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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by fascination, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    amazing coaching last week right before comp. soooooo good for smooth. two really great ones in smooth, now i need one in rhythm. rhythm lessons went really well but then brain falling out at comp means my best wasn't on display. dreading monday's rhythm post-comp lesson...even if the video showed that it wasn't as bad as i thought.
  2. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Finally a lesson. Mostly just trying to remember what we were working on last time. The most useful part of the lesson was where we had a discussion about light vs. heavy leading and following. My partner, bless her, tries to be a light lead, and sometimes she does it to a fault and starts anticipating so that she won't seem "heavy". The instructor explained that there are points where you have to actually set a position, so to speak, in order to maintain enough tension in the connection so that both partners can feel what's going on. My part of this is to let her finish something before leading the next thing. I have to wait until I feel whatever I led last "take a set" so that I know where my partner's balance is. My partner is such a joy to dance with, so I don't want to abuse the privilege and "muscle up" on her. (Which she appreciates... she told me so later.) I have to learn to better distinguish the difference in feel between the "set" that sets things up for me to initiate the next thing, and using force to start something.
  3. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    Ugh, fleckerls.

    (They're coming along, but... ugh.)
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  4. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    post-comp lessons the last two days. forgot my video for rhythm (not on purpose, lol), but brought it for smooth. Rhythm post-mortem wasn't too bad. if there was more competition at the comp, i would not have placed as well in rhythm as i did. but he did admit that at least I've progressed enough to have my brain fall out but my body still moves the way it's supposed to. Smooth was a pleasant review, as i finally look like i want to! now to add on from there.
  5. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Isn't it funny, how one person's "ugh" is another's "yippee" b/c I love me some fleckerls.
  6. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    I should have probably clarified that pro is insisting we get the natural fleckerl down... and I'm a counter-turner. Reverse ALWAYS feels better to me; I have to work twice as hard on anything where I rotate to the right (though that is getting better over the years). And contracheck (the entrance) is one of my least favourite figures... really, it's not surprising that I'm not loving natural fleckerl.

    VW waltz spin turns, on the other hand, are a total "yippee"; got those down and competition ready in about a month.
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  7. j_alexandra

    j_alexandra Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, those spin turns are like crack

    Had a conversation with Teach yesterday about natural turns vs. reverse, and why natural is so much harder than reverse. Was an interesting conversation. Must be in the air.

    I love contracheck, entrance and all. No accounting for taste ;-)
  8. 10tmf

    10tmf New Member

    Just hit the two-month mark on lessons this week and so far things are going well (at the very least I’m having a lot of fun)! My coach was impressed with how much better my frame has gotten since the last time we danced Tango together which was really nice to hear since I put a lot of effort in to fix it at home.

    I’ve also started popping in for group lessons so I can get exposure to more dances we haven’t gotten to in my private lessons which have been fun as well as very useful with regards to helping me learn to lead better overall. As dumb as I’m sure it sounds, I didn’t realize how different it would feel to dance with different partners until I started doing it.
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  9. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    Question for competitive ProAm ballroom dancers: how much time in a private lesson you spend on dancing to music in real tempo (a whole dance without stopping?), compare to learning the technique and perfecting single figures? Does this proportion change, and in what direction, as you progress?
  10. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    blergh. rhythm comp post-mortem was unpleasant. he was frustrated, i was frustrated. he awkwardly tried to make me feel better, which is so out of character for him that i didn't even realize it til after. feels like three months of work prior went down the drain. i know it didn't, but i'm wallowing a tiny bit. two new drills to get into my body and time to stop using my brain so much when i dance.
  11. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    It depends on what you are working on. Before a performance or competition, more time is spent dancing full routines. Further from comp, more time spent on technique. At least for me. YMMV.
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  12. RiseNFall

    RiseNFall Well-Known Member

    I spend (much) more time learning technique and working on small pieces in detail than I spend dancing a whole dance without stopping. More time on technique as you progress because most students couldn't take that much technique when they begin. As a competition approaches, however, typically one spends more time dancing to tempo without stopping because that's what you do at a comp.

    I've been burning through some extra lessons recently (making up ones that I missed for a variety of reasons). I wish I could take this many lessons all of the time. :) Doesn't hurt that I also had a very helpful coaching session last week with New Guy. We worked on Tango, a dance that doesn't get it's fair share of coaching love, and Viennese Waltz. I've been on a campaign for a while (a couple of years) to get my VW so that it isn't a train wreck. Basics are now quite lovely. My next lesson after the coaching was with Pro and he said it felt the best it had ever been. What has finally dawned on me is that since the VW was so stressful, I haven't been applying all of my semi-vast dance knowledge to it. I've had several "Ohhh, I'm supposed to apply xyz technique in the VW, too!" moments. It does mean that a single correction can take a figure from dumpster fire to completely plausible. ;)

    Worked on Foxtrot with Pro yesterday and he said something was "beautiful", meaning "beautifully executed". Not a comment I hear from him often. Might have been a first, actually.
  13. middy

    middy Well-Known Member

    Having a blast learning brand new smooth routines with my new old partner (broke up due to location reasons, back in the same area 5 years later). I used to hate learning choreography but I guess years of experience has made it much easier for me to pick up.

    In a couple more weeks before our first comp, I'm certain I'll be freaking out, but right now it's super fun! Got most of a foxtrot routine today and now we only have tango left to start, yay. I even like the side-by-side bits, which is saying a lot.
  14. dlliba10

    dlliba10 Well-Known Member

    I can't wait to see it!!!
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  15. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    I went to my first group class in awhile last night because I was waiting for my teacher to show up, running late. Another instructor asked if I would like to "help out" for this latin class that he was running and didn't give me many details.

    It was beginner "club latin." I normally don't have an issue with this, but the guys taking this class clearly had an agenda, which made me uncomfortable. On top of that, one of them was a real "leaner." I've never been so tired after dancing with one guy my entire life. And then he told me I wasn't a good follower. I kept my mouth shut and smiled. o_O:rolleyes:

    Thankfully my real lessons have been going extremely well lately. My current pro actually will let me tweak our choreography to an extent where it's feeling more like teamwork than a pro & a student. Our next hill to tackle is our Jive, which is probably the dance we focus on the least... we need to add much more dynamic elements to it as it is very flat.
  16. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Double smooth lesson last night on tired legs. back to closed for the first time in about a year, lol. making good progress, biggest thing is to practice what i learned in my coaching in regards to closed position every single lesson. made it through all closed and 3 opens and then i went home and slept.
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  17. Purr

    Purr Well-Known Member

    Too bad you couldn't have said, you're not a very good leader, you're not giving me anything to work with. You handled it best, though. It's situations like this why I'm generally not a fan of group classes.
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  18. MaggieMoves

    MaggieMoves Well-Known Member

    It certainly took a lot of willpower. Especially with my "creepometer" on overload.

    Not everything can be perfect. At least my private lessons are going well. I also hear a well known pro (still a competitor) will be running a master class for latin coming up shortly. That I can't wait for.
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  19. RiseNFall

    RiseNFall Well-Known Member

    A team match is coming up and I'm dancing all of the smooth dances plus swing with New Guy. I had two sets of double lessons with him this week and I'm sort of stunned at how well all of the dances are going. I particularly like that a lot of it is due to my connection and following getting better. My technique is definitely improving across the board as well. It's amazing how much easier dancing is when you use proper technique. ;)
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  20. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    Single lesson where pro looked at my DH’s video of scholarship (DH sat along far short wall and filmed from a seated-he wasn’t about to stand up-position. Interesting to say the least. Pro used that to work on parts of Tango, that was even MORE interesting. Whew!
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