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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Sagitta, Dec 13, 2003.


How often do you go freestyle dancing?

  1. Rarely

  2. About once a week

  3. Couple times a week

  4. I'm addicted

  1. Generalist

    Generalist Active Member

    Your statement is very ridiculous. If freestyle is so difficult why is it that bars are full of these "dancers"; and they have never had a lesson. Most of them have no clue how to do anything more than wiggle their butts and grind their hips. Their most complicated footwork is a step tap, but most of them are stationary. I learned freestyle in about 3 minutes.

    Difficult? Give me a break!
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  2. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Because it is dark over there. You are going to confuse freestyle with no-style dancing. :play:
  3. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    OD beat me to this! Actually, I find the post here, ok, I won't say ridiculous, I'll say uneducated. To quote OD, "Don't confuse freestyle with no-style". No-style is what you are referring to. Freestyle is a system of free-form movements coherently and rhythmically put together to form some sense of musicality to a given song. Just as free-style skating or free-style skiing or other free-style sports require a geat deal of knowledge, so does free-style dance. I recently finished choreographing a comedic routine for a show, and had to explain that it is not just clowning around; that it is far more difficult to do a dance well badly than to do it well. If you learned free-style in about 3 minutes, then I would say either your free-style is very limited, or thank God that you are a dancer, and could assimilate what most bar/club wiggle/grinders haven't a clue of.
  4. Generalist

    Generalist Active Member

    Angel, we are talking about two different dances. I understand what you are talking about -- even the social ballroom I do is "freestyle". I didn't learn any of that in 3 minutes.

    Unfortunately the term has been co-opted to describe the kind of dancing most often found in bars and clubs. It has almost no touching except for crotches and butts, and is only about styling. Most freestyle has little or no footwork beyond a sway or a step tap. Actually it took me 3 months to learn how to do this and get good at it, not 3 minutes (oops!).

    When you say "freestyle" most people will assume my second definition. Like it or not, that's what freestyle means for 99% of the dancing public. Keep your own definition but don't be surprised when people confuse the most popular definition.
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