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    Hello fellow DFers,

    I've started a new series of articles about groove in music and how its lessons can be applied to our dancing. The first two articles are up. Groovology 101 explores the technical definition of groove and how it affects the structure of our dances. Groovology 201 explores the more common way musicians talk about groove, as the life force that brings life to music. Here are the links:

    Groovology 101: Groove in Music and Dance

    Groovology 201: Groove as the Life Force of Music and Dance

    Next up will be three articles that explore groove in greater depth: Finding Groove in the Body, Finding Groove in the Partnership, and Finding Groove in Improvisation. I will post the links once the articles are published online.

    I would love to discuss and/or hear feedback, so please share your thoughts!
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  2. Mr 4 styles

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    Both articles are fantastic i hope everyone on here reads them
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  3. Joy In Motion

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    This morning I published the third article in this series. Here is the link:

    Finding Groove in the Body

    In this article I discuss the importance internalizing the music's pulse, how rhythm creates "body-emotional feelings" of push and pull, and why both control and relaxation are essential to feeling groove in the body. I also include seven specific tips for finding groove in one's dancing. Although it's one of my longer articles, it's divided into sections and includes videos, images, and quotes to make for easier reading.

    If you have any thoughts or feedback, I would love to hear from you. Either way, enjoy!
  4. Very cool - I enjoyed reading both posts. I need a little groove and fun in my life daily...Also impressed by the overall web design
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