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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Gentemer, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Big10

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    I've seen better dance movies, but I wouldn't say I was "offended" by this one, nor was it close to the worst movie I've ever seen. I thought Havana Nights was at least entertaining at a basic level.

    What exactly was offensive about it to you? It's fairly common for Salsa dancers to bring all sorts of influences into their dancing (including ballroom, hiphop, Tango, etc.), so this was just another version of that, in my opinion.

    By the way, I wouldn't blame the choreographer just because the actors couldn't execute the steps with as much flair as professional dancers.....I blame the director for not using body doubles! :twisted:
  2. Kindra

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    No, that scene is in the movie Flashdance (Jennifer Beale), another GREAT 80's chick flick.

    One of my favorite lines in Flashdance is...

    "If you give up your dreams, you die." - Words to live by, if you ask me.
  3. Sabor

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    not offensive.. but mucho boring for me.. almost bored me outta my eyebrows :lol: .. i liked the soundtrack tho
  4. Beto

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    Big10, I found it offensive (or perhaps annoying would be a better word) in that they seemed to be mixing the styles in such a way that non-dancers might try to copy the moves and think they're dancing when they're really not. I'm not a purist by any means (for example I'm always trying to find elements of another dance to bring into my salsa and mambo) but something about the way the different dances were represented on the screen really bothered me.

    The nightclub dancers in some scenes (notice the LA style neckdrop? There's been some debate on whether that move existed back then, heh) were obviously much better. Yes, the director should've used body doubles. The 8 weeks of training the actors apparently had didn't show up on the screen. I saw no connection or chemistry between Diego and Romola at all.
  5. tacad

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    The movie was too clean to be called dirty dancing. You didn't get the feeling of am enticing, sensuous, earthy, pulsating dance. The original had that in spades.
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  7. labelledanseuse

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    Personally, I like Havana Nights better than the original one. If my memory serves me right, I don't think there was as much dancing in the first one as there was in the 2nd. Also, the dancing was better in Havana Nights (Jennifer Gray wasn't a good dancer).

    I didn't find the movie offensive at all, though. I thought it was interesting to see different types of dances mixed together.

    I think Diego Luna is hotter than Patrick Swayze. 8)

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