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Discussion in 'Videos' started by Mladenac, Apr 15, 2010.

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  3. Mladenac

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    I prefer professional couples that dance not perform.
    I adore how F&I depict songs and the fluidity through space and softness of their movements especially circular ones..
    S&M have too sharp movements, it seems to mechanical to me.
  4. Angel HI

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    Her's something interesting. Why did I like the tango very much, but the waltz is just.... ok.
  5. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    You lack empathy.

    Steps to like their vals.
    1. listen to the song several times (try eyes closed), and really listen to the song.
    2. watch the performance again, try to find what dancers hear in that song
  6. dchester

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    All the videos were dance performances, so I don't understand your point. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you like, and F&I's dances matched the style of the music well, but so did S&M. IMO, if the style of the music is different, that can facilitate a different style in the dance.
  7. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    What is the vals that you are referring to?
  8. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    I found this post to be rather bizarre. IMO, you lack an understanding of how different people have different things that they like and dislike. There's is nothing wrong with what you, Jantango, Mario, or anyone else likes. However if others like or dislike something different, it's foolish to claim they are lacking in empathy (or whatever). We have all had different life experiences.
  9. Mladenac

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    This vals
  10. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    That post was based on this great documentary:

    How people listening to the music should also watch performers how they experience that music
  11. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    It goes with my personal preference of dancing AT.

    If I am to stiff and have sharp movements I don't feel like I am dancing, more than I am exercizing.
    And S&M tend to even accencuate those sharp movements.
    IMO They bring too much of athletisism into the dance.
  12. jantango

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    Belgrade Encuentro videos

    Naveira and Muzzupasso are young, trained dancers who put on a lovely show in foreign countries. What they do requires technical skills and a flexible body to execute those movements. They have the entire floor to themselves during an exhibition so they can use the floor in any way they choose without having to be aware of others on the floor.

    This is not the case for social dancing in milongas, Buenos Aires or anywhere. My concern is how these Argentines are presenting their tango to others. People are mainly interested in learning to be good social dancers. It is obvious that what is presented in these videos is something else. They put lots of figures into one tango for exhibition. In the milonga, we dance four tangos in a tanda in limited space. I doubt even Naveira & Muzzopasso could dance four in row like that.

    What foreign dancers are being shown is a stylized dance for exhibition, not the simple one for social dancing where one dances with a variety of partners. The exhibition is by a couple who have danced and taught together for four years. It is nice to see how they interpret a tango, but they selected it before exhibition even though it may have been improvised. There is no space on most floors to dance as they did. Ines would surely have kicked others around her.

    Today I received an email from a young woman in Belgrade, Serbia who has been dancing tango for less than two years. She has attended workshops with young Argentine couples who have visited Belgrade, but told me that the one who she connected with the most was Dany El Flaco Garcia. She had only 20-30 seconds in his embrace, but said the feeling was overwhelming. She will visit BsAs for a month in November and wants to experience dancing with the milongueros.

    There are foreigners who know that there is another tango being danced in Buenos Aires milongas--one with feeling rather than impressive figures.
  13. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    There are people dancing tango who is not over 60, you know.
    So there are people who are willing to put effort to have technical skill and flexible body so they can explore themselves.
    F&I on workshop explain how they perform sth and with practice it can be done.
    Normally they are professionals so they invent sth new, or do some things extraordinary beautiful or in unusual combination.
    If danced the way F&I show you dance impressive figures with feeling (and perfect balance).

    Not all milongas in the world are so crowded that you cannot move.
    There is a lot possibilites in dancing close embrace on milonga concerning the crowd what F&I do on the shows.
    Normally some moves can't be done if the floor is full, but is it always full?
    Good leader makes a space, or cleverly uses a space and make interesting figures while not harming others.

    I was also in Belgrade, and a lady was fascinate by my walk, some other to musicality.
    It is not unusual that beginner followers are "infatuated" in experienced dancers.
    Of course she was overwhelmed, beginner follower with experienced dancer.

    I know Belgrade tango scene very well. I don't want to comment it.

    IMO Going to BsAs while dancing only 2yrs is futile.
    Good for you, you will make some money.

    Tango connection depends on people's energy.
    With some followers I need only an embrace, I do not even to dance, and I feel like I am in heaven.
    And with some good followers I just don't feel dancing.

    The more figures you know the better you can express yourself to the music.
    If not doing inspired by the music you are not dancing tango.
    If danced with follower that cannot perform complex figures, you dance more on music if she is active.
    I always dance with a person, than to the music, and maybe various combination I feel we can perform.

    I have seen them dancing socially with other partner, and you know, nobody had broken leg, or died.
  14. Angel HI

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    We all who know you also know your passion/concern for the authentic tango. We also know very well the difference between an exhibition and that tango which is done at a milonga.

    Hmmm. Interesting. In other threads, you have accused everyone else, esp. the US, of not being interested in learning to be good social dancers. Nice to see that you are beginning to realize that there are many of us outside of Baires who love/live real tango.

    This quote needs to be corrected. Try this..... There are foreigners who know that there is another tango being danced in other milongas around the world--one with feeling rather than impressive figures.
  15. Mladenac

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    evoution is inevitable

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    Am I being stupid? Which video was a waltz tempo?
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    I have discovered on another forum (completely unrelated to dance) that even people who all have English as a 1st language mean different things when they say that someone does or doesn't have empathy.

    So its very possible that Mladenac means something other than what you would assume and it is not as insulting as it sounds in English.

    Empathy is one of those terms that everyone "knows" what it means, but when you probe a little bit, you realize that people don't always "know" the SAME meaning... there's quite a range... even in people who are native English speakers.
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    Oh good... its not just me...
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    Oh... that waltz...
    How did the comments show up before the video?

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