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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by debmc, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    It seems to me that even at the biggest competitions most of the single dances are uncontested. I wonder what is the origin of this rule about mandatory single dances for every scholarship entry? And what's the point of the scholarship prize when it barely covers single dance entry fees.
  2. JudeMorrigan

    JudeMorrigan Well-Known Member

    That very much depends on your age, category and gender. There are comps with lots of single dance events that are semis. (As a relatively young-ish guy, I've always been terribly jealous.) As for the motivation behind the mandatory single-dance rule, I think you answered your own question. It's a business and the organizers have to make enough to keep the lights on.
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  3. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    Lai Lai....what age level and style do you compete ?? That helps us know where to suggest competing
  4. debmc

    debmc Well-Known Member

    I do consider the judging panel to a certain extent. After being around for awhile....let's just say I notice things.....especially at smaller comps when there are fewer judges.
  5. Titoxd

    Titoxd Member

    For us collegiate peeps, it's based on where the team goes, which in turn is based on distance and money. Good judging panels are useful to convince the team to go there once, but a good atmosphere and lack of complaints are typically what keeps a team going back.
  6. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    International ballroom. I don't think age and level matters much, as there are no prerequisites or ID's required at the competitions, as far as I know. Only payment, and then I'm allowed to sign up and dance pretty much anything.
  7. Requiem

    Requiem Member

    He is just asking in order to try point you to competitions that may have more competitors in your age/level bracket. Different competitions may have different types of people attending, I assume.
  8. rels77

    rels77 Active Member

    Age and level make a big difference actually in terms of choosing competitions with bigger heats. Some are better for bronze vs open, older ages usually have more. Etc. also, what part of the country are you in and how far will you travel for comps? There's more international on the coasts, etc.
  9. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    Do you guys work for organizers, or have programming skills to pull out data from past comp results for analysis?
  10. rels77

    rels77 Active Member

    Well, you can go to pretty much every comp website and get a sense for how big the fields were last year just by poking around. Plus, after a while you just sort of know certain ones.

    What age, style, and level are you? What part of the country? Are you able to travel much? We can probably point you in the right direction with that info.
  11. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    Of course, I can poke around and spend days and months on millions of mouse clicks. I'd just prefer more efficient way - running a script or something to get all data from one comp together at once. I wonder if anyone here has figured it out.
  12. rels77

    rels77 Active Member

    And we keep asking your age and level and part of the country because we can help you skip that because with that info, we can probably give you 5 or 6 comps to look at specifically.

    And you can get all data you need from one comp at once - you click on the results and look for the scholarship you'd be in. Bam- all the entries at once.
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  13. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    Not quite. Typically the result pages lead to lookup by persons.

    Is this royal "we" or is it customary to speak for everyone else on this forum? :)
    And I keep asking - how do you know what comps to recommend? Have you been going to every single competition all over the country for several years? Have you kept track of heats for every style and category in all age groups and levels?
  14. Requiem

    Requiem Member

    No one individually has been to every single competition all over the country, but as a collective it's likely that someone knows of a comp that has a non-trivial field for any given demographic. If you're not comfortable giving this general information, it's fine. But then I'm not sure how 'we' or anyone can help you.
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  15. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    Pulling. Teeth.
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  16. rels77

    rels77 Active Member

    So it's not just me?

    @Lai Lai I'm guessing that since you don't already know some of this, you're probably bronze. Okay, so bronze standard. I'll try it another way. Good comps for standard: Embassy, emerald, San Francisco Open, Manhattan, Ohio Star Ball, Millenium, USDC.

    And no, you usually get results per person, but again, depending on age and level, someone here could probably tell you a pro to dancer to look up and you'd find the results from the entire scholarship. And scholarships are usually the rounds people pay attention to more than singles...

    Or, you know, you could be difficult and act like you know something that the rest of us don't and not let anyone else help you.
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  17. azntwice

    azntwice Member

    Ignoring the possibility that Lai Lai is a troll, I'd posit that Lai Lai simply doesn't know very much about the way ballroom competitions are organized or scrutineered or the way in which results are compiled. Lai Lai, if you can write a program to pull and compile all ballroom competition results from every competition and every event ever, the ballroom dance world would be greatly indebted to you. Speaking simply, the reason it hasn't been done is that the ballroom dance world is incredibly disorganized, with several competing competition management SaaS websites and some comps that are scrutineered on paper (incredibly old-school), whose results you cannot find online anywhere. Dancesportinfo has a compilation of open competitor results, which won't be helpful for bronze dancers, and o2cm lists results for events only hosted on o2cm, but if you are a pro-am dancer in the bronze levels, none of the existing websites are going to be helpful to you. Competitions are largely recommended by reputation and word of mouth, as well as prize money offered. Of course, if you prefer to attempt to write a script to compile all results at all competitions, please do let us know if you are successful. I'm sure many people would be interested in seeing such a compilation.
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  18. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    It is not unusual for regular posters to speak for the forum on common issues. People trying to figure out what would be a good competition for them to enter is a common issue. Usually when it comes up, one or more of the regulars (there were at least a couple in this thread) will ask about age, level, style, and category (pro/am vs am/am) so that those with experience in those categories (either from competing in that category, or from observing various competitions while spectating and or competing in other categories) can speak up and guide you. The collective experience of the group can be helpful for this sort of thing.

    If you prefer to stay more private, and not reveal to us your level, age category, and whatnot, that's fine. But it will limit how helpful we (as a group) can be with our suggestions. You can also search for previous threads on competitions and on how to find contested competitions for previous suggestions. Some of those may be helpful for you.

    We are trying to help. I hope you can appreciate that.
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  19. Lai Lai

    Lai Lai Member

    I really appreciate everyone trying to help. Especially, since I didn't even ask for help, nor expected. I was only whining about the exsistance of uncontested heats and single dances, and wanted to see if there are any computer nerds here, but somehow it all turned into arguing, sorry. It seems that I got out some market research, unexpectedly. If that makes me a troll, oh well... ☺
  20. raindance

    raindance Well-Known Member

    I don't think you're a troll. You asked for help in a way that made sense to you (looking for a computer answer to the problem), and since we didn't have that, we responded with questions to try to help you get some of the same information another way. Anyway, good luck with your competitions! :)

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