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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by DanceMentor, Aug 25, 2004.

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    It has been quite interesting reading through this thread. It is interesting to see the different opinions and descriptions people have of the same concepts, styles, music notation and such. A problem is that someone may offer an explanation and others will pass it on and perhaps never learn it was mistaken.

    Anyway, I learned people in the UK call On 2 - "Power 2"(as opposed to Eddie Torres On 2). First time I've heard that.

    So then Palladium On 2 = Power 2 = On 2 (plain) = Puerto Rican On 2 (Break on 2, step 2-3-4,6-7-8 ).

    Question: Besides NY On 2 Eddie Torres Style (Break On 2, step 1-2-3,5-6-7), Has anyone heard plain "NY On 2" as referring to Palladium /Power 2 /On 2? Or is it always assumed NY On 2 means Eddie Torres style? I feel NY On 2 is just On 2, not Eddie Torres.

  2. itorres

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    borikensalsero said
    "Puerto Rico is predominately an on2 place. There will be a few here or there that dance on1 but you can safely bet that 98% of the dancers will be doing on2 (Power 2)."

    I wouldn't make that bet. I live in Puerto Rico and I can say only very experienced and trained dancers dance on 2. (I think this is the case all over the world.)

    At local clubs where they gather they make up perhaps 10 - 20% because they know there will be good On 2 dancers there, but they are less than 1% of the overall dancing public.

    Take care.
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    in dublin id say 1% dance on2 and theyre really just trying and making it up as they go along, me included, there are no on2 instructors so we just remember what we can from workshops at congresses, but when i do dance on2 i dance 234 678 i just feel it that way, even tho the classes i did were 123 567 breaking on the 2...i dunno i just find it blocky that way even tho when i watch other people dance it that way it looks great.
  4. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    That's what I alluded to, salsa venues, not local clubs or overall public gatherins for the sake of dancing...

    I refer to the trained public... I don't really call non-dancers, dancers, nor non-salsa venues as places to salsa...

    If we were to go to any of the local salsa dance spots, they will be predomintely on2, for sure about 90%. Club Havana in San Juan, The Holy in Mayaguez on Thursdays, God I forget the name of the one in caguas (The one that is on a second floor), the dancers that go to chillis in el Condado, those dancers (trained) are mostly power2. When la sonora played in la plaza de vega baja last year, all but one couple of the trained dancers moved on2... further along those lines when we watch the general public who grew up with salsa, like my aunt at 47, her stepping sequence, as bad as it is, is mostly follwoing the conga, not the one. Which when closely studied, it yields a very close translation to on2, except they get off from time to time.

    When I talk about dancing, safely assume that I discard any place that isn't meant for Salsa.

    Now, if you were going to tell me. "Javier, en Club Havana hay mas bailadores en 1, o que no saben bailar, que en 2" then we are talking, because the place is geared towards dancers...

    For example, NY City is an on2 town. Yet, less than 1% of 8 million people dance it. So how can it be an on2 town? Because I'm refering to salsa only places, not the average public... Hence, why puerto rico is an on2 place.

    Note that salsa observations are based on a sample population, with the help of controlled variables, therefore carrying a truth that when applied to a greater and more linient sample, it's truth no longer holds...
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    Here in Singapore, on2 is picking up slowly. But it's mostly the advance dancers that dance on two... the rest of us are still struggling with on1 :lol:
  6. itorres

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    Well, if you limit a sample that much, almost any statement could be valid. If I go to a club with 100 people and 15 are trained dancers On 2 and 85 are not trained or dance On 1, it wouldn't be accurate to say those 15 people are "Puerto Rico".

    However, I would agree with the statement that trained dancers in Puerto Rico favor On 2.
  7. jhb

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    What kind of "on-2" do they dance in Puerto Rico?




  8. itorres

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    pause-BREAK-3-4 or what some call Power 2. Also, they call it Palladium style as opposed do Eddie Torres style.
  9. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    Yeap, you are correct with a broad vision of a mainstream club. However, mainstream is far from my words, and would hope to never be advised about the mainstream habits of the Puerto Rico population when I'm looking for a salsa only venue. Espero nunca ser aconsejado de los habitos de baile en Mayaguez cuando quiero bailar en Loiza. The key word was invisibly made for us by being here in DF speaking of Salsa (Trained dancers), even in none salsa venues on2 will be greater than on1.

    Note that the limit is placed by Salsa itself. It isn't advisable to speak of the Salsa community in PR, yet grab the entire community in what used to be Peggy Sue or Shannon Pub and conclude that in a salsa venue in Puerto Rico there is only 5% on2, the rest divided between on1 and non-dancers, therefore Puerto Rico isn't on2... It will be far from the truth at hand, simply because the scientist didn’t know that to study the habit of goats, he can’t follow a few cows around.

    Any time "specialized" actions are addressed, we cannot include the masses. It is simply not pertinent to the issue at hand.

    My point is simply what you alluded to, trained dancers in Puerto Rico favor on2. Even if the entire island of Puerto Rico can’t dance on2, I can not imply anything else but what that trained audience does…

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