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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Medira, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    You know, after reading that, I'd be inclined to kick my husband off the sofa right now and invite you over *LOL*

    (just kidding...but you're going to be a catch for someone!)
  2. :lol:

    thanks mambo :wink:

  3. All I ever wanted
    All I ever needed
    Is here in my arms.

    Words are very...unneccessary
    They can only do harm.

    To your point; Ms Sunlight, yes words have been spoken off the dancefloor in one case, but there again flirting can transform into the form of words. Strumming your heartstrings.
  4. huey

    huey New Member

    I used to always break hold when a teacher was explaining something in a group class, so that I could concentrate on what the teacher was saying, and allow my partner to do the same. These days though, I sometimes like to maintain a light hold by keeping my arm on her back. I like the relaxed, physical feeling of being with my partner, and I usually feel in response that she is happy to stay connected with me. I like to keep the connection really relaxed, so that we can both pay attention to what the teacher is saying.
  5. huey

    huey New Member

    I agree with your partner. As I said on a thread about having fun recently, I notice the energy from my partner (another word for energy is attitude).

    I would say the relative importance of attributes that I look for in a partner are 70% attitude and 30% technique.
  6. huey

    huey New Member

    Yes, I've learned that too :wink:

    I think if you're interested in getting to know someone off the dance floor, you have to talk to them away from it.
  7. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    I find it much too easy. I have almost been scared about this "falling-in-love-for three-minutes-effect". Scared of loosing controll. Scared of letting something happen I don't want to happen (I'm happily married).

    After one year at the salsascene I've started to get used. Not used....but experienced enough for understanding that the magic disappears the moment we leave the dancefloor. (Someone here at DF used these words when I was confused about a few meetings at the dancefloor. A very wise person.)

    But I still get the same kick out of these "loveaffairs". It is almost like a fix.

    Last time it happened was this friday. A guy I've seen for ten months and I have heard how excellent dancer he is. But I have never dared to invite him for a dance although we have chatted a lot.

    This night we danced and danced. We had a really good time. And this dancer is that kind of dancer that express himself and his adoration to women in a very sensitive and "excessive" way. It was like playing a game on the dancefloor. A drama about passion and obsession. But in a gentle, artistic and sensitive way.

    Nothing more happened. No misunderstandings. (I knew this guy was this kind of dancer...I've seen him so many times.) The magic disappeared the moment we left the dancefloor. But I still live on the memories and will probably do so for a few more days....

    Go for it! Look at it as an artistic expression. A drama in real life. A bit scary but safe. This is a game!

  8. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    I now recall a discussion we had about right and left part of the brain (and beeing an artist). Perhaps your controlling part - the left side - controlls too much when you do partnerwork. When your are alone - as an artist or dancing solo or in a group - it may be easier for you to express yourself.

    Let go...just jump and shut your eyes. It is like the thrill you get when you for the first time jumps from a 10 meter high cliff rigth into the sea. I think you will like it. But you have to realize that you cannot controll whats happening. You just have to give in and follow that other person. Perhaps a complete stranger. Soon you get used and start to enjoy the drama or the poetry that is created wen dancing.

  9. Medira

    Medira New Member

    I remember that discussion too...I'm an engineer with an art degree, so finding that balance is often interesting for me. I don't know that it's that so much as the fact that giving control to somebody else scares the absolute bejeezus out of me.

    As a former platform diver, I know the feeling you describe. It's giving in to somebody else that I'm having trouble with. I need to get over that fear when I'm in somebody else's arms.
  10. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    i just well.. 'let go' i guess.. easiest best feeling in the world
  11. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

    Wow, Depeche younger days....
    But this is a later song of theirs. They have another one that goes

    The grabbing hands
    Grab all they can

    Were they referring to flirticious leaders?
  12. JupitersStorm

    JupitersStorm New Member

    I'm a teenager, so it is harder for me to 'fall in love' with older people for it is quite improper to flirt with strange (or even not so strange) older men. But I do have a teenage partner who is a year younger than I am and I have taken the whole falling in love thing a bit two far (does a crush for 2 years count for anything?)

    When I am with him or another teenager I get into position and take a deep breath and consintrate on the feeling of his hand on my back and how safe it is. I remind myself to pay attention to him and let everything else out of my mind. My only problem is i forget to smile because I am paying so much attention to my partners movements.

    As a follower I think the best way you can 'fall in love' is just to follow, dont do set patterns and all that jazz, just let him place you, since i feel that shows your trust in him and trust is a form of love. Unless I am just a hormonally charged teen. That could be it. :D
  13. Wow, Depeche younger days....
    But this is a later song of theirs. They have another one that goes

    The grabbing hands
    Grab all they can

    Were they referring to flirticious leaders?[/quote]

    Very observant re: Depeche Mode. I love dancing to their music. Never tried doing any partner dancing to their stuff, but I bet it would be fun.

    re: the grabbing hands, grab all they can. It sounds familiar, but I can't think of what song it is. I would guess that they weren't talking about dancing on that one! :lol:
  14. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

    It's from "Everything counts", a song that begins with a kind of industrial hammer sound.

    The handshake seals the contract
    From the contract there's no turning back
    The turning point of a career
    In Korea being insincere
    The holiday was fun-packed
    The contract still intact

    The grabbing hands grab all they can
    All for themselves - after all
    The grabbing hands grab all they can
    All for themselves - after all
    It's a competitive world
    Everything counts in large amounts

    The graph on the wall
    Tells the story of it all
    Picture it now
    See just how
    The lies and deceit gained a little
    More apower
    Confidence - taken in
    By a suntan and a grin

    Everything counts in large amounts.
  15. I recogonize it now.
  16. Medira

    Medira New Member

    That's what I'm working toward. Letting go and losing that control while I'm in somebody's arms is what freaks me right out. I think I'm getting a little bit better though.

    BTW Sabor, your current avatar looks so much like a friend of mine that it has me doing a double take every time I see it.

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