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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Titania, Feb 24, 2006.

  1. Indiana_Jay

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    It just occurred to me that Fascination will be proud of how discreetly we've managed to discuss this potentially prurient subject!
  2. samina

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    IJ, i was reflecting on exactly the same thing!

    i'm quite impressed with ourselves, actually:cool:
  3. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    never heard this saying. is it for you real, cornutt? makes sense to me, definitely...
  4. DWise1

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    Start with Balboa Nation at

    It originated in Southern California circa the 1930's -- some stories tie its origin to the Balboa Pavillion in Newport Beach (and the near-by Rendezvous Ballroom which burned down for the last time in the early 60's), other stories to a dance venue in San Diego's Balboa Park. It returned to popularity with the Lindy revival of 1990's and is danced world-wide now.

    From the "Balboa is ... " page at
    In practice nowadays, Lindy dancers will switch back and forth between Lindy and Bal in the same dance, usually using Bal in order to rest. One summer at the county fair, Wartime Radio Revue was playing Sing, Sing, Sing and one couple was dancing to it. Now, the standard recording of the song is about 8 minutes long and pretty soon we could see the pain radiating from the girl's face, so they started slipping into and out of Bal in order to make it through the whole song.

    As I understand, some of the original Balboa dancers are still around and dancing at Bobby McGee's in Brea. That's according to, though the contact info is 10 years old.

    Echoing the discussions in this thread about relative heights, there was a Balboa t-shirt showing a short man dancing Bal with a tall woman. The caption read "Balboa Rocks!". The shirt is discontinued, but I have the graphic somewhere. Now that I have a scanner, I'll need to post it some time.

    BTW, it does take beginners a while to get used to the close chest contact. Though most of the complaints I've heard are from the women complaining that the guys keep backing away. They actually need that body contact or else they can't feel the lead.



    A really good demo video of Bal Swing, but with plenty of pure Bal, is "Randy and Kara Balboa Demonstration" at . It's on YouTube, but I don't know how to grab the URL.
  5. cornutt

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    Well, I do American style, but the same principle mostly applies. A couple does rhythm to show off, but they do smooth for themselves.

    Add: When I'm in a comp or an exhibition, and I'm doing smooth, I have to remind myself to keep a good facial expression. If I don't, I can fall into the moment to the extent that I stop expressing with my face, and people wonder what's wrong. I never have that problem in rhythm.
  6. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    i can understand this. have been thinking about my own facial expression during standard and how i don't believe there's anything comp-appropriate going on with it. but when i watch comps, my favorite performers definitely have strong expression...

    just one more dimension to work on. yeesh... so much.
  7. sweavo

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    Heheh. In answer to the question that the original poster did not ask, the girl can turn to the guy, put an index finger in the middle of his chest and gently push him back. Keep smiling, keep dancing, but draw your boundary. That's still kinda flirty, while telling him he can't be dirty. Check out Cuban Rumba Yambu and Guaguanco for some cool boy/girl flirtation action that stays the right side of assault :)

    In another 10 years I'm sure Titania will be expert at all these subtleties :)

    As to the actual technique of grinding, can't be any help at all sorry :)
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    Must Read!!!!! girls/moms/women are all crazy!!!
    2.yes that was grinding but a primitive version. to get better just listen to the beat thats all it takes, use ur hips to resemble like a pendelum with the tempo of the song. dont go to fast or the guy unless really good will get pissed but not to slow or he'll walk off. if u really want to look like a pro bend over and touch the floor for a few seconds then come back to where u were while still dancing with the guy...he will go crazy!!!!! ur 14 so u should b going or already b in high school nd grinding is a must...practice nd remember just listen to the beat.
    3.about the guy grabbing u...turn around give him a look like he hasnt showered in days and then walk off giggling trust me he will never bother u again or just deal with it it's gonna happen
  9. quixotedlm

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    hey, welcome to df.

    we try to give vague grinding advice deliberately, except when we are telling them about basic safety and decorum (huh!) tips.

    otherwise, everythign else that's said about grinding is still open to interpretation and can go wrong. there is no way to teach dancing (any dancing) entirely by internet forum posts - we gotta take lessons to be any good at it ;)

    maybe i should start a grinding school ;

    and oh, this is such an ooooooold thread. why bother to wake sleeping demons now?
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