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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by dancinengel, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. dancinengel

    dancinengel New Member

    Hi! I am new to this forum and I hope somebody can help me. I decided to compete again, after I took a long long break. Now I´m looking for a dance outfit, but I don´t know where to look! Somebody got a hint for me? I need all that stuff like: waltz skirt, cuban skirt,... Could also be used. I just don´t know where to search.
    Please help me!
  2. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    Welcome to the Forums, dancinengel!

    There are tons of online sites through which you can order dance costumes and accessories. There's a fairly decent list in the Costume Shop of my website -

    You may also want to check Ebay which tends to have just about everything.

    All the best!
  3. dancinengel

    dancinengel New Member

    Hi dancersdreamland! Thank you for your reply! I already looked on ebay, but I could not find what I am looking for! I found all kinds of dance outfits for like Jazz dance and ballet, but not for C&W... Maybe I searched in the wrong categorie. But I will check out your website as soon as I am done typing this!
    Greetings, dancinengel :)
  4. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member rocks! (IMHO 8) ) Check it out. It's a really good source of information. :D
  5. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    Thanks! Did you check out the latest update... I finally have a massive listing of dance books available under "Resources." I've been compiling the list for over the better half of a year!
  6. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Cool! I'll check it out. :D
  7. CGInTheSand

    CGInTheSand New Member

    Yes, dancinengel is right - it's a little harder to find C&W costumes - mainly because of the yoke requirement. All costumes must have at least one yoke each on the front and back. (Theoretically you could have two, because your bodysuit/shirt and skirt could each have a yoke.)

    I wasn't able to check dancersdreamland's web site - it seems to be down right now.

    But anyway, I have a few sources for C&W costumes. (Maybe dancersdreamland could add these to her site if they are not there already?) I will post the first (and best) one right now, and then some others later - just because I don't have the time to post them all now.

    Here is the best (IMHO, of course!):

    This is the web site for Dianne Designs by Tami Pleiss. I have ordered a bodysuit and a waltz skirt from Tami, and I was very happy with them. She is a pleasure to do business with.

    So, dancinengel, I hope this helps! I will post more later!
  8. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    I am sorry to hear you encountered some problems with the site. I did a few more updates last night, which shouldn't have affected anything. Just double checked and it seems to be working all right now. Please give it another try and then let me know if you run into errors...I'll be sure to fix right away.

    I don't think I have any specific links to just C&W costume shops, but there are links to quite a variety of online stores. Some may have items that would work...
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    It's working just fine for me. Nice link to DF on your front page, btw. 8)
  10. CGInTheSand

    CGInTheSand New Member

    Dancersdreamland, I was able to get into your site now that I am at home. Maybe there was a firewall problem at work. But anyway, now that I got a chance to check out your site, I wanted to let you know that I think it's great!

    And at least one of the places you listed has country-western costumes - Rainbowshiu Super Store. Rainbow is familiar with the "yoke requirement" and knows how to make costumes that follow the rules. I have also purchased a bodysuit and two skirts from her, and I was very happy with them.

    So, dancinengel, there is another resource for you!

    The only other place I was going to mention is

    I have a skirt and bodysuit from Geneva that I am very happy with. Just two comments: (1) It can take quite a long time to get stuff from there, at least in my experience. (2) I actually got my "Designs by Geneva" from another vendor who merely resold them to me. I think it must be cheaper to buy them directly from Geneva, and I would have done that myself if I had known about it at the time.
  11. dancinengel

    dancinengel New Member

    Well, thank ya´ll so much for all your tips, hints and ideas! I already checked some websites out and I am sure I´ll find something. My biggest problem now will probably be time, coz I planed to dance the Dallas Championships in November... Oh well, will see.
    I´m glad that I found this forum, seems like there are a lot of nice people here!
    One more thing I wanted to say about the yoke on the costumes. I have been at quiet a few championships now to just watch the dancers and some of the costumes don´t look like C&W to me anymore. Sometimes I could´t even imagine where the yoke is. Had the same feeling?
  12. CGInTheSand

    CGInTheSand New Member

    :D Yes, I know what you mean! Any kind of line qualifies as a yoke. Also, I think the Masters level folks didn't even need to have a yoke at all this year at Worlds... I'm not sure if that is a permanent change or not - I guess it's listed somewhere in the UCWDC rules...

    Oh, yeah, another source for costumes is the UCWDC bulletin board. From this site:

    Click on "Click here to go to the bulletin board." You can usually find a few threads where people are looking to sell gently used costumes...

    Rainbow Shiu also post pictures of her latest creations there...

    And here's a post from Brandi Tobias from the UCWDC bulletin board about some Chrisanne trunk's a little outdated, but...

    I'm pretty sure Chrisanne gowns are ultra-mega-expensive, though! :D
  13. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    Thanks! There's actually a permanent link in the header of each page to the partner forums and another to the non-partner forums. I love both of these sites and the people I've met here... I just figured others interested in dance could use to know about places like these. Plus, I get a LOT of hits to my site from here.
  14. dancersdreamland

    dancersdreamland New Member

    Thanks, CGInTheSand! I've worked really hard on the site and am excited when people enjoy going there. I hope that one day people all over the net will consider it to be a wonderful dance resources.

    Thank you as well for sharing the comments about Rainbowshiu. They contacted me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would be willing to link to their site. Everything looked good, so I did. I'm happy to hear some has ordered from them and had pleasant experiences.
  15. lynn

    lynn New Member

    hmm, i checked out the design by geneva site - a couple of outfits look really nice, but i'm quite surprised by the sticker price! A body suit and a skirt is $69 each - so the outfit comes to about 140??? I had never bought a "dance outfit" before, but i'm wondering if that falls in the normal price range??
  16. CGInTheSand

    CGInTheSand New Member

    Well, all three vendors I mentioned - Geneva, Dianne Designs by Tami Pleiss, and Rainbow Shiu - are basically custom making the outfit for you. So looking at it that way, I don't think it's too expensive - and it's good if you are a hard to fit person.

    As far as the whole bodysuit issue goes, you can easily find tons of nice bodysuits "off the rack" that are far less expensive, but if you need the bodysuit to have a "yoke" (which you need for UCWDC competitions), then it becomes a lot harder to find an "off the rack" one that does the trick. It *is* possible, though. So that's one way to save money - search for "off the rack" bodysuits or leotards that have a yoke. Or, if you are a Newcomer/Division IV competitor, you can just wear an off-the-rack Western shirt from a Western clothing store.
  17. dancinengel

    dancinengel New Member

    I am not shocked about the price. I saw people having costumes worth $800 and more. Not that I´m willed to spend that much but if I can get a bodysuit and like two different skirts for $250 I´m very happy!
    What you can do thou is if you buy a leotard and you need the yoke, go get a sequin(?) bands or strips that you can sew on your leotard in the shape of a yoke. And->There you go! It´s a cheap way to stay within the rules! :)
  18. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    If you sew it is really easy to make costumes. I have made several in the past four years. There are lots of different skirt patterns you can adapt, and I have even made blouse patterns into body suits. The biggest challenge is a waltz skirt. I ended up turning a short skirt that I copied from a store-bought skirt into a longer version for waltz, and added inserts at the seams to make it wider.
    I will put a plug in for rainbowshiu also. Wonderful dresses custom made quickly at an affordable price. My daughter and I have bought three so far and she is looking to buy a new one.
    I think you are correct about the yoke requirement changing, and also the idea of "faking" a yoke is a good one. I have done that myself. I have also "improvised" a yoke on some of the things I have made. And I am not a great seamstress by any means. I have been sewing a long time, and really enjoyed making my own patterns and the whole costume thing.
  19. MrJoel

    MrJoel New Member

    Your best bet is to try ebay stores. The only problem with that is gaining an account. Some people may not like giving away personal information on the internet, but the deals are usually really good.
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