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Discussion in 'Videos' started by VinceraVivere, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. VinceraVivere

    VinceraVivere New Member

    I was just wondering if anyone knew of any higher quality dance videos on YouTube or anywhere where I could possibly download them. I found a program that will let me set a video as the wallpaper for the desktop, and I love it! I have a WSS tango set right now.

    The only problem is the resolution. It's very blurred and pixellated from being so enlarged. So if anyone knows a way to maybe even get a clip from a DVD onto the computer, anything so that it isn't so blurred!

    Haha I'm really NOT very tech-savvy, if you can tell. ^_^

    So any advice would be great. Thanks!
  2. ACtenDance

    ACtenDance Active Member

    Don't know who posted them, but I saw these videos online
    There are some Michael and Joanna videos and some IDSF Grand Slam videos.
  3. VinceraVivere

    VinceraVivere New Member

    Ah! That was awesome. There are a few more on that profile as well if you go to "view all."

    Thanks a lot! Yay!
  4. chocolatchica

    chocolatchica New Member

    If they are the IDSF Latin championship with eugene and maria and some other couples then I know where you can get a larger better qulity version of it. Let me know I can give you the site
  5. nightrider

    nightrider New Member

    I would like them. It'd be great if you could point to the site. Thank you, chocolatchica.
  6. nightrider

    nightrider New Member

    Does anyone know how to download these divx videos?
  7. tunape

    tunape New Member

    I think the website is trying(moderate hard?) to prevent people from downloading.
  8. pruthe

    pruthe Member

    Try going to:

    and install Divx player for either PC or Mac. Then restart web browser and go to a Divx web site (eg. Worked for me on Mac.
  9. ACtenDance

    ACtenDance Active Member

    If you have all the relevant plug-ins/codecs/software to view the videos, there are two buttons that show up on the video prior to playing. One button looks like a play button, press it and the video streams. The other button is a down arrow with a dotted line, press it and you will be prompted where you'd like to save the *.divx file... in it's original quality no less.
  10. tunape

    tunape New Member

    nice! yeah, I didn't bother with the plugin.

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