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    Let me insert a non-pregnant, but bewildered, confused, somewhat helpless silence here.

    It says something very different *laugh*.

    I don't think leaders at milongas should avoid expressive pauses, but this was aimed more at the stops that occur when a beginning dancer feels that something bad happened, and to fix it they stop dancing, go out of the embrace, reset to the beginning of the dance, and start over again. Or when they are just lost, and freeze because they have no good idea how to get out of the situation they are in. I still think the rockstep is a great emergency move - it gets you out of almost anything, and offers a way to get back into almost anything, and it turns, so you can adjust your orientation before getting back into it.
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    No argument from me, but I do think that they should also learn to "freeze" without freezing or going limp as well. They need that as a skill later anyway. It's OK not to step if you don't need to or can't. Freezing is not a big problem if they learn how to unfreeze, relax, and pick it up where they left when they're ready for it.

    But yes, if they cannot resist the urge to step, then a rock step is certainly a good plan B (so are very compact molinetes, but not if they can't figure out yet how to return to the line of dance, or if they can't keep them compact and risk throwing their partner to the lions -- urhm, the couple behind them). As long as they remember that rocking back with large steps is dangerous.

    And yes, any of that certainly beats going out of the embrace.
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