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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by azntwice, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    I like the daimani in wide, that fit my foot properly. gonna place another order, i think. try this sucker again.
  2. datitmarsh

    datitmarsh Member

    After talking to my daughter, who also said the same thing, I decided I would wear the shoes round the house. I really didn't want to return them as I love the look of the shoe. Fortunately, my daughter takes maybe a half size smaller than me so even if I still felt they were too tight after 'breaking them in' she would wear them herself.
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  3. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    Just now I saw on instagram a post by IDS that they have a new "XG Sole" available.... a "flexible rubber padding embedded into the under-sole of the shoe".

    I can't get my feet into IDS but i am curious what those are like, and if it's somethign that's goign to catch on with other brands.... or if it's a 'good-in-theory' idea only.
  4. scullystwin42

    scullystwin42 Well-Known Member

    Oh i saw that on insta a while ago too. It seems fascinating. I actually asked my pro about it, and his opinion was that if you really use your feet right, they are great, especially on slick floors. but he suggested I stay away because i've got a bad knee, and if the rubber gets stuck and my leg keeps turning - i'll have another acl or meniscus tear. so i decided to pass for now.
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  5. GinaN

    GinaN Active Member

    So...I got my Aida Karina's in the triple wide. I stayed with my regular size (23).

    As far as the width, definitely more comfortable out of the box. Not sure how I'll feel once they're worn in more (I've worn them only a few hours total so far), they may become too loose too quickly. We'll see.


    I don't know...the heel cup on the right foot seems a bit loose.

    And - the satin strap where you put them on is already showing signs of wear. It dawned on me that this may happen because with the traditional close method (where you have to put the little stick through the hole) you are rubbing against the satin to get to the right hole every time you put on your shoes. With the "quick" method there is less rubbing. So I'm not sure that it's that the satin is any less quality, it might be the method. (one thing I notice is that the buckle/clasp is pretty thin and flimsy...for the money I would like it to look and feel more substantial. And as always, it's plain without rhinestones...again, for the money, would be nice to have a little bling there.)

    I wonder if I should take them to the shoe maker...maybe there's a way to make the heel cup feel more secure? Has anyone done this? And has anyone ever had the satin straps for the ankle reinforced, to help with the fraying?

    (I still owe you guys the picture comparing all the shoes - I will get to it soon! Now I can add this width too.)
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  6. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    No, but I reliably wear through the satin on the tip of my standard shoes in about 3 seconds... so when the shoes are new, I paint a strip of matching nail polish on the spot that wears. I do eventually go through it, but it lasts much longer.

    And a shoemaker should be able to glue a suede piece to the inside of the heel cup to snug it up a bit - you could also DIY. Stick-on moleskin also works in a pinch, though it's less secure.
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  7. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    I do that too.... where i paint the satin with glue or nailpolish just to reinforce it a bit more. Like Fancyfeet says, it helps them last longer (although I do wish Aida would get on this and remedy the issue).
  8. SwingingAlong

    SwingingAlong Well-Known Member

    could you get a cobbler to swap the buckle for the quick release system that some other shoes use, or is that no good for Latin? That way you could set the buckle and not have to change it.
  9. GinaN

    GinaN Active Member

    Thanks @FancyFeet @Miss Silly and @SwingingAlong for your feedback and suggestions.

    I definitely should take them to a cobbler (I love the idea of swapping the buckle so I could do a blingy one! I had thought about that before but I didn't think it could be done.)

    Do you guys take your dance shoes only to cobblers that deal with dance shoes or does it not matter for these changes. I don't have any cobblers around here that I know of that deal with dance shoes.

    On another - and totally unrelated - note. Last night I removed stones from a costume. It was my first time ever taking stones off and I had no idea what I was in for. :/ even though it was a small area (just sleeves) it took me a long time it felt like I was never going to be done. :/ Well this morning I woke up with really sore thumbnails, more on my left hand than on my right. Both have a weird the nail is lifted or something and there is pressure. If I press on top of the nail, especially the left one, the nail bed hurts. The right one too but is much more mild. What's weird is that I thought I had used the right hand a lot more to lift the stones. Do you think I could have caused trauma to the nail bed or nail? Has anything like this ever happened to you guys? I can't see the nail beds because I have polish over them (I got a gel manicure about a week ago, which I never get. So part of me thinks maybe this is more a result of something having gone wrong with the gel manicure. I don't know. But it's too much coincidence that this is only on the thumbs which I used as tools to remove the stones. :/)
  10. SwingingAlong

    SwingingAlong Well-Known Member

    I have added the quick release type things from an old pair of shoes by cutting them off the old pair, unpicking the stitching and resewing it with strong thread, onto the new pair. Even is the stitching isn't the best it doesn't show as the strap end covers it. So I expect any cobbler could do it.
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  11. AHCook

    AHCook New Member

    Heads Up, if anyone needs new shoes from Aida, they are having a Black Friday Sale for US customers. I think the sale starts Thursday.

    Here are the codes from Aida's Instagram page.
    10% off Gift Cards Code: blackgift
    15% off Shoes Code: blackaida
    20% off accessories: blackmeup
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  12. Has anyone tried any of the new Ray Rose Latin X range? I used to love RR, but changed allegiances when they introduced the Ultra-flex soles which were too unstable for me.

    The blurb for the Latin X suggests they may have tried to address the instability problem: 'As well as the latest triathlon grade heel support, all sandals in this range have an ergonomically designed, extra supportive, arch with a flexible front. The synergy is created by inclusion of an exclusively designed orthotic, including an integral metatarsal support.' The Supportive Arch is 'suitable for medium and high arches', offering 'optimum flexibility with stability and control'.

    I changed to IDS, but have never felt the fit of the heel cup was as good as RR, so would be interested to try them again if anyone else recommends...
  13. AHCook

    AHCook New Member

    Ahh, so I finally got my pair of Aidas! I worked with an Aida rep and ended up getting the 066 style in 23.5 and double wide. My foot is not particularly wide, but since I wear a size 9 street shoe, we had to increase the width quite a bit.

    So, the length is perfect, but I am wondering if I should reorder in triple wide. My feet fit, but the shoes are so tight along my toe box. My question is, What is your experience? How tight is too tight? :confused:

    @Spookisgirl, Maybe you can help me with this? What's your experience with the 066s?
  14. FancyFeet

    FancyFeet Well-Known Member

    I'd say that if they don't hurt and you're wearing whatever tights you intend to wear with them, they're probably right. They'll stretch out as they break in.

    I like my latin shoes to be a little uncomfortable out of the box, because then when they break in my foot is secure. I found when they fit right out of the box, I'd be slipping around in them 3 weeks later. I'd rather be uncomfortable for the first few times than have to heavily pad my foot/shoe for the next year.

    That said, I don't know that particular model. The rep you were dealing with may be able to speak to the "give".
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  15. Miss Silly

    Miss Silly Well-Known Member

    If you get shooting pains the moment you stand up, it's probably too tight.

    If your feet hurt after a few minuts of walking around in them, then they're probably good LOL. They do stretch out when you break them in and you want to start with them uncomfortably tight. To save my feet, i use shoe stretchers to start the process.

    The o66's have that section with the mesh and i'm unfamiliar to how much this can stretch or shape to your foot?
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  16. AHCook

    AHCook New Member

    Thank you @FancyFeet! I decided to exchange them for another size. Just seemed too tight. I don't mind them being uncomfortable for the first couple of wears, but I was worried they wouldn't stretch out enough, nor did I want to risk $220 and have shoes so uncomfortable I never want to wear them.
  17. AHCook

    AHCook New Member

    @Miss Silly, yeah I think they were too tight. I decided to return them. The 066s do have the mesh and after seeing it in person, I am pretty sure that mesh isn't going anywhere. Very stiff and sturdy, but not in a bad way if you have a proper fitting shoe. Plus, it held my pinky toe in, so I really liked that =)

    I will be working with the rep to see what size we want to try next.
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  18. Spookisgirl

    Spookisgirl Active Member

    My experience with the 066 is that they don't tend to stretch much. I love the hold of the mesh. They should be tight out of the box, but still able to tolerate wearing for 30 mins at least the first time, if not a full hour. It's getting through the first time wearing that takes the patience. If you put them on and immediately find them too tight from standing up, then I would say too tight.
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