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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Spitfire, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    There are some in the dance community who seem to feel that the quality of a dance should be measured by the skill level required to learn and perfect. :eek:

    But what about the level of enjoyment?

    For me personally, I rate a dance by how much fun I have with it and how good it feels to me personally and this really has nothing to do with how simple or how complex a dance is and thus I don't believe in the idea of a "superior" or "inferior" dance. :D
  2. MissAlyssa

    MissAlyssa New Member

    I agree with you. It would be silly to say that the quality of the dance is low because it doesn't require a ton of skill. Enjoyment most definetly is a factor...then again, where did I get MY degree lol.
  3. Panthra

    Panthra New Member

    I think it depends on what your ultimate goals are for your dancing. As a competitive dancer I hold the opinion that the quality of dance is dependent upon the technique and skill required. If you're a social dancer who's sole objective is to have fun then of course you're going to have a different outlook.
  4. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    I think the problem is that "quality of dancing" is actually being used as a conflation of two disparate items: (1) the subjective quality to which Spitfire is making reference, and (2) the objective quality of motion which panthra is referencing.

    Panthra, welcome to the forums! I love some of the dancesport photos in your albums – just a few comments regarding “The *Pros*”, if I may, for those less familiar:

    :arrow: Photo #2: its Bryan Watson, not Bill and, FYI, they’ve currently won 4 world titles
    :arrow: Photo #4: Bill Sparks & Kimberly Mitchell at the USDSC in Miami
    :arrow: Photo #5: Hanna’s partner is Paul Killick but, unless I’m mistaken, that photo is with Bryan Watson
    :arrow: Photo #6: Klaus Kongsdal & Viktoria Franova BUT, FYI, they’re not pros! They’re amateurs competing for Denmark (from the club ÅS)
    :arrow: Photo #9: Michael Wentik & Beata (FYI, just moved to NY!)
    :arrow: Photo #13: Definitely Michael Wentik & Beata again, Cha-Cha lecture at the Dance Congress, in the Spanish Hall, at 2003 Blackpool.
    :arrow: Photo #14: Slavik & Karina, Rumba lecture at the Dance Congress, in the Spanish Hall, at 2003 Blackpool.
    :arrow: Photo #15: Andrew Skufca & Katarina Venturini (same couple as photo #1, and the judge in back between them is Wolfgang Opitz)
    :arrow: Photo #19: Klaus & Viktoria again (as per photo #6)
    :arrow: Photos #22-25: Taken at Blackpool, in the Empress Ballroom.
    :arrow: Photo #26: Hmmm, that’s Oksana Nikiforova, also at Blackpool, but whom is she dancing with there? Doesn’t look like Franco! (Also not pros!)
    :arrow: Photo #27: Joanna Luenis (same as photos #3 & #21)
  5. Panthra

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  6. Panthra

    Panthra New Member

    Oh, and thanks for the welcome. ::cough:: :D I have to get the names of everyone in the captions soon.... Gah and I forgot about the pro/amateur thing. I named the album that for my friends... to distinguish me and well, _them_. :D

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