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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by rails, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. pygmalion

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    How'd I miss this? Welcome to the forums, bontyal! :D
  2. salsaForfun

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    In Germany Bachata is also very popular. Here in Frankfurt, you always get in this order (don't ask me why) some salsa, then Merengue and then Bachata and then salsa again. So you have time to look for your favorite Bachata dancer when Merengue is beeing played ... at least I do it. It is rare that I dance more than 2 Merengue in a row but I would do it for Bachata. I do love this dance. One thing is sure; you can only enjoy bachata if both partners can feel it the same way.
  3. Sagitta

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    I think that's true for any dance. If you have a connection you can enjoy it a lot more. As for why bachata is played after merengue, consider that merengue has this underlying beat which can almost be considered 1,2 as you step on it. Bachata transforms this into three steps every 4 beats, and that is one step closer to salsa. I actually prefer when cha cha is also incorporated into the cycle. :)
  4. bontyal

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    i find it weird that german are into latin and other sort of music can somebody tell me where the racist majority of germany live so i dont have to step foot in those towns i always wanted to visit germany but i have some crazy stories of the people there. oh i have a thing for german women :eek: i think they are cute :shock:
  5. Sabor

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    Re: germany

    many Germans visit Egypt.. and if sampling is anything to go by.. i never seen the slightest trace of racism in any of the many i met.. on the contrary .. they were great company.. plus memebers of my family are married to Germans.. but of course, i am pretty far from knowing the full picture .. however, it always serves to ask and know things about where you are visiting.. just make sure to gather info from various unbiased sources as much as possible b4 forming impressions.. and even then its very possible to find out that u were far from reality.. cause unfortunately, reality is relative.. :wink:
  6. Sagitta

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    I've never experienced problems with people, and I've even met parents from Conservative down South whose daughters warned me that they were such before I went to stay at their place for a few days. Then the daughters tell me after my visits that they were suprised! :? I've went to undergrad at a preppy college where I stuck out like a sore thumb and so I even sometimes got stares as I walked through town, but I never ever experienced any "racist" attitudes. I would be very careful about making blanket negative and potentially inflammatory statements. These usually benefit no-one. And I do not think that these forums are the appropriate place to do so. My 2 cents.
  7. salsalawyer

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    Racists are everywhere.

    just enjoy YOUR life!! Leave them to their misery!!

    Despite the history, I don`t know if a *racist majority* exist in Germany today.
  8. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Well said salsalawyer, and bringing us back to the topic of the common is bachata in your neck of the woods? You never mentioned that!! :eek:
  9. bontyal

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    bachata not popular here in orlando people are too country here. i just got back for dr i learn a lot of new moves from merengue to bachata too bad i can put them to test till i g :cry: o to ny :(
  10. Sagitta

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    Re: orlando,fl

    This is an oxymoron!! I've heard bachata described as the latin country song. It does have the twang, the guitar, that reminds one of that...or at lesat I also think so! :) While bachata songs are played in Ithaca, NY, they aren't played as often as I would like. :(
  11. salsalawyer

    salsalawyer New Member

    bachata is just NOW catching on here!! I noticed thhis year, the DJ started playing it in the clubs and on the radio. :?
  12. Muazzes

    Muazzes New Member

    I am sorry that i am joinin' this topic but i am looking for a bachata song for so long, i think that someone from here can help me.
    I heard this song couple of times when i was in DC (on the latin stations of course), and the most specific thing about it was, that there are a woman and a man singing in spanish for 2-3 minutes, the speed is going faster, and after that, there is a english speaking (i guess black guy) who is rhyming for a minute. Afer that the spanish speaking man and gal keep on singing.

    I am sorry for being that not-alot-specific, but i hope that someone can help me...10x very much in advance.
  13. New Member

    I can tell you that NOBODY in the DR takes lessons in Bachata. Bachata is sort of like rap, music from the barrios. I lived in Santo Domingo for 2 years and unfortunately for me dancing is a spectator sport for the most part.. . . .

    I would love to learn bachata but there are no lessons down there. I can get any girl to show me how, but they all want to do it at the most crowded of discos. . . .LOL.

    I am actually searching for a Dominican Dance instructor that speaks perfect english and would do an instructional video on Bachata and Marengue.

    Bachata has now eclipsed merengue as far as popularity in the Dominican Republic.

    Me ex girlfriends brother sings in a bachata group and they just did a CD. I plan to shoot some video of his group as well as some live bachata at a real dominican "car wash" as well as some Merengue Tipico at a rancho tipico. I'll post on this forum when I have some examples of Bachata.

    If people are following this thread and are wondering what bachata sounds like, amazon lets you hear small samples of songs on many CDs.

    that link has some cool bachata cds etc.
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    Welcome to the Dance Forums! :D

    P.S. You may also be interested in our sister site, the Travel Forums
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    Welcome to df!
    Looking forward to seeing the real thing. :D
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    Great, I have checked out the travel forums! What. .. .no Caribbean section?
    I would think a salsa guy would want to travel to where it all began. . . . .LOL.
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    I did find a clip on my website which is not a "real" bachata, in fact it seems more like a Merengue beat with Bachata guitars. It is much faster than the typical bachata. It is s very short clip of street party in Sosua, Dominican Republic. You will get the idea that the people dancing are most certainly self taught.

    Dominicans love their music and love to dance. I have only ever met one Dominican that did not love dancing, and since I am a "gringo" and never took adance lesson in my life. . . .I have only met one Dominican guy that I dance better than. . . .LOL. . . .or I should say he dances worse than me!

    Of course we were in a "typical" Dominican club in a "barrio". The dance floor was PACKED, no way to do any "moves" it was all about dancing CLOSE!
    I can handle that. . . .especially with a cute Domincana dancing with me!

    That clip defaults to broadband. . .but there is a link for people on dialup. . . . .yuk. . .. LOL. I will try and video tape as much bachata and Merengue as I can on my next trip and will post links here!
  18. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    That would be great, thanks! :D
  19. MacMoto

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    Doesn't ring a bell... then I don't know many bachata songs anyway. Hopefully someone here can help you.

    Welcome to DF, Muazzes. :)
  20. Cist

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    I love to dance's the rest you need after 5 fast salsa without stopping to dance :twisted: . (though depends whom you are dancing with :roll: )

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