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    Thats been written from a Chain school trained person,and it highlites their shallow knowledge ,of the dance industry.

    They seem to believe that, the only path to becoming a Pro. is thru that system ( maybe in the States,more limited opportunties compared to Europe ).

    Simply put ;IMHO, the best way, is thru the Amat ranks.The earlier start the better, but never too late. And, one does not need to be a world champion ,to achieve the teacher status.Consistent training as a "dancer ", and as much floor time as possible .

    This avenue is open to anyone who is willing to devote time ( and money ) no matter where one lives.

    The larger problem is, finding a suitable area to use your skills , after the training period is completed, to at least a foundation level, in the genre one wishes to teach .And, do NOT give up your job, until a good client base has been achieved ( even then ,be cautious ) .

    The 2 of the main things one really needs, apart from the obvious skill sets, are..people skills, and patience .

    Many, if not most, of the UK teachers from the past ( even the good ones ) only taught evenings and w/ends. There were just not enough students, to warrant a daytime teaching schedule .Seems like a part time job ?.. they would comfortably teach, between 30 and 40 hrs per week, with Sat. and Sun. being heavily booked .And of course , only couples and classes.
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    Its so hard to get yourself noticed as a dancer and actually start to make a name for yourself. There are definitely a variety of ways to do this, the chain school being one of them.

    I did enjoy the article, however, but the comment above is just as useful :)
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