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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by pygmalion, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Have you ever thought about giving it all up? I mean, there's so much time, effort, money, practice, disappointments, plateaus, with occasional fun and accomplishment thrown in. have you ever thought about throwing in the towel? Why? What changed your mind?
  2. MadamSamba

    MadamSamba Member

    It's funny you should ask that, Pygmalion. For the first time in a year and a half nearly, I've gone an entire week without salsa, no Argentine Tango, no ballroom, no rock 'n' nothing. My friends keep SMSing me and calling asking if everything's alright!

    It is, but I think my body needed a break for a while. I'm starting again tonight, but I honestly never thought I'd see the day _ especially when I'm used to dancing five, sometimes six times each week _ when I'd rather stay at home.

    I think us dancers get so much joy out of dancing that we sometimes forget the joy to be had in other parts of our lives...I'd certainly forgotten what it was like to have an evening at home or to go out and watch a movie with friends or to channel surf or to simply curl up on the sofa with a good book. I'm so looking forward to dancing tonight, but am really glad I had a week's break.

    I fought it like hell, but I needed it, my feet needed it and my mind needed it. All three are extremely greatful! :lol:
  3. dancin_feet

    dancin_feet New Member

    Give up dancing?? Wash your mouth out!!! :lol:

    Seriously though, I have thought about it, only from a financial aspect though. Then I think to how I felt before I started dancing again and realise that money is not everything, and what is the point of having money sitting in the bank, if I'm not enjoying life?

    I never thought I'd seen the day that I didn't go to dancing, though on Friday night there was a huge storm here (almost cyclone conditions) and I actually stayed at home. Used to be I'd say that nothing would keep me away from dancing, but I think I finally found my limit.
  4. salsachinita

    salsachinita New Member

    My answer: Never again!

    My heart & soul belongs to salsa. Eventhough people you come into contact with in the scene can become the cause of your pain, salsa itself always manifests into some form of salvation.

    But then by remaining IN the scene, you are constantly reminded of, or exposed to, the source of your suffering. So when the opportunity arrives, you leave.

    I did just that. I left the scene to pursue a life without dancing. I wanted to block out that side of my life. I moved in with this guy who kept me from going dancing & banned salsa music in the house :shock: .

    Then slowly, part of my soul dried up. As time went on, my disatisfaction grew stronger. Love alone wasn't enough to keep me going any more. I needed my passion (which is such a large part of me) to be accepted, unconditionally.

    So one day (by then a lot had died between us), I packed up & went on an exile to America. Salsa found me again........and that was when I knew. I could never stay away. Not if I want my heart & soul to be complete.

    When I came back, it took me another two years before I officially made my "return". But that was another story.

    All & all I lost 5 years of dancing. That could be an entire career to some people :!: .

    Now the journey continous. It's not an easy path I've chosen, but in some ways, I think my path has chosen me 8) !
  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Amen to that, salsachinita. 8) :D The dance path has chosen me.
  6. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    Quitting no, but I do wish there was more variety here rather then go to the same place all the time; at times that gets tiring.
  7. tsb

    tsb Well-Known Member

    never. but i never fail to be surprised at how much more enthusiastic i am afterwards if circumstances prompt me to a take a week off.
  8. I love this question. My answer comes from a personal aspect (which overlaps with a bunch of things). But basically I wasn't sure if I wanted to compete this year because no one wanted to dance with me. So yeah, I was ready to give up.

    But one day, my friend paired me up with someone who has 8 years experience. He became my new partner and we work very well together. So I guess that kinda saved me from giving up.

    Little does have to do with time commitment and money. But I'm not worried about that.
  9. danceguy

    danceguy New Member

    As a relative new dancer (7 months counting my Ballroom escapades), this question goes through my mind fairly often. Pygmalion said something once that really touched me when she mentioned that I appeared to have a love/hate relationship with Salsa...showing that I was definitely hooked and sometimes the things that we hold dearest can break our hearts.

    And she was right...I've had my ups and downs...but I look at myself during the last weeks. I've been really sick...but it didn't keep me away from dancing. In fact when my life has gotten rough in the past few months, dancing is what has kept me going.
    The main reason that I've wanted to quit is closely tied with the reason I got into dancing in the first place: romance! I got into dance to try and impress a lady, and the few times I've wanted to leave had to do with me falling for a girl who didn't share the sentiment.

    But I've never acted upon my desire to quit. Whenever I imagine my life without dancing...I feel very sad. I also look at how it has changed me...I'm much more outgoing and social towards others...this is something that is my life now...and like anything relationship, there will be ups and downs.

    So, I'm learning and growing with dancing...and living it the best I can. I don't see myself quitting anytime in the near future...although I have strongly considered moving to a place that has more dance venues available. ;)


  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Never thought of quitting. I am managing better without dancing then I thought I would these past few days, due to circumstances. Hope to check out this couple that I've heard teaches salsa in Panjim, Goa and then hopefully get the "dirt" on dancing in Goa...
  11. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    quit? .. hmm.. dont think thats possible.. short of having a crippling accident.. that may stop me on the physical sense.. but since my heart and soul are the real dancers.. cant stop even if i wanted to 8) :D
  12. peachexploration

    peachexploration New Member

    I hear you SG. Sometimes, the Salsa world can be rough emotionally. You're dealing with people from different perspectives, dislikes, walks of life, etc., etc. etc. and at anytime and any moment, anything can happen. You have to be constantly aware that other people's behavior can easily ruin your enjoyment of dance if you're not careful. I'm considering moving myself so I can definitely identify. So, you're right, hang in there and keep growing and dancing. :D
  13. KevinL

    KevinL New Member

    Yes, I've considered quitting, but only when contemplating moving to a new state.

    Could I actually give it up? I doubt it, especially since I know how to teach other people, and I could always build a new community no matter where I move.

    I'm even considering "retireing" (in another 30 years) to a cruise line so I can dance the rest of my life away (another 30 years after that). I think that's a good plan.

  14. msc

    msc New Member

    Oh yes.

    I started taking lessons with my current instructor.
  15. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I thought about it yesterday, then the day before, then last Friday, then on Thursday, then on Wednesday, then Tuesday, then . . . well, you get the picture.

    I think many of us - who have danced for many years and especially for those that have and still compete - from time-to-time, think about quitting. And probably, many have . . . just because they haven't "won" that elusive "top prize." I personally know someone near and dear to me in this aspect . . .

    Most things today, require time, effort, money, and many things need to be practiced. Most everything has its disappointments, which of course, reaching a "plateau" in dancing would be a disappoinment in itself to me.

    That's why we keep turning to new dances . . . . new teachers . . . new venues . . . new music . . . and sometimes new faces. Dancing is "fun," and an "accomplishment" on it's own. Keeping it fun and remembering to do that is what will keep you dancing, and not giving it up.
  16. Bronzestudent

    Bronzestudent New Member

    I have not actually quit dancing since I've started taking privates. There was that 7 or 8 month period of time after I graduated that I didn't go to dances or take lessons.

    In college, I took 2 semesters of group classes. Towards Christmas time (7 or 8 months after graduation), I decided to go to one of their regular practice dances, and that's when I got back into it. I missed dancing, and it is so challenging, fun, and physical, you can't easily just leave it if you feel called back to it. You could say I hooked myself, and it gets better and better all the time!

    When I feel I need some time off, I take it. But just stopping it, hard to imagine! Maybe some day, but only for a very good reason, a reason so good that I wouldn't even truly miss dance. Wherever your treasure is, your heart is there too, and dancing is not my treasure.
  17. ShyDancer

    ShyDancer New Member

    A short and sweet answer...


    Nothing has made me even think about it at this stage! I couldnt imagine even contemplating not dancing, the thought strikes fear in my little heart!

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