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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by opendoor, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Subliminal

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    Oh yeah, that was that thing we practiced one time! That is fun when I can get it to work. :cool:

    Zoops, it's interesting you should mention that one. I learned it from Korey Ireland. One of the comments he made about the step when breaking it down was that the ability to put the follower weighted on both feet is kind of like the "Nuevo Basic"; it's a skill you need for a lot of different newish things. One way to practice it is to start the cross-system basic, then right before the cross, stop the follower on both legs and just start walking around her in a clockwise-calecita, twisting her up. When she reaches the limit of her twisting, then you use that moment to support her and release her for the volcada. You can then keep walking, the same way you would for a calecita, until you decide to plant her again. That's really all it is... a variation of the calecita with the follower off axis and/or with split feet.
  2. Dave Bailey

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    Yes, I did something like that at a workshop I ran last month - I called it a "enrosque feminino" :)
  3. opendoor

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    Recently I came across this vid and remembered that I once had asked for this figure:

    A nice multiple fouette (aka zarandeo) at 0:38

    Donato surely would have liked this little gimmick ;-)
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    I lead them sometimes. Here's a Homer and Cristina video that has it as a variation of the ocho cortado (seems the most common variation), with instruction on how to lead it around 2:45.

    watch?v=w93jdM9fmco (add to the end of a youtube address. Spam filters!)

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