How to win Ballroom Competitions

Discussion in 'Funstuff and Inspiration' started by OleCoot, Jun 23, 2010.

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    :D Like the music, anyone know whats playing?
  4. sambanada

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    Unfortunately, some couples actually practice these floor craft techniques. I can remember quite a few injuries from danceing competitions.
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    Oh yes! Kicked, nails in my skin, blocked, hit on purpose (in eye, head, back, and more), and much more. They are EXTREMELY competitive in Europe.
  7. Daniella

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    Great video! Sambanada, I know exactly what you mean. I got my share of elbows and nails too =) Blackpool is a killer with these kind of tactics. It happens here too =)
  8. sambanada

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    I once saw a professional Latin couple try these things, (will not mention any names), and instantly rembered my dancing days in Poland. It is funny to watch, but not too much fun when you are the target.
  9. Active Member

    Really, really? I never knew such things happened. It's really scary now that I know it. Sigh....dancing...

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