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Discussion in 'Videos' started by bordertangoman, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

  2. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Re: M y D

    I like Detlef´s footwork ! One can find some more vids in higher resolution on their hompepage .


    I´ve already loaded some of them down to have a closer look at their walking and standing.

  3. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    I find myself not sure if i like it or not. It has a Germanic precision which I think draws too much attention to itself and away from Melina's more fluid movements.
  4. Captain Jep

    Captain Jep New Member

    Yes personally I would hope for a few more "show" elements - it's too much like social dancing for my taste .... (obviously I'm not expecting acrobatics but a little bit more "skill" needs to be shown)
  5. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    I know what you mean. At times, it almost looks like he's marching.

  6. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    oh boys, you gave it to me straight :-?
  7. Ampster

    Ampster Active Member

    Detlef & Melina teach (and perform) as if you would be dancing socially. This is their niche. Its what they do.

    Viewing their video, does not show well the subtleties of what they do. One can learn a lot from them, if you have an opportunity to do a workshop.
  8. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

    All the leaders have long hair.
  9. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    I will try to express myself using NVC.

    I would guess that you have heard my comment as a criticsm of your view so I will try to rephrase it:

    when I watch the videos I feel admiration for the skill and musicality of the dancers which meets my needs for aesthetic and quality of dancing. I alwould like to see more spontaneity and fluidity in the dancing.

    having said that Dchester's video his dancing seems softer some of the time.

    I'm sure I could learn a lot from them

    try this for size
    I dont know them but they way they move seems softer on the eye (and heart)

  10. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    No problem, at all !

    May be it´s sometime a bit difficult for me to hear out the suptle shades of humor in a different language, and with people from different countries.

    Concerning "marching": You know, my generation is pacifistically to the bone , by this politically over-correct education in the seventies and eighties in this respect. So pacifistically that there was a international reproval : that we leave the dirty jobs to other nations. But this is changing..

    By the way, what is NVC ?

    Re: "softer"
    Good link and very educational vid, thanks
  11. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    NVC stands for non-violent communication

    a full definition you will find here.

  12. newbie

    newbie Well-Known Member

    Maybe but see, the video has focussed on them, not on the other couples, and therefore they must be better, more showy and skilled than the others.
  13. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    "But that is not logical" Tuvok
  14. Captain Jep

    Captain Jep New Member

    I'm not clear , newbie? Are you English? That was a very British thing to say ... :)
  15. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    perhaps they are tango dancers but not as we know them!!!
  16. bastet

    bastet Active Member

    i think he mentioned a thanks to someone he knew for filming them. The ID for the account appears to be Detlef and Melina's...so of course the focus would be on them...

    I personally like to see the interplay of smaller, more compact elements done nicely...rather than too much showy stuff that you can't use on a packed floor...then it gives you something to work towards in your social dancing. I haven't looked at all their videos, but I didn't dislike the one dchester posted at all.
  17. BlueSkies

    BlueSkies New Member

    Just my opinion, but I thought these videos were great, I love it when instructors do a demonstration where they are dancing in a way that is achievable in a social milonga setting and yet shows their skill through excellent fundamentals. It feels to me like they're practising what they preach/teach and I often find those kinds of demos more inspiring than the more showy ones.

    The video feels like tango distilled to me - down to its crystal clear fundamental elements - a beautiful and graceful promenade with a partner, great variations in step size and energy. I like his precise footwork and the subtlety of the leads he's giving, it's more something to aspire to for me than a showy demo would be, though those can be entertaining to be sure.

    Just my two pennies,
  18. bastet

    bastet Active Member

    exactly so...how many times do you go to workshops and learn (and watch demo's of) fancy stuff you'll hardly ever get to use and so will forget and/or execute poorly due to lack to practice.

    I thoroughly enjoy watching well done social demos. I think it is much more useful to have good social examples to aspire to. I bet it sure would improve the level of social dancing if both leaders and followers worked on good social techniques that they had seen instead of half-baked techniques that they learned one time in a class, thought was dull becasue it was "only social", and then never perfected it because it was so "easy" and proceeded to subject their partners to it on the dance floor.

    However- I will say that microleads and compact social leading that has the same positive "intent" and energy for the follow as a larger lead are not easy, the results may be subtle, but the body control involed is not "easy".

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