my computer... haven't figured it out yet.

    George Michael (if you're referring to the guy who used to be with Wham!): I guess you're thinking "Kissing a Fool", which could be a foxtrot I guess. But I do like "Father Figure" as a rumba. I also have a real affinity for the music of Sting and have been playing many of my favorite songs of his as rumbas (When We Dance... 6 minutes!) I also like Elton John's "Sacrifice" as a faster American-style rumba. I think you detect a pattern, though I have others that I also like out there (instrumental version of "In Da Club" by 50 cent for WCS... boy, did I get looks for playing that).

    I agree with the Rod Stewart opinion though. I do have Storytellers Anthology from him, which includes "This Old Heart of Mine", but that might be the only song of his I may use at a dance.
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Here's a link which names George Michael songs with the proper dances (some instrumental covers :cry: )

    I'd add "Outside" a hustle and "Fast Love" a cha cha. And, for American style, I'd substitute bolero where this list says rumba.

    My first dance teacher was totally obsessed with George Michael. I mean down to fantasies about meeting him. So we danced to at least three George Michael songs every forty minute lesson. George Michael has made some good dance music. It's been a year and a half since I saw that teacher. I really miss that guy, but at least I still have the George Michael DVD and CD's. :D
  7. Neil

    Neil Member

    I tought that "Breathless" by the Coors was very good for Hustle. "Game of Love" was nice for Cha-cha. "Follow Me" by Uncle Kracker made a nice slow West Coast Swing.

    Whoops, you're talking about ballroom music. "Sam" by Olivia Newton John and "Dancing Like Lovers" by Mary MacGregor are the good old standby's for Waltz. I can't think of anything good for Tango.
  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    That's the problem, Neil. Why does everybody think milque toast when they think ballroom? There's no reason why ballroom music can't be interesting.
  9. Neil

    Neil Member

    You don't find those Waltz songs interesting?
  10. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    No. No offense. I thought those were great waltzes. Maybe I misunderstood or was using a different definition of ballroom than you. "Ballroom" people here do hustle, cha cha, WCS, and lots of other dances, not just waltz.
  11. rebounder

    rebounder New Member

    La Valse D'amelie vw
    fever sf
    inmigrante - tanghetto t
    libertango - bond t
  12. kimV6

    kimV6 New Member

    for standard, mine would be (assuming three of each dance):

    Hayley Westerna - Dark Waltz
    Any semi-modern version of Appassionata (originally by Secret Garden)
    Hollywood Movie Strings - Brothers (Theme From Pearl Harbor)
    El Tango de Roxanne
    Tango from Cirque de Soleil
    Carlos Ortega - Argentino Paso
    VWaltz from Moi Laskoviy I Nezhniy Zver
    Valse de Amelie
    Theme from Papillon
    Eva Cassidy - Wade in the Water
    Michael Buble - Fever
    Gloria Lynne - Speaking of Happiness
    Paul Anka - Wonderwall
    Van Alexander - Let's Get Together
    Any moderate-tempo version of Sing, Sing, Sing (I wanted to be Benny Goodman for a time)

    and since my opinion on latin is less stringent, i'll go with just my favorite round
    Celia Cruz - Rie y Llora
    King Africa - E-O-Zumba-E
    Ana Belen and Victor Manuel - No Se Por Que Te Quiero
    Espana Cani (you know, the one version that sounds different than the others :p)
    The Powder Blues - Thirsty Ears

    i clearly put way too much thought into this. it's either that or study for my exam tomorrow.
  13. gclarke

    gclarke New Member

    What practice music would you guys suggest for a beginner learning social foxtrot? I understand it's likely to be slower tham the standard foxtrot?
  14. Pirate Smith

    Pirate Smith Member

    Tango of the Roses.. it is now an obsession.........OK.. ever since I found out that the orginal Tango .. in the original movie version of the " Mummy" was the song "Tango of the Roses".. I just can't keep from collecting different versions.. the only problem is.. I can't find the James Last version... does anyone know where he recorded it.. or can post a link.. Thank you Pirate Smith

    by the way.. a great.. and I really think it is great newer Tango.. is on Mario Frangoulis's album.. the only draw back I have found, here in Amurika.. that they don't like that it is in Greek.. very narrow minded.. check it out.. I think you will like it... Thx Pirate Smith
  15. White Chacha

    White Chacha Active Member

    Oh dear. I'm afraid I think Breathless makes only a marginal hustle at best.
  16. Pirate Smith

    Pirate Smith Member

    gclarke..may I respectfully suggest... "Dream A Little Dream of Me... by Laura Fygi"... or.. " In a Mellow Manhattan Transfer".. or " Beyond the Sea.. by George Benson".... I find they give me time to still think about what I have to lead next... ROTFL..........I also like " Lullaby in Rythm.. M. Feinstein".. just some thoughts... Pirate Smith
  17. gclarke

    gclarke New Member

    Many thanks for those. I do like that Laura Fygi version - not heard it before. Sorry for the late reply - just back of hols.


  18. BasicsFirst

    BasicsFirst New Member

    OK, 99.9% of the time I don't care for "pop music" (loosely termed) subbed in for ballroom music, BUT my one exception is "Charmed Life" by Diana Krall as a foxtrot. BTW, your social foxtrot music for practice IMO doesn't have to be slower than normal.
  19. gclarke

    gclarke New Member

    Lol - I think 'pop music' is very loosely termed there. Thanks for that though.

    I guess I was just quoting what I've read but I'm not too bothered about being purist about bpm etc.

    Personally I like faster better in most things. Currently I am so excited that our instructor has decided to spend more time on his teaching so now we can do medals and get private lessons.

    Now we abandon the rock and roll for a faster jive. I love it but my husband is going to find the speed harder I think - stiff ankles!


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