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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Mladenac, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Fabulous! Those guys are smooooth ...
  5. TinyDancer109

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    Fabulous!! that was wonderful! :)

    Is that the normal hold in advanced argentine tango??? In my limited experience from crossing over from smooth and rhythm, i've been taught to have a closer embrace with my hand reaching to the leader's opposite shoulder...
  6. Subliminal

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    They are dancing very big and open sometimes, so he is leading her to slide out farther for some moves. Opposite shoulder sounds too restrictive, but I suppose it depends on the height difference between you and your partner.
  7. Peaches

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    Oh, wow. So beautiful, so smooth.

    Realizing as I say this that I'm nowhere near that level, I think I'd have liked to have seen some more variation. Some walking and simplicity. But, that said, what they did was gorgeous.

    I assume you're talking about the lady's left arm? Assuming that's the case, the left arm goes wherever it needs to, or wherever is comfortable, to not interfere with movement and allow the lady to do what she needs to do. As Sub said, this was being led in an open embrace with a lot of big(er) nuevo movements, so the arms "slide out" to allow that to happen. A lot of time that means the woman's left hand will be on/around the man's right bicep.

    In close embrace the arm...I guess tends to be more wrapped around. It won't be on his arm, for sure. But it can range from being on his right side/right side of back, to along his spine, to wrapped around to the left side of his back, to along to his far (left) shoulder, to around his neck. I know I'll use several of those all within the course of the same dance. It has to do with comfort. (Well, and there are some quasi-minor advantages of some over others. Around the neck is VERY intimate IMO; along the spine provides an additional source of information about what he's doing with his body, if you're able to receive and process it.)
  8. TinyDancer109

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    Oooh thank you!! that clarifies a lot, subliminal and peaches! :)
  9. Mladenac

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    Sth to add to great peaches post from men's point of view.

    Everything is led from the men's torso, you must put your left arm somewhere.
    You put it what feels more relaxing regarding what your partner is leading and how he is holding you.
    You should also consider height difference; if he is to tall for you should try to put around his neck because your shoulder will be tilted.
    your shoulder shouldn't be tilted cause of your balance during circular movements.

    Your embrace should be as light as possible so you can be less tensed and your embrace couldn't influence your balance and partner's balance.
    Lighter balance means also less tension in shoulder and better receiving what partner is leading, and if i forgot to write it less influence on dancers balance.
    Also it is easier to combine open and close embrace, and slight variations between them.
    Some people have problems with light embrace cause they are tensed and can't feel the partner.
  10. Angel HI

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    It is fun to watch, and they are good at it. However, TD109, do not try to learn or even copy this. It is not social dance. Keep doing what you are doing to learn good basics, and save this stuff for playing around.
  11. Mladenac

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    It should be:

    Lighter embrace means also less tension in shoulder and better receiving what partner is leading, and if i forgot to write it less influence on dancers balance.
  12. TinyDancer109

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    thanks all :)
  13. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    I saw them live and had workshops with them :rocker:

    They did following: gancho in circular close embrace volcada

    for TD:

    strength of embrace vary during the dance.
    When simple things is led that very light embrace is good.
    During the giros embrace tends to go off a little, with putting shoulder forward.
    In more complex figures embrace can be quite stiff so to suppress your energy and the release it e.g. when leading boleo or gancho.

    These are advanced topics, so for now you do not need them.

    F&I combine open and close embrace dancing (Tango salon)

    maybe you saw milonguero style

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