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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by TemptressToo, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. chachachacat

    chachachacat Well-Known Member

    No, I am that most evil, mysterious and sexy sign, Scorpio!!

    with a Gemini moon and Cancer rising, or the other way around, I forget.
    I have 11 of 12 planets in Water signs - Emotion! :roll:
    And a bunch of other planets in Scorpio. Yikes! :twisted: :wink:
  2. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Sorry, chachachacat, I mistook chiwenl's post (which you quoted) for yours! :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Yeah, I've known a few deep, dark, mysterious Scorpios in my time. One should never confuse a Libra with a Scorpio! That's dangerous :!: :shock:

    Rosa :)
  3. quartertothree

    quartertothree New Member

    state: Virginia
    sign:pieces technically, but according to some things i'm Aquarius.(i'm on the cusp)
    dance: lindy. :D
  4. jjohnjjr

    jjohnjjr New Member

    New York, blue, cats, Picses, Bolero or Paso Doble.

    My wife and I started lessons in Jan 1999 after our only child left for college. We had done square dancing in the past, but quit when we got tired of dealing with who screwed up among the 4 couples in the square. We decided that at least in ballroom dancing, we could duke it out among ourselves. :lol:

    We've taken lessons on and off over the 6 years from a local independent studio and a great owner/teacher couple. I've passed bronze tests in 7 dances (scattered over the American/International/Smooth/Rhythm matrix like buckshot), but I want to keep dancing for enjoyment and relaxation. The studio has a social dance every Friday evening, and it's the best therapy after a week of work... and cheaper than a counselor!
  5. cl5814

    cl5814 New Member

    Yea, agreed that it is cheaper than counseling...... LOL :D :D
  6. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    State of Residence - UK
    Favorite Color - Dark colours.
    Favorite Animal - Flipper
    Zodiac Sign - Fish
    Favorite Dance - Dirty
  7. Axle16th

    Axle16th New Member

    State of Residence -> unknown (on the way to British Columbia)
    Favorite Color -> purple and royal blue
    Favorite animal -> puppies
    Zodiac Sign -> Scorpio
    Favorite Dance - > salsa, tahitian, and dirty dancing.
  8. lujan

    lujan New Member

    State of Residence? New South Wales (in a land downunder).
    Favorite Color? Black.
    Favorite Animal? Dog. (Russian Wolfhounds)
    Zodiac Sign? Cancer
    Favorite Dance? hurmm.

    Irish Set Dancing: The BalleyVourney or the Plain set.
    Irish Step Dancing: St Patrick's Day, or a Fast hard shoe reel.
    Swing: Well I just started so all I know is the charleston :D
  9. Tenshi_no_Pocky

    Tenshi_no_Pocky New Member

    Not to be disclosed. Pink and silver. Bunny rabbit and seahorse. Jazz and lyrical.

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