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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by jfm, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. opendoor

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    Don´t know how long you are into dancing at all. But in tango it is widely common that also men learn to dance the following role! This habit dates back to the 40s when there was the opposite gender ratio. In the first year every guy had to follow a leader. In the second year the follower became a leader and from the third year on he finally may have got one of that rare female beings for training (if he got one at all).
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  2. opendoor

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    one of my teachers in high heels..
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  3. dchester

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    So the women who dance this style are fine, and it's just the men who are poor in this style, according to your sampling data?
  4. opendoor

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    This seems to be a legitimized question. But I fear you underestimate the fine-tuning of our human system. If we would investigate this question we come to the bottom of the things, of of peace, war and history. So finally I believe, women do decide.
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    and even before the 40s, correct me if I am wrong!
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    very well put, and I am a woman mind you!!!!!!
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  8. Mario7

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    I would never ask a woman who leads to dance..Because, always at some point, she will lead a step, even if it's only for an instant while coming out of an ocho cortado .. the smallest such intrusion will completely ruin the illusion of the dance for me... as would a woman who anticipates a step.
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  9. opendoor

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    I share the same experiences but I also differentiate. I also would not call it intrusion or anticipating, nor even intentional movements. What I clearly sense is when a follower analyzes and interprets the music. That part of cognition seems not to be switched off and works in the back ground. And because people interpret music differently there still drag some milliseconds of admitting and conceding behind. But there are exceptions.

    Think there are round about 80 women in my hometown that are able to lead:

    -professionals that teach either role
    -women that switch roles born of necessity
    -lead-only women.

    And only a really small percentage of the latter group actually show what you have observed.
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    thanks for putting things in perspective. Long before I started leading I was told a thousand times by my pro that anticipation is one of my disadvantages as a follower. I know it has nothing to do with the fact that I learned to lead at the end of my second year because I had that problem from the very begining. As a leader I have to face this problem with my follows and as a follow with my own self; I am a bad dancer but a good student, I tell you that! Thank god, I love to learn and I know only one thing that I know nothing...so, here you are dear Mario7, don't deprive yourself from the opportunity you have to dance with follows in either of the three categories opendoor mentioned!!!
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  11. JohnEm

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    Too much self-conscious thinking going on and maybe, if they are teachers,
    too much judgemental analysis.

    I would be surprised. From years of experience I don't dance
    with ladies who lead in any dance. All the best ladies I know
    have no wish to lead, nor even dance with a woman leader,
    and for me this applies to many dances, not just Tango.
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  12. Lilly_of_the_valley

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    Hey, how come you have danced with me then. :)
    But it is true that while I lead for didactic purposes, I have no desire to lead socially, or dance in the milonga with a woman who leads, for that matter.
  13. JohnEm

    JohnEm Well-Known Member

    You my friend I will always dance with! :)

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